B&B Wednesday Update 10/22/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 10/22/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Caroline walks into her house and looks saddened. She walks over to the couch and sits down. She picks up her wedding photo and stares at it. She starts to think about kissing Ridge.

Ridge is sitting in his bedroom thinking about the same thing. Katie walks in and asks what he is doing.

At Forrester Carter sits at Rick's desk and works. Maya walks in and Carter tells her sorry. Maya asks him why he is sorry. Carter explains that he is sorry for not being Rick. Maya wonders if he knows where Rick is. Carter says that he is at home with his wife. Maya looks annoyed by his response.

Rick walks in at home and he spots Caroline sitting on the couch. He seems released by this. Caroline thinks that he is observant. Rick asks what she has in her hand as he walks over to her. Caroline shows him the photo. Rick takes it out of her hand and explains that was one of the better days of his life. Rick notes that she is early tonight. Caroline smiles and says that they are finished. Rick is shocked and thought that they would have been at it all night. Caroline looks a little annoyed by this.

Katie thought that she had lost Ridge there for a second. Ridge just was thinking about the line. Katie can only imagine. She asks if he wrapped things up with Caroline. Ridge says yes. Katie can see why he is in the mood. She believes that Caroline was upset that they ended their collaboration. Katie starts to rub Ridge's shoulders while he looks a little uncomfortable.

Maya does not think that Rick and Caroline are a super couple. Carter notes that they have been a couple for almost a year. Maya does not find that very impressive. She thinks that the might need to rethink a few things. Carter does not think that is the case at all. He believes that they just need a little privacy. Maya laughs at this. She tells Carter to tell that to Ridge who has been taking up all of Caroline's time lately. Carter says to Maya in response that they are behind the schedule and they need the designs. That is why they need to work so closely together. Maya thinks that is not the case. Carter asks her what she has done. Maya tells him that she has done nothing. She just walked in on them in a moment. Carter thinks that Maya was spying on them. Maya denies this. Maya does not think that it makes any difference. Carter does not believe that Ridge would do something so stupid. Maya explains to him that Ridge is not the saint that Carter believes him to be. Carter does not care one way or another. If she keeps this up then she is going to be out of a career. Maya is telling the truth. Carter asks who exactly she has told the truth too. Maya says that Ivy knows. Carter wants to know if she has told anyone else. Maya doesn't say anything for a minute but then tells him that she has told Rick. Carter cannot believe that. He wants to know how he found out. Maya thought he had a right to know. Carter thinks that she only told Rick to break up their marriage. Carter believes that she is nothing but a gold digger.

Katie asks Ridge how Caroline is taking it. Ridge tells her that she feels the same as he does. They know that it has to end. Katie thinks that it must be difficult. Ridge agrees. They did create some beautiful designs together. Katie wonders about Caroline's crush on Ridge. She thinks that Ridge could have possibly used that crush to get what he wanted and snag the CEO position. Ridge would not have done that to her. Katie is glad that he didn't because she was worried when he first told her. Ridge assures Katie that he loves her and hopes that she knows that. Katie does know this. She is not worried. Katie just did not like Ridge manipulating someone. That is not the man that she knows and loves.

Rick loves that he has her to himself tonight. He assumes that Ridge wanted her to stay but she insisted on coming home. Caroline says no. She says that he knew that they both had to stop. Rick thinks that there might be hope for him yet. Caroline wishes that they could just all get along. Rick does not think that is possible especially with the CEO position going to one of them. Caroline knows this but points out that they are all family. Rick knows that he has been a little intense with Ridge lately. Caroline knows that she had been spending so much time with Ridge. Rick thinks that she had no choice. Caroline is so sorry. She is about to tell Rick when he interrupts her and asks what she is sorry about. Caroline then tells him that she is sorry for being distracted. Rick understands that now. They are two artists and they were creating. Caroline thinks that it helped her in ways that she could never imagine but she was away from Rick. Rick thinks that Caroline was a hero to Ridge. He just couldn't get passed his own ego. Caroline has to tell Rick something. She says that it is about Ridge and her. Rick looks concerned.

