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Written By Anthony
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Maya tells Rick that he is holding their future in his hands. He will run Forrester and she will be the lead model in his arms. Maya believes they will run the company together. Fly all over the world. Maya wonders how he can even say that he doesn’t want this. Rick explains to her that it is some sort of consolation prize. Maya does not think it is true. If it turns out that it is then he shouldn’t even care. Rick has worked hard for this and Eric knows it. Rick wonders if he forgot that when he originally gave the title to Ridge. Maya believes that Eric knows it and Maya definitely knows it. Maya tells him to make it happen. Sign the contract. Rick looks at her.

Caroline puts her phone down on a table in Rick’s office. She cannot believe that it went straight to voice mail. Hope thinks that it is obvious that Rick does not want to talk to her. Hope believe that she should give him some space. Caroline just thought they would get a chance to talk. Hope very sternly tells Caroline that for Rick there is no talking when it comes to Ridge. Caroline doesn’t think that it meant anything. Hope tells her once again that it was Ridge. Caroline couldn’t believe that Maya was acting entitled to everything when she was at Brooke’s house earlier. Caroline isn’t going to let that happen. She is not going to let Maya take everything from her.

Eric looks at photos of his children when his brother John comes in wearing a fishing vest. They both are happy to see each other. They hug and John hopes that his hooks didn’t ruin his jacket. John loves that they have an entire week together. They will be fishing and drinking fine wine. Eric explains that he has run into some trouble. John won’t let him change his mind on this trip. Eric believes that there is nothing more he would rather do then go fishing but he has business to deal with. John won’t let him not go with him. John wants him to be happy. Eric starts to laugh and agrees with him. Eric tells him that the transition from CEO turned out to be complicated. He offered the position to Ridge then turned out that his old habits were back. John assumes he means it was a woman. Eric tells him that it wasn’t just any woman but Rick’s wife. John does think that is a problem. Eric can’t take the time off right now. John came all the way from Australia so Eric has to do this with him.

Caroline says that it was a mistake. Hope wants to know what Caroline could have been thinking then. Caroline wasn’t thinking. She got caught up in an attraction. Ridge and her did not fall in love. They just shared a couple of kisses. Hope think that it had to have meant something otherwise it would not have happened. Caroline knows that she made a mistake but she does not deserve to lose her marriage over it.

Maya thinks that Rick has pride She tells him that is supposed to be an attractive quality in a man until it becomes self-beating. She believes that Rick is on the brink and he needs to pull back. Maya believes that he needs to think about the situation in another way. Rick wonders how. Maya explains that he is a business man. He should take the position. He can be the boss and Ridge has to answer to him. He can finally show the world what he can do. Rick thinks that she makes it sound exciting. Maya tells him to take the power. Maya will be the partner that Caroline is too immature to be. She has him. Rick wonders when she became so fierce. Maya has been good her entire life. She always did what people told her to do. It never worked out. Her family and her ex-boyfriend. She was thrown into a system because of him. She asks if he knows what it is like. Maya knows that he has had to live to please. Maya wants him to flip the script and take control. This is the opportunity he has been waiting for. He needs to forget how he got it and just take it.

Ivy texts Liam telling him that she can’t wait for their next adventure. Hope walks over and asks what that is for. She referring to a trophy that Ivy picks up and Ivy tells her that she is still shocked that she even got it. Hope wonders where she got it. Ivy says at Bikini. Hope notices that it says first place. She wonders who she went with. Ivy says Liam.

Maya walks into Rick’s office and Caroline looks angry. Caroline asks her where Rick is. Maya tells her that he is with Eric taking what is rightfully theirs. Caroline wants to know what it is she thinks that she deserves. Maya tells her that she wants all of it the money and Rick. Caroline knows that it is in that order. Maya tells her to watch her tone with her. Caroline explains to her that she had one night with him. So she should watch herself. Maya does not think that is likely. Maya tells her that Eric offered Rick CEO and Rick is over right now accepting it. She plans to run the company with Rick. Caroline tells her to dream on. Maya says that if she doesn’t believe her to ask Rick.

