B&B Wednesday Update 10/29/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 10/29/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Rick is laying on the floor of Brooke’s cabin while Maya is next to him smiling. They both are naked under a blanket. Maya thinks of when they started kissing the night before. She remembers all the events that led up to where they are now. She starts to rub his shoulder as he continues to sleep.

Caroline looks all over the Forrester offices and is worried about where Rick is. She calls him up in Eric’s office and asks him where he is. She tells him that she has been texting him all night. Eric walks in behind her. She begs him to call her back as she is at work. She asks Eric if he has heard from him. Eric tells her no. Caroline explains that he won’t talk to her. Eric thinks that he has a good reason. Caroline knows she was an idiot and cannot believe she let this happen. She betrayed her husband. She should have never did this.

Ridge sits on Katie’s bed and looks distressed. Katie walks in with a cup of coffee. He asks her why she didn’t wake him up. Katie explains that it was because he got in so late last night that she didn’t want to disturb him. She kisses him. Katie congratulates him on making CEO. Ridge does not think it feels as good as he thought it would. Katie thought that he would be thrilled. Ridge thinks that he should be. Katie assumes that Rick was upset. Ridge needs to tell her why Rick was upset. Katie already knows why. It is because he didn’t get it. Ridge explains that Maya told everyone that Caroline and him are having an affair. Katie is so sorry that Maya would do that. She did the same thing to her and she knows that it is ridicules. Ridge looks guilty. Ridge tells her that they kissed. That is all they did. Katie looks a little upset.

Caroline does not think it was an affair. Eric thinks that it was hurtful. Caroline knows it shouldn’t have happened. She tells him that he knows Maya and how she wants her marriage to fail. That is why she made it sound so bad. Eric thinks that there is nothing she can do about it right now. Caroline has to do something and wants to know where he is.

Maya thinks to herself that she is finally here and this is really happening. Maya looks out the window and smiles. She thinks about Rick being angry about making the wrong choice and taking off his wedding ring. She looks around and is a little scared. She picks up his wedding ring and takes it she grabs her things still wrapped in a blanket and leaves.

Caroline cannot wait any longer. She has to fix this. Eric explains to her that Rick knows that she is trying to call and that he will call her when he is ready. She just needs to give him time. Caroline does not want to give him time. She needs to talk to him right now. She does not want anyone to lose anybody because of this. Eric wonders how Katie will react. Eric believes that it probably won’t go over very well for Ridge and Katie. Caroline thinks that if everyone was just allowed to explain then they would understand. Eric tells her that his wife getting involved with another man is not a good thing to hear. Ridge played a part in this too.

Katie thought it was a crush. Ridge says yes it was. Katie thought that he was not going to lead her on because he didn’t want to manipulate her. Ridge looks guiltier. Ridge says that it was not like that. Katie wants to know what it was like. Ridge thinks it was working and collaborating. Katie thought that he ended it. Ridge did end it. Katie wants to know why. Ridge tells her that she knows why. Katie thought that she did. Now she wonders if there is not more to all of this. Katie asks if he has made a fool out of her. She knows that there is more to all of this. Ridge had a chance to stop but he didn’t. Katie walks away and Ridge walks over to her. Ridge explains that collaborating together forms a sort of intimacy between two people. Ridge does not want to be like that anymore. He wants Katie though. Katie looks angry. Ridge loves Katie. That has not changed. Katie asks if it meant anything then. Ridge says that it is over. Katie asks if Rick and Caroline have worked it all out then. Ridge says no. Ridge does not know and he does not want to minimize any of this. He takes full responsibility for everything. He knows how things can go and he should have stopped but he didn’t. All he can do is promise that it will never happen again.

Caroline does not want to blame this on Ridge. Eric reminds her that Ridge could have stopped as well if he really wanted to. Caroline wouldn’t allow him. She thought that what they were working on was too big to stop. Caroline thinks that Eric should know what it is like to not stop when they have an idea. She knows that she should have. She knows that. She cannot just stand around. Caroline has to find him.

Maya walks around Brooke’s house in a bathrobe and smiles. She looks at photos of him and tells him that she thought she lost him but now she is here and she will never lose him again. Maya thinks about the first date they had when Maya thought that he was poor and she modeled dresses. She thinks about the first time she did a runway show for Forrester.

Katie looks out the window. She looks angry. Ridge walks over to her and explains that the last thing he wanted to do was hurt her. Katie explains that he has no idea how much this hurts her. Ridge does not think that they had enough will. Katie should not be upset because Caroline and he are artists. They speak their own language. They got wrapped up in each other’s talents. Ridge thinks that is part of it. Katie is not sure that she wants to hear the other part. Ridge explains that Caroline and him crossed a line and it didn’t go any further. Katie asks if that is supposed to make her feel better. She wonders if he knows how many times she has heard that and how many times she has been wrong. Katie looks at her red ribbon ring. Katie has been wearing it every day. It is supposed to remind her that they love each other and were meant to be together. She guesses that she was not the one who needed reminding. Katie believes that she should have tied it around his finger to remind him. This had nothing to do with them according to Ridge. Katie is not sure what she wants to hear and does not get it. She wonders how such powerful men can have no control. Ridge is not Bill. Katie does not believe that. Ridge claims to have needed Caroline and she was his brother’s wife but Ridge needed her. Katie thought he was different. Katie wonders how she can keep making the same mistakes over and over again. Ridge thinks that they are fine. Katie does not think they are. Katie walks out of the room.

Maya sets a tray down on the coffee table and Rick walks in from the back door. Maya says good morning to him and hands him a cup of coffee. Rick could use the cup. Maya knows that yesterday was hard but last night was beautiful. She rubs his hand. Rick is shocked to see he took his ring off. Maya explains that he did. Rick does not want to talk about this but he cannot believe that. Maya was not going to let them get away with it. Rick knows that they would have and she didn’t care if Ridge fired her. She had to tell the truth. She knew something was going on. She was not going to let them hide it. Rick starts to kiss Maya but someone starts to knock on the door. Maya wonders who it could be. Rick tells her to take one guess. Maya wants him to ignore it but Rick goes over and opens the door. Caroline is so happy to have found him. Caroline asks why he has not returned her texts. Rick has nothing to say to her. Caroline is really sorry. She is his wife and she will never do anything like that again. Maya walks up behind him and Caroline asks why she is here. Caroline starts to cry. Caroline wants him to say that he didn’t do anything. Rick only has two words for her. Screw you.

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