B&B Tuesday Update 10/21/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 10/21/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Ridge and Caroline continue to kiss passionately in Brooke’s cabin.

Rick is in his office with a model. He tells her that he does not mind Caroline or Ridge taking a risk but he does not understand what they were doing with the dress that the model is wearing. Rick thinks that it looks like a bird fell into the dress and died. The only way he will include it in the collection is if they remove the bow maybe. Rick thanks the model and she leaves. Maya walks in and asks if he is a designer now. Rick tells her that he is the president of the company hoping to be CEO so he needs to be involved with all elements of the company. Maya wonders if that was one of Ridge and Caroline’s designs. Rick tells her yes. Maya wonders where Ridge and Caroline are right now.

Deacon asks Hope if he is being given an ultimatum by her. Hope does not want to. Quinn knows but that is what this is. He can either choose her or Hope. Deacon is finally back in her life and she would do this to him. Hope feels that she has an obligation to her family to keep Quinn away. If Deacon is going to have a life with her then she can’t do this. Deacon asks Hope to think about this. Hope tells him to think. Quinn is using him. Hope wants to know why it just so happens that when Hope tells her to stay away from her and her baby Quinn magically starts to develop feelings for him. She asks Deacon if that doesn’t sound suspicious. Quinn knew this would be a waste of time. She thanks Deacon for trying to help. Wyatt thinks that Quinn should realize that after all the interfering she has done this is reasonable. Deacon knows that upset is one thing but being with Quinn shouldn’t be the end of their relationship as father and daughter. Hope just does not think that Quinn is being honest with why she is with him. Deacon sarcastically says he can’t imagine why else he she would want to be with him. Hope does not think that is what she said. Hope believes that he is upset that it didn’t work out with Brooke. She is sorry. That however does not mean that Deacon should have gone to Quinn. He is smarter than that. Hope wants him to see through this con. Wyatt tells them both to leave. Quinn thinks that she needs to calm down. Hope hugs Wyatt after the two leave.

Rick does not know where Ridge and Caroline are. He thinks that they might be in Eric’s office or possibly the sky lounge. Maya tells him that neither of their cares are in the parking lot. Rick thinks that they must be someplace else. It does not matter so long as they are sketching. Maya is shocked that Rick and Caroline do not keep tabs on each other. Rick tells her that they both have busy schedules throughout the day. Maya would want her husband to know what she is up to unless she didn’t. Rick wants to know what she means by that. Maya believes that they have been spending a lot of time together. Rick thinks that a design team tends to spend a lot of time together. Maya thinks that a team like Caroline and Ridge that there is no end to where it could lead them.

Ridge is going to miss this. Caroline goes over to the sketch board and asks Ridge to draw without her. She knows that he can do it. She smiles at him but he looks concerned.

Wyatt gives Hope a cup of tea. Hope thinks that this is messed up. Wyatt asks her to just try to put it out of her head. Hope thinks that it is wrong. Wyatt thinks it is a little strange. He does not think they should worry about it especially now. Wyatt does not blame her for being fearful of his mother. He however wonders if Quinn focusing on someone else could be a good thing. Hope does not think she is focusing on something else. She believes that Quinn is trying to worm her way back into their lives. Quinn is not doing that. She would welcome Quinn with anyone else. Just not her father. Quinn has to be using him.

Quinn and Deacon walk back into Quinn’s loft. Deacon tells her that Hope is just trying to protect her child. Quinn reminds him that she is the child’s grandmother. Deacon explains to her that granny does sort of have a history. Quinn would learn to knit if it meant that they could all be happy together. Quinn wants to throw her a baby shower and pick out a nursery. It can’t help that Deacon is being given an ultimatum. Quinn cannot believe that Hope is still giving temper tantrums. Deacon asks if Quinn is just using him.

Rick wonders why Maya is doing this. Maya asks what he means. Rick says she is causing trouble again. Maya does not think that she is the one doing that. She believes that it is Caroline who is doing that. Maya thinks that Ridge and Caroline’s partnership goes way beyond the sketch pad.