Eric is not sure if he should go right now. John tells him that he is going. Rick walks into the office and is happy to see John. John gives him a big hug. John thinks that Rick is doing a good job carrying on the Forrester features as he looks so much like his father. John tells Rick that he is going fishing with his father and on a road trip. Rick thinks that is great or so he guesses. John tells him that it was nice seeing him and he will see Eric in a little bit. Eric wonders if this is good news. Rick had time to cool off. Eric understands why he needed it. Rick wishes that Eric had offered him the CEO position first instead of giving it to Ridge. Eric does as well. Rick worked hard for it. This is why he is not going to leave it on the table for Ridge. That is why he is not going to leave it on the table for Ridge to take from him. Rick will accept. Eric thinks this is wonderful. Rick demands that he has no interference from Ridge. He is in charge of everything. Eric agrees. He will still over see everything as the founder but Rick is to run the company as he sees fit. That is how he expects things to be done. Rick takes out the papers and signs them. He hands over the contract to Eric and Eric tells him that he will get this over to the court right away to make it official. Eric congratulates him as Rick is the new CEO. Eric hugs Rick. Rick does not look certain with his choice.

Hope thinks that Ivy had a good time with Liam. Ivy says that she had a good time. Hope thinks that is good. Ivy wonders how pregnancy has been treating her. Hope explains that she has been noxious but it is good. Ivy thinks that the end result is worth it. She can only imagine how excited Hope and Wyatt must be. Hope believes that Ivy is trying to make a point. Ivy doesn’t know what she is talking about. Hope thinks that Ivy is trying to remind her that she is having Wyatt’s child and is married to him. Ivy didn’t think she needed reminding.

Caroline knows that Maya has been waiting for her chance to exploit some sort of trouble between Rick and her. Maya didn’t want to do this. Caroline knows that Maya had no respect for her marriage. Maya tells her that it is Caroline who had no respect for her marriage. She blew it and now Rick has dumped her. Caroline does not think she should be so sure. Caroline believes that the woman that will be by Rick’s side is going to be her. She knows that all Maya wants the money and that is all. Maya of course wants to live like the one percent. She doesn’t think anyone doesn’t. Maya is in love with Rick and she will not betray her like she did. Caroline will not give up on her marriage. Maya doesn’t care because Rick already has. She has made sure of it.

Rick wonders if Eric has any second thoughts. Eric has complete confidence in him. He knows that Rick has every right to be angry. This behavior towards Caroline was not right. Eric tells Rick though that Ridge is there head designer. He has to be able to work with him. Rick will handle it. Eric hopes that he means that. Families hurt each other and then they forgive. Eric needs him to be able to forgive in the future. No choices based on revenge. Rick understands.

Ivy asks if things are finally working out for Hope. Hope explains that it is still a wreck. Hope believes it is business as usual though. Hope wonders if Ivy is excited for her jewelry line. Ivy is. She knows that it is fast approaching. Ivy thinks it is so exciting and she was just telling Liam the other day. Hope stops her and tells her that she thinks that Ivy should take it slow with him. Ivy cannot believe she wants to do this again. Hope knows that Ivy thinks she has no right to be interested in her life or have an opinion. Hope thinks that is never going to happen though. Ivy thinks that she should feel happy then. Ivy feel the exact same way.

Eric walks into Rick’s office and finds Caroline. He explains to her that he just met with Rick. Caroline asks what he said. Eric tells her that he is still very upset. He does not think that he will have much time to feel that way for much longer. Caroline knows about the CEO position. Eric wonders how she knew. Caroline tells him that Maya was here rubbing it all over her. Eric wonders how she knew. Eric doesn’t get this. Caroline tells Eric that Rick is leaving her for Maya.

Rick walks around the office and sits down in what is now his chair. Maya walks in. Rick tells her to look at the new CEO. Maya is so proud of him and kisses him. Rick tells her she gets credit too. Maya believes that they should start a new now. He is in charge now. It will be fun and he is in charge now. Rick thinks it might have been the worst day of his life but at least Maya told him the truth. Maya loves him and not because of what he is but who he is. The most kindest and sensitive man she has ever met. She is never letting him go. She hugs him and smiles happily.

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