B&B Monday Update 10/20/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 10/20/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Hope does not want Quinn anywhere near her or her family. That includes Deacon. Quinn tells Hope that with all due respect her father is a man and can be with whoever he wants. Deacon seems to agree with Quinn based on his body language. Hope does not accept this. Deacon walks over to Hope. He wonders if she is being just a little harsh right now. Hope does not think so at all. Especially after everything that she has done. Quinn wants Wyatt to use his influence. Wyatt does not think that Hope's opinion is going to change. Hope goes over to Quinn and tells her that is never going to change. She is not welcome in her family.

Katie and Ridge kiss by the back window of their house. Ridge then all of a sudden sees Caroline instead of Katie. He stops kissing and Katie asks what is wrong. She wants to know if he is alright.

In Rick's office Ivy tells Caroline that this is a lot for her to take in. Seeing that it is her and Ridge. Caroline does not think that there is a Ridge and her. Ivy thinks that there has to be something going on with the two of them. At least that is the way it sounds. Caroline can't have this happening. She is married to Rick and she is happy. Caroline can't believe that she would risk it all by kissing him. Ivy just thinks that she is attracted to him. Caroline does not want to be. Caroline thought she worked through all of this. She thought that she was done being selfish. Caroline thought that she was finally a better person. Ivy tells her no she is a beautiful person. Caroline thinks she is an idiot. Rick is a loving and supporting husband. Yet she can't wait to see another man every day. A man who just so happens to be engaged to Rick's Aunt. She wants to know what is wrong with her.

Katie asks what is wrong. She wants to know why Ridge pulled away while they were kissing. Ridge assures her that nothing is wrong. Katie wants to know then why he is acting like this. Ridge thought about what Katie said about her using Caroline. He thinks it sounds like something that Bill would do and he knows that he is better than that. Katie knows that he is. Ridge is going to finish it with Caroline and move on. They only have one more design left for the collection and that is it between the two of them. Katie thinks that is good. Katie is going to go check on Will. Ridge gets his phone and calls Caroline. Ridge tells her that they need to finish the collection. Caroline says sure and that she is at Forrester right now. Ridge wants to go somewhere more private. Ridge wants to go to the cabin on Brooke's property. Caroline knows of it. Ridge wants her to meet him there. Caroline hangs up the phone and looks concerned.

Quinn knows that she has done some things. She has done some things that are bad. Hope just doesn't know though what it is like to be her. Quinn was not born into a family like Hope's. Quinn was not born into a family where she was given every single advantage. She had none of that. Hope wants to know what her point is. Quinn thinks her point is that she needs to understand her before she can judge her. Hope does not think that there is any mystery to Quinn. She believes that Quinn is a schemer who cares little about others. She uses her child and manipulates him into thinking that it is alright. Then Hope wants to know what the hell her father is doing with her. Wyatt would like to know that himself. Deacon thinks the fact of the matter is that he has been living with Quinn for some time now. Hope cannot believe that Deacon has been staying with Quinn this whole time. Deacon figured that she wouldn't be able to take it so well. Hope knew that he was always very vague about where he was staying. Hope wonders if Quinn targeted her father. Quinn is shocked at the allegation and says it was nothing like that. Hope wants to know how he would have any idea that Quinn was up to something. Quinn is a master of deception. Hope believes that it makes sense that Quinn would trick her father. Quinn wonders to what end that would happen. Hope believes that showing up here with her father is just one more card for her to play. She thinks that showing up here with her father was a way to get what Quinn wanted. Quinn thinks she is getting to much credit. She believes that their reluctant to come forward is proof that this was not planned. Hope wonders how Deacon cannot be angered after all that Quinn has done to her. Quinn wants to know what is possibly wrong with Hope's life. She is happily married with a baby on the way. She has a huge family surrounded by her and she is a part of that family. She is the mother of her husband and grandmother of her child. Quinn just wants her rightful place in everything. Hope tells her no.

Katie comes into Rick's office and tells Ivy that the jewels look nice. Ivy thanks her but she just has a feeling that they will not be correct for the collection. Katie asks what she is talking about because it is beautiful. Ivy knows but she had to do a lot of guess work when producing because of Ridge. Katie does not think that is a problem anymore. Ivy knows because Caroline and Ridge have been producing like crazy. Ivy thinks that it could be the start of a more permanent collaboration. Katie does not think so. She actually knows that it is not.

