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At a meeting in Eric’s office, Rick cannot believe that Caroline and Ridge did this. Caroline is crying and trying to say she is sorry. Eric asks Ridge if this is true. Ridge says it was nothing. Hope does not think it was nothing because she just admitted it. Ridge tells them all that what Maya felt the need to share with all of them was nothing. The affair was two people working. Ridge wants to know if Maya followed them up to Brooke’s cabin. Rick asks if this happened at his mother’s cabin. Caroline knows it was wrong. She was caught up in the moment. Hope cannot believe this. Ivy leaves behind her not able to believe this. Caroline does not think that there was no more to this. Maya is sorry for this. She tried to warn him. Caroline gives her a dirty look. Carter tries to tell Maya that they do not belong here right now. Carter tells them all that the reason Maya is doing this is because of Rick. Maya says it is because she cares about Rick. Ridge thinks her agenda is showing. Rick does not give a damn about any of them.

Ivy is in Rick’s office and Hope walks in. Ivy tells her that she is trying to hide out. Hope explains that she is going to wait here for Rick. Ivy wonders if he is going to really come back here afterwards. Hope does not know. Ivy does not think that things had to go the way they did. Maya clearly was going for maximum effect and she got it. Hope asks if Ivy thinks that Rick over reacted. Ivy does not think that but she does not think that anything serious is actually going on between Rick and Caroline. Hope wants to know what she knows. Carter walks in. Ivy asks if it is all over. Carter says no but he is done with that. Hope asks what he thinks Eric will do. Carter does not know but he did not look happy.

Eric asks Ridge if he was deliberately using Caroline. Ridge does not think that at all. Rick does not want to hear this anymore. Caroline explains that some foolish things happened and it is over. It didn’t mean anything. Rick does not think so. Caroline cries and says no.

Ivy asks what Hope thinks Rick will do. Hope believes that the odds of Rick working for Ridge just became even more remote. Carter thinks that the company is going to have to settle it because Rick and Caroline are both very important parts of the company. Ivy wonders then if the same can be said about Ridge.

Rick tries to walk away but Caroline grabs him. Caroline demands a minute alone. Rick does not want that. He is already humiliated. This was all just a build but and a big theatric for Eric. Eric looks at him shocked. Rick cannot believe that he fell for it. Rick actually thought that his hard work would pay off. Rick knew that Eric would pick Ridge just like he always does. Eric says that is not true. He never lost respect for him. Rick demands that he stop. Rick asks him if this is out of loyalty to Stephanie that he would pick her son as opposed to picking the son that has a blood relationship to him, or is it because he wants to pretend that he never had that second family. He wonders if they just hi-fived afterwards. Rick wonders about him. Ridge asks if Rick thinks that Eric didn’t make him CEO because he was not good enough. Rick tells Ridge that Eric is not his father. Rick would think that Eric would want a son that wouldn’t just disappear for a year to Paris. Ridge tells him to grow up. Eric tells Ridge that he is in the wrong here. Ridge asks him if he really is. Ridge has a daughter who is dead because of Rick and another one who wishes that she never laid eyes on him. He wonders how he is supposed to dignify that. Rick reminds him that he was with his wife. Caroline tells them to stop it. This is about betrayal. A betrayal of Ridge and a betrayal of her. Caroline tells him that he has to forgive both of them. Rick starts to cry.

Ivy asks if they should try to do some work or something. Hope doesn’t know what they should be working on. They don’t even know what they will have to work on until they are done in there. Ivy asks if Maya will be around when the smoke clears. Hope doesn’t think that she can get fired for telling the truth. Carter does not think that she did. Hope thinks that she told what she knew. It was better than saying nothing. Carter believes that Caroline made a correction before anything really bad happened. Hope wonders if that is true. She has been around a lot of people that have said sorry and meant it from the bottom of their heart but it wasn’t enough. Ivy asks how you can continue to go to work with someone who you still have feelings for. Carter does not know. He just does. Hope believes that Maya is being condemned for her honesty. Carter does not see it that way. The motivation to be with Rick and the family is a little out there for him. He understands that desire that it brings to be a Logan, Forrester, or Spencer but to do what Maya has done for it is crazy.

Caroline believes that Maya is blowing this out of proportion. Maya thinks that Caroline always blames this on her. Not this time though. Caroline asks to just go home. Rick asks whose home she is talking about. Caroline says theirs. Rick thinks she should go back to the cabin. He does not think that she should have been there in the first place. Rick wonders if Ridge asked her to go. Caroline thought it was going to be work. Caroline said it was a short phone call. She thought that Brooke let her use the place. Rick wonders what she was thinking when he suggested it. This was going to be his big day. He thought it would be his reward for being sent away for all those years. He believed that this would be the last time he went into his father’s office because he believed that it would be his. Rick thought that his beautiful talented wife would be there to carry on the tradition with him. Eric believes that it can still happen. Rick doubts it. Eric does not think that there was any family conspiracy against him. Rick wonders though. They all knew when to turn and they all simply knew there target. Caroline wants to go with him but Rick won’t let her. Caroline begs but he leaves. Maya tries to hold back a smile.

Hope explains that Eric’s door is still closed. Ivy just can’t sit around and not know what to do. Hope is unsure as well. Ivy is a new comer but she cannot believe that there is always going to be a booby trap of the past all the time. Carter knows it is hard to be knew here. Hope knows that feeling as well. She remembers when she started. She knew these people her whole life. Ivy does not think that she should allow herself an opinion in all of this. Hope thinks it is all pretty clear cut. Ivy believes that is what they are all trying to tell themselves.

Eric closes the door behind Maya. He explains to Ridge and Caroline that there were some things that he didn’t want to say in front of Maya. Ridge thought that he was going to hand it off to Rick. Eric still might change his mind especially now. Caroline wants to go. Eric tells her not now. Eric cannot believe this. He did not think he was going to find out the two of them. Ridge still tries to deny it by claiming that Maya was just being a drama queen. Eric asks if this whole plan with Caroline was a way to get Eric to believe he was right for the role of CEO. Ridge does not think that at all. Eric believes that it was. Eric knows that Ridge can be very calculated. Ridge thinks that this is artists working together. He believes that Caroline and him are over now. Rick will get over it. He will not throw out his wedding bows over some foolish fascination. Eric asks Caroline if he is right. Will Rick get over this? Caroline looks at him.

Rick walks into Brooke’s cabin and remembers the first time he saw Caroline when she got out of the limo and all the times they had spent together. When they were happy and in love. He remembers the first time they said they loved each other and when Rick proposed to her. When they got married on Thanksgiving Rick walks over to the sketch pad and starts to break the windows and kick things. He throws things at the window. He gets a phone call and answers it. Caroline asks where he is. Rick tells her that they were newlyweds. Rick cannot believe this. He hangs up. He throws his phone at the wall. He falls to the ground crying. Maya walks in from behind. She closes the door softly and Rick looks at her. He looks distressed and she looks sad.

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