Caroline tells Ridge to take the pencil. Ridge holds the pencil. Caroline tells Ridge to do it. Show her what he’s got. Ridge continues to just hold the pencil.

Rick would like to know if Maya has something specific that she would like to tell him. If there is then he would like her to just come out and say it. Maya just wants him to be careful. Rick wonders if she means Caroline. Maya wonders what they are doing. Rick tells him to stop talking about this. Maya decides to tell him what she knows but Rick stops her from saying anything. He knows that she is trying to drive a wedge between him and his wife after what happened between her and Carter. Maya caught them. Maya walked in on Caroline and Ridge. They were doing a lot more than designing. Caroline was in his arms.

Ridge starts to draw and Caroline smiles. Ridge is able to draw once more on his own. It is as if he had never lost the gift. Caroline continues to smile in awe of him being able to do this. She looks over his shoulder. He puts the pencil down and they both smile at each other.

Wyatt wonders if Hope meant it when she told Deacon to choose. Hope thinks that she did. Wyatt knows how much it means to her to have him back in her life. Hope really does not want to lose him. She is praying that Deacon is able to take a good look at her and realize that she is right. Hope wants to hope that she got through to him.

Deacon asks if this was just some elaborate scheme to get Hope on her side again. Quinn says no. Deacon thinks it is a little strange that after a very short period of time he is going to his daughter and telling her that they are seeing each other. Quinn asks if they aren’t. Deacon wonders if it just isn’t to get to the baby. Quinn thinks it is more than that. The past few weeks with them living together and sharing a few beers and some laughs. She wonders if that seemed fake to him. Deacon does not think that. Quinn wonders then why he would think otherwise. Hope does not know how they relate or how they touch. Deacon wants to know if he was some random person off the street, would Quinn have asked him to move in here. Quinn says of course not. She let him move in because he was Hope’s father but she thinks that they have gotten past that at this point. Deacon thinks that he has over stayed his welcome. He will not lose his relationship with his daughter. Quinn cannot believe that he is letting Hope get away with this. Deacon will not have anyone con him. Quinn tells him to wait a minute. She talks off her coat and tells him that he is not going anywhere.

Hope thinks that her father is vulnerable right now. Wyatt thinks that Deacon Sharpe can handle himself. There is nothing vulnerable about him. Hope thinks that it is just because Brooke did not want him. Quinn is just showing him a little attention. Hope gets it. Wyatt does not think that a relationship between their parents is that bad a thing. Wyatt does not want to talk about this anymore. Wyatt kisses Hope. Wyatt does not think they can worry about what their parents do. The future is what matters. Keeping the baby happy is what matters. They needs to run their lives. They will be the parents they never had. The two kiss.

Quinn tells Deacon to close the door. Deacon does not think this means he is staying. Quinn thinks that he is staying. Deacon wonders if she is going to make him. Quinn will not let him leave until he sees a little bit more of what she has to offer. She starts to take off her clothes. He is going to listen and he will do exactly why she says. She pushes him on the couch and puts her foot on his chest. She wants to know what his safe word is. Deacon says diamonds. Quinn jumps on him.

Rick wonders where she saw the two of them doing this. Maya says they were in the office. They were hugging in a brace. Rick thinks it could have been for any member of reasons. Rick hugs people all the time. It doesn’t mean that he wants to sleep with them. Maya tells him that they were alone. Rick is not worried about his wife hugging his design partner. If Rick does not want to believe her that is fine. However she does not believe that Caroline appreciates him. Maya thinks it is obvious but he does not want to see it. If they were married she would never be with another man. She storms out.

Ridge thinks it is a little rough. Caroline does not think that at all. She is happy for him. She assumes that the partnership is over now. Caroline thinks that what they shared in design she could only imagine what it would have led to. She guesses that they will never know. Ridge does not either. They are about to kiss but Caroline says goodbye instead and leaves. Ridge watches as she walks off.

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