B&B Tuesday Update 10/28/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 10/28/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Rick gets up from off the ground and asks if Maya is following him. Maya just assumed that he would be here seeing it is the scene of the crime. Rick cannot believe that this happened. Rick cannot keep picturing it in his head. He wants Maya to just go. Maya is not going to let him go through this alone.

Caroline wants to go fine Rick. Eric tells her to leave him alone. Caroline thinks that he is just so angry right now. Eric asks if that really surprises her. The two of them cheated on him. Ridge tells him that they just kissed. Eric does not care. He cannot try to down play this. He wonders if this was just to spite him. Ridge does not think that he planned this. Ridge believes they are two passionate people. Eric believes that when the other person is his brother you don’t do that. He yells at Ridge to not say another word. Eric cannot imagine how Rick is feeling right now. This betrayal by both of them. Eric thinks that Ridge should at least pretend to feel horrible about this. Ridge sarcastically says that he does. Eric feels that he is just as betrayed as Rick is. All these extensive hours spent together between the two of them. Eric just cannot believe that Ridge hurt him. Rick is his flesh and blood. When you betray him you are betraying Eric. Ridge thinks that they are back to Rick being his biological son. Eric tells him that he does not care about that. Eric cannot watch his child suffer. Ridge knows what it is like to actually watch a child suffer. Rick is going to be just fine if he decides to be fine. Eric hopes so for both of their sakes.

Hope does not know what to do. She wants to be there for Rick and wants to help him. Carter has a feeling that Rick is not alone. Hope asks him why he says that. Carter explains that Maya left. Hope asks if he thinks that she went after him. Carter does.

Rick cannot believe that this happened. This is where his marriage ended. He takes a drink.

Hope tells Carter that she has officially unfollowed Caroline. She does not really feel like looking at her selfies. Hope thinks that she will just hit it where it hurts. Carter thinks that they still have a chance. Hope thinks that the marriage is over. Hope cannot believe that Caroline would do this with Ridge of all people.

Ridge wonders if Eric wants him to admit that this was a mistake. He could but he does not want to. Ridge got hurt and he lost who he was. Caroline helped him draw again. Caroline believes they helped each other. Caroline has never designed like that before. Eric understands that but they both are responsible. Eric could have stepped in, Felicia could have, and there are a number of ways that they could have finished this line without hurting Rick. Caroline tries to call Rick and he picks up. He tells her to stop calling him. He does not need an explanation of what he already knows. Caroline does not think that he really does. She wonders if he is at home. Rick looks at Maya. He says no. He is not coming home right now. Rick will be fine. Rick hangs up the phone.

Maya walks over to Rick and rubs his shoulder. He looks at Maya.

Caroline cannot believe that he won’t even let her try to explain. Eric has been given a lot to think about today. Ridge thinks that he is going to reconsider. Caroline cannot believe that is all that Ridge cares about right now. Ridge believes he is changing his mind. Caroline is talking about her marriage. Ridge wonders why Caroline felt the need to confess. Caroline had to tell the truth. Caroline asks if Ridge was trying to con her.

Hope wonders if Carter really thinks that Maya is with Rick right now. Carter does not think that Maya is one to pass up. Maya never really got over Rick. Hope believes that it is best that Maya broke off the wedding before they actually got married. Carter believes that clue number one should have been how Maya kept avoiding her wedding plans. Carter thinks that Maya was waiting for Rick and Caroline broke up. Carter believes that Maya will get fired. Hope thinks that when you are in love you have to take big risks. Carter is not making things up for Caroline and Ridge but he just wished that none of this happened at their expense.

Caroline asks if Ridge played her. Caroline wonders if she was being used. Ridge says that of course he was. He couldn’t draw. He needed her hands. Caroline means deeper than that. Ridge does not know. Caroline knows that means yes. Ridge thinks they made a great team. They created something amazing and he knew how she felt emotionally. Ridge thought he could benefit from it. Caroline asks if he joked about this with Katie. Ridge says not at all. Ridge never thought it was a joke. He would be in his car after one of their sessions and couldn’t get her out of his head. Ridge should have stopped this long before. To be fair though Caroline should have as well.

Rick thinks that he should thank Maya. For standing up for him and telling the truth. Maya asks if he is sure. Rick thinks that she would have just kept on lying and playing him for a fool. Maya does not want him to torture himself. Rick knows that she would have never confessed. Maya knows that Rick matters. It’s just that it is Caroline and she always comes first. Rick knows that now. He should have never married her. Maya believes that she was at the right place at the right time. She understands why he fell for her. Rick thought that it felt right. Rick takes off his wedding wrong. Maya is shocked to see this. Rick thanks god they didn’t have a child. His marriage is over. Maya looks nervous.

Ridge hopes that he did not mess it up for her. Caroline thinks they are both at fault. Ridge thinks that he will come back. Caroline believes that he is too angry. Ridge knows that Caroline is right for Rick. Caroline does not even know what she is to him anymore. Ridge does not think that Rick is stupid. He wouldn’t walk away from a girl like her. Caroline wouldn’t stay knowing what has happened. Ridge thinks that it is over between them now. What they had was amazing. Rick knows that things can happen. For the record. The time they spent together was some of the most magical moments of his life. He never meant to hurt her. He walks out.

Rick thinks all their plans never mattered to Caroline. Maya never stopped caring about Rick. She tried to move on with Carter but she just couldn’t. She loves him still. She kisses him but Rick stops her. Maya has loved her since they met at Dayzee’s. She wonders if Rick remembers that. Maya had no idea that Caroline was disappointing him even then. The two start to kiss very passionately. They end up on the couch kissing.

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