Ridge looks at his designs and thinks about when he was thinking about Caroline while kissing Katie a little bit ago. Caroline walks in. Ridge is happy that she is here. Caroline is still not sure why. Ridge tells her that they have one more design. Caroline asks why here though. Ridge does not want the interruptions of Rick walking in on them. Ridge remembers creating a lot of cool things in here when they were together. Caroline thinks that is nice. Ridge thinks that now that she is not here they can do the same. Ridge thinks they should end the collaboration after this because it is not right. Caroline thinks that he is feeling something too now.

Deacon does not think that it matters what Hope thinks especially because Quinn is Wyatt's mother. Deacon tells her that Quinn is with him now. Wyatt just thinks that it is weird. Deacon knows that neither of them are perfect parents but they both love their children like crazy. Deacon begs Hope to forgive her. She is the most forgiving girl ever. There have been a thousand times where he should have been kicked to the curve but Hope didn't. Deacon thinks that she would have been justified. Deacon is the whole reason that she is not married to Liam after Italy. Yet Hope was able to forgive him then. Deacon just wants Hope to be able to do that with Quinn as well. Hope thinks that with Quinn it never stops. She has forgiven her plenty of times. Hope cannot keep doing that. She will not keep looking over her shoulder for her crazy mother in law and will not inflict that on her child. Hope thinks that Deacon should leave right now before he gets to deep into this. Quinn thinks she is being ridicules. Quinn already admitted it was wrong to do that and that is why she got treatment. Deacon thinks they have a shot at being a really family right now. Deacon asks her not to be shut out.

Ivy wonders if something bad has happened. Katie does not think so at all. It just is going to be over soon and she wanted to talk to Rick about it. Ivy asks if Ridge likes Caroline's designs. Katie believes that Ridge thinks that Caroline is a talented designer. Ivy wonders then why they would stop working together. Katie does not think that they need to now that the collection is over. Ivy wonders if Caroline knows this. Katie thinks she will know by the end of the day because Ridge is going to tell her.

Caroline can see that Ridge is starting to have feelings for her as well. Ridge is not going to lie to her. He thinks about her all the time and has crazy thought, but he loves Katie. Ridge wants to marry her and spend the rest of his life with her. He does not want anything to get into the way of that. Caroline asks if it could. She has been in the room too. Ridge thinks that he is leaning on her too much. The fight is between him and Rick. Caroline cannot go against her husband. Ridge knows. He is stepping away from it. Caroline thinks it is best. Ridge enjoys what they had together and how unselfish she was. He does not know how to thank her. Ridge shows her that he is able to draw somewhat again. Ridge does not want to feel like he used her. Caroline does not think that and thanks him for the experience that they have had. Caroline believes they will rock their designs together. Caroline does not want to talk about them kissing.

Deacon wonders if Wyatt remembers the party after they were married. Everyone was there the Logan's, the Forrester’s, and the Spencer’s. Then there was Quinn and him. The crazy thing about it was nobody got excluded and nobody was made to feel less. That felt great to him. Hope thinks that Deacon is blind to Quinn. Hope realizes that he is frustrated that he is not with Brooke but he needs to find anyone else but Quinn. Deacon understands that Quinn has issues but she is working on it. Quinn is trying her hardest. Hope does not want anyone to believe her. Hope asks how she is supposed to forget all that has been done. Quinn asks Wyatt to defend her. Wyatt is not going to. Quinn knows she goes too far. She never was going to hurt Hope. Hope is her son’s wife. They are family. Nothing will change that. Hope does not think it matters. Her opinion is never going to change. Hope cares about Deacon and wants him in her life. Her responsibility though is to her husband and child. Deacon has to make a choice. If Quinn is in his life then it either has to be her or Hope.

Caroline will miss Ridge and what they created together. Ridge knows how Caroline has always said that he taught her. Ridge believes that Caroline taught him. He sees things from a new light now. Caroline agrees with that. Ridge thinks that Rick is very lucky to have her. Caroline thinks that Rick knows. Ridge tells her that if she needs to though that he can always call her. Caroline doesn't think that is a good idea. Ridge asks if they should start drawing. Caroline tells him they should start. Ridge puts his hand on Caroline's and they start to draw a dress. Ridge starts to get close to Caroline's head and rubs against her. Ridge throws the pencil to the ground and the two start to kiss very passionately.

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