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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 10/23/14


Written By Carole
Pictures By Juanita

At Forrester Creations, Caroline is going over her designs, and thinking of Ridge. She snaps out of it, when Rick returns to his office. He lets her know that Eric is ready to make his decision for CEO, him or Ridge.

Ridge is in his and Katie's bedroom, but he's not thinking about Katie. He's thinking about Caroline. Katie joins him saying it's his big day.  He will be named CEO and his talent is coming back. Caroline came through for you, says Katie (but she really can't wait for her to be gone). Ridge says that the collection wouldn't be here without her. Katie dismisses that, and thinks that his talent would've come back eventually.

At FC, in the roof restaurant, Maya is pacing like a caged animal. Carter notices, and says that she can't wait to hear what Eric's decision is.  Maya is convinced that Eric will pick Rick, who's a better business man. Carter is on Team Ridge, because he's a designer. He, correctly assumes, that Maya has an agenda to make Ridge look bad. Maya says that if Ridge looks bad, that it won't be her fault. Carter doesn't believe her theory that something is going on between Caroline and Ridge. Maya doesn't care cause, she believes that they're more involved than ever.

Eric is in his office, looking at family pictures, half-listening to Hope go on about Caroline rejoining Hope For The Future. Hope notices Eric's distraction, and tells him that she's sure that he's made the right decision. Eric isn't, because he knows one son will be happy, and the other one won't. He admits it's one of the downfalls to running a family business. Hope says it comes with the territory, and they all understand that. hope thinks that Rick or Ridge will be upset for awhile, but they'll get over it. Eric says after the announcement, they'll have to have a strategy for the press. He's worried about all the rumors, and Hope says they have to put a lid on the gossip.

She should be looking at Maya then. She tells Carter that what she told Rick wasn't gossip, and Ridge and Caroline were clinging to each other. Carter doesn't believe it, and says she'll never stop digging. Maya resents being called a gold digger. She wonders how he could've been with her for so long, and not know who she is. He tells her by the way that she's behaving now not then. He wonders who the real Maya is, the one he knew then? He tells her that it's the one he's looking at now. Maya is upset by that, and thinks that he's being bitter. They talk about their relationship, and that she really loved him. He's just glad that he dodged that bullet. Maya tries to convince him that she really did love him, but he buys none of it. He's shocked when she asks him to her friend.

In his office, Caroline helps Rick with his tie, and they share a moment. He tells her how important this decision is for both of them. He is thrilled that his father sees them as the new Eric and Stephanie. She tells that he never has to doubt her, because, even though she's flaky sometimes, they are in this together.

That's what Katie thinks about Ridge, too. She feels confident that they are headed in the right direction. She's convinced that he's going to be named CEO, and grateful that Caroline came through for him. Katie presents him with a new watch for good luck. Ridge asks her if she thinks he needs it, and Katie says no, because he's a designer and Rick's not. She wonders if Rick knows of Caroline's crush on Ridge. Ridge gets defensive, and says that they created something together. It's time to move forward, he says. On to bigger and better things, says Katie. She's convinced that Eric will name him CEO, and gives a him a big hug.

In Eric's office, Hope asks him if he's ready, but Eric obviously isn't. Hope says that whatever decision he made is the right one. Eric says for the company, yes, but not for the family. Hope receives a phone call that she has to take, and moves to another part of the room. Ivy is on her way in, and mentions it's a big day. She picks up where Hope left off. She asks him how he's feeling, and mentions the obvious about choosing between two sons. Eric says that he did what he did for the business. Ivy seems to understand that it's a business decision, and it makes him chuckle. Ivy the practical, he calls her. They talk about the hostility between Rick and Ridge. Ivy gives him a pep talk, much to his delight. Hope seems a bit resentful of their closeness, as Ivy hugs her uncle.

Maya and Carter are still arguing over what the status of Ridge and Caroline's relationship. Maya's convinced that she's cheating on Rick, if not physically then emotionally. She's determined not to let her get away with it.

Ridge has arrived in the building and goes to Rick's office. He interrupts Rick and Caroline, who is suddenly nervous around him. Rick asks if Ridge has come to concede, and Ridge tells him that it's the only way he'll get the job. Ridge tells Rick that the collection is almost finished, when he asks. Rick says that he's glad, cause he'll be needing her full support when Eric names him CEO.

Maya wants to call Caroline out at the meeting. Carter doesn't want her to rock the boat with no proof. She thinks that Rick and Katie deserve to know.

Rick and Ridge have a war of words. Rick thinks he has it in the bag because Eric wants another "power couple" at the head of the company. Caroline stands nervously by, and can't look Ridge in the eye, as Rick confirms them as a team.

Donna has joined her sister, and says it looks like someone else has been making decisions. Katie says, that while Will sleeps, she makes plans for the guest bedroom. She's looking at swatches. Katie asks Donna if the meeting has started yet, and Donna says it just did. Pam told her to take a long lunch so here she is. They think that Pam probably has her ear against the door. Donna asks if Katie is nervous, and she admits a little. Donna brings up the fact that Ridge will be even busier than he was with Caroline, if he gets the job. Katie reluctantly tells Donna about Caroline's crush on Ridge and that Ridge handled it. Donna asks if Rick knows, and Katie says no, and there's no reason for him, too.

Not yet, because everyone is just gathering in Eric's office. Caroline kisses her husband then goes to chat with Hope.  Maya comes over and offers him her support. Maya tries to stir the pot by questioning Caroline's loyalty. 

Caroline is saved by Eric who's ready make his announcement. He says that it was his brother, who reminded that him that life is about balance. In his speech, Eric talks about not leaving, but stepping down, and enjoying life more. He will still be designing, and watching over them, but it's time to hand over the reigns for the future. He talks about the accomplishments of both them, and encourages them to rise to the occasion. As everyone waits with bated breath, Eric says that the new CEO of Forrester Creations is.........

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