Maya demands that Carter stop with this. She is not a gold digger. Would she want a better life? Maya can't imagine anyone who wouldn't. She is not after Rick's money. She is actually in love with him. Carter believes that she was in love with him as well. It just so happens that his pockets were not deep enough. Carter thinks that Maya does not know what she is. Maya believes that he is being mean spirited. Carter believes that Maya is a beautiful woman who has a lot to offer the world. She just has to stop going after a married man. Maya tries to tell him that his wife is not loyal but Carter thinks that she is. Maya thinks that his definition was of loyal is very lose. Carter tells her to back off. They were not kissing or having sex. They were just hugging. Maya thinks that this is her opportunity. Carter thinks that she is just in love with Rick's money. He wishes that Maya would just admit it.

Rick asks Caroline what it is. Caroline explains that Ridge and she have been working so well together. Rick thinks that there is a tiny bit of room for improvement but he still thinks that what they have done is incredible. Caroline thinks that he has taught her a lot. She has a whole new way of looking at people. She thinks that it is a very unique experience. Rick supports her as an artist. Caroline tells him that Ridge's talent is coming back. Rick asks her if she is sure of that. Caroline shakes her head yes. Rick thinks that she must have had a bigger impact than he thought. Rick wants Caroline to do what she needs to, to become the best. Caroline wants to refocus now on their marriage. Caroline is ending her collaboration. It was wonderful while it lasted but it was taking her time away from him. Rick is so happy that she is doing this for them. He hugs her in happiness.

Katie breaks the hug and asks Ridge ended it with Caroline. Ridge asks her what she means. Katie asks what they talked about. Ridge says they did talk. It is over now and in the past. Katie does not think so. She had a crush on him for years and clearly it never went away. Ridge thinks that it is completely different. Ridge would never want to hurt her because she helped him much. Katie is grateful too. She can only imagine that Caroline is as well. It was the perfect collaboration. Katie thinks that it was the perfect time to end it. Katie has to admit that she was just a little bit jealous and did not want to hurt him though. She is lucky to have him in her life. Ridge is the lucky one after all that has happened. Caroline helped him and he is not the man that he was. He loves her though. The two start to kiss. Katie is crying. Ridge does not look sure of himself.

Maya asks why Carter insists on thinking the worst in her. Carter thinks it is because that is what she keeps showing him. He wonders if she is evil. Probably not but she is clearly misguided. Maya does not think it is wrong to like a guy who has a large bank account. Carter thinks that is bad. Maya explains that she used to have Rick. Carter reminds her that Rick is now with Caroline. He knows it is hard to accept. Maya does not care. Carter tells her that she needs to figure it out because otherwise she will end up back on the streets. Carter wonders if she remembers what that was like. Maya does remember and that is why she wants Rick. She needs to keep this life. She will have it. This is her chance. She is just waiting for Caroline to self-destruct if she has not already. Carter thinks that this gossip she is stirring up is not only dangerous but ridicules. Carter believes that there is not a chance that they will break up.

Katie tells Ridge that she loves him and he loves her. Will starts to cry and Katie goes to check on him. Ridge goes and looks at his designs.

Caroline is looking at a design while Rick is in the shower. She picks up her phone and starts to call Ridge.

Ridge picks up his phone. He asks if she is ok. Caroline says yes. She just wanted to call. She is at home. Rick is in the shower. Ridge is also at home and Katie stepped out. Caroline thinks that they got caught up in something that will never happen again. Ridge knows and it is all behind them now. Ridge thinks it is forgotten. Caroline asks if it really is. Ridge thinks that it has to be. He says goodbye.

Caroline hangs up her phone and starts to cry. She wipes her tears when the water from the shower stops. She however continues to cry. She thinks about Ridge and her kissing.

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