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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 10/14/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Caroline walks out of Rick’s office and goes into Eric’s. Ridge follows her into the office and asks her what that was all about. Caroline looks at him and explains that she needed a moment. Ridge wonders if she was thinking about them. Caroline closes the door and tells him that there is no them. She is happily married. Ridge holds her hand and tells her to calm down. Ridge likes having her around him. They are a team and he is not going to let that go.

Hope looks at her tablet in Rick’s office and Aly walks in. She asks if Hope has a minute. Hope tells Aly that she does. Aly has not really had the chance to talk to her lately. Hope knows because she has a lot going on. Aly knows that. She knows that she just got married but she also thought that once she found out about Quinn and Ivy that she would go back to Liam. She is a little surprised that she didn’t. Hope explains that she couldn’t do that. Aly tells her that Ivy and her have become very close. She tells Hope that if Liam cannot be with Hope that she would like to see him with Ivy. Hope looks a little annoyed. Aly knows that it is none of her business but if there is even the slightest chance that Hope wants to go back to Liam that she better make her move before Liam falls in love with Ivy.

Liam tells Ivy have lunch outside of Forrester and Liam tells Ivy that there is no chance he is going to take his shirt off and pump iron. Liam is just really happy to get away from the office for a minute and hang out with her. Ivy is sure that it must be nice to get away from the drama. She wonders if she has mentioned that there is a lot of that around here. Liam thinks that is part of the charm of Forrester. Ivy thinks that it will get a little getting used to. Liam wonders if her father is still in town because he really enjoyed getting to know him. Ivy tells him that he went back to Australia. Liam had a good talk with her father. Ivy says that he told her that as well. It is nice to hear. Liam smiles.


Caroline wonders if the air conditioning is not working in here because it is really hot. She tries to cool herself down. Caroline walks over towards the desk. She asks him to stop looking at her like that. Ridge wonders what she means. Caroline explains that his eyes are confusing to her. Ridge says that they are building something very special and to give up on it is not an option. Caroline believes that it is the only option. Ridge thinks that what they have here is a once in a life time thing. Caroline cannot do this. She is not going to risk her marriage to be a team with him. She just can’t.

Liam asks Ivy if he mentioned that her dad fell asleep on him mid conversation. Ivy starts to laugh and tells him that she is so sorry. Liam says that it is fine. He must have just been talking his ear off. Ivy thinks he probably was just jet lagged. Liam wonders if it could have possibly been Eric’s martinis. Ivy thinks that might be it. Liam laughs. Liam had a really good time that night. He came out of it having one of the best nights that he has had in a really long time. The two smile at each other.

Aly just does not want for the two of them to miss the chance to get back together. Hope does not think that it is going to happen. Aly explains that Ivy is developing real feelings for him. Aly thinks that Liam is interested in her too. Hope does not know why she is telling her this. Aly thinks that there is still time for her to change her mind. Hope says no there is not. Aly wants to know why not. Aly wants to know why Hope is with Wyatt when she is in love with Liam. It just does not make any sense. Aly finds a pregnancy book on the desk and wonders if that is hers. Hope smiles and nods. She tells Aly that she is pregnant and Aly just looks at her shocked with her mouth open.

Liam looks through his phone and Ivy wonders what is wrong. Liam is concerned because his cousin Caroline has not posted a photo in over an hour. Ivy thinks that should not be a surprise because she has been so busy designing. Liam wonders if that should be a good thing. Ivy thinks that one would think so but she saw her and she seemed kind of out of it. Liam thinks that Caroline has always been kind of out there. Ivy tells him that she has been collaborating with Ridge. Liam thinks that must be the reason then. Liam thinks that Ridge is super intense and really into his work. That must be the reason that she is so freaked out. Ivy guesses that he must be right. She didn’t know that Ridge and Rick had so much hatred and rivalry towards each other. Liam tells her that it is true though. They are just like Wyatt and him. Liam wonders if Wyatt has been around lately. Ivy tells him no not recently. Liam is just waiting for the big announcement to make it into the world. Ivy looks concerned.

Aly asks if Liam knows that she is pregnant. Hope is trying to work and she tells Aly that he was one of the first people that she told. Aly is shocked to know that he has known for so long. Even at the dinner party. Hope is not shocked that others did not know. It isn’t Liam’s job to tell others that she is pregnant. It is hers. Aly wonders when she found out. Hope found out right after she found out about Quinn and Ivy. Aly asks if she took a pregnancy test the same day. Hope says yes. Hope had a feeling all day. Aly thinks that this is all starting to make sense now. Hope asks her what she is talking about. Aly believes that she is only with Wyatt because of the baby. Hope tells her that is not true. Aly thinks that she was going to back to Liam and that the baby news changed everything.

Caroline enjoys working with Ridge. She thinks it is incredibly inspiring and it is a dream come true. Ridge will not let her quit half way through the race. Caroline does not even want to be on this road. Ridge wants them to go all the way to the top. She tells him to stop pretending that this is all about business. She starts to whisper and tells him that they kissed each other. It is not ok. She is incredibly disappointed in herself. She wonders if this is a passing phase. She does not know. Ridge tells her to stop over thinking it. Caroline can’t. She is being mentored by him and giving her all this attention. Ridge thinks that Rick should give her more attention. Caroline tells him that he is wonderful to her. She has a husband and she is having these feelings that she shouldn’t have. Ridge asks why. Caroline says that Rick is going to be CEO one day and he is engaged to Katie. She thinks that maybe they are confusing their passion for each other for just working a lot together. Caroline tells her to stop asking so many questions. They need to stop talking this way and stop feeling this way. He needs to keep his hands to himself \and she needs to keep her lips to herself and that is just how it has to be.

Ivy has not read any rumors about Hope being pregnant yet. Liam thinks that only a few people know. Ivy believes that Hope has done a pretty good job at keeping that a secret. Liam thinks that Wyatt is probably planning some sort of publicity stunt to break the news look what the Hope for the Future Diamond can do! He jokingly says. Ivy is glad that he can joke about this. She can only imagine what he is going through right now. Liam wonders what the other option is. He can’t just be miserable all the time. He has to live and have some fun. He has a plan. Ivy thinks that is good. Liam tells her that she is included. Ivy asks when it is. Liam says tonight. Ivy asks what he has in mind. Liam will explain it when she shows up to his house. Ivy asks if that is her only clue. Liam says that food is involved. Ivy thinks that is interesting. Liam wonders if she is in. Ivy will have to check her calendar. Liam tells her to come on. Ivy says she is good. Ivy will be seeing her tonight at his place.

Aly thinks that Hope wants to be with Liam. Hope is in love with Wyatt. Aly is not saying that Hope is not in love with him. She is saying that this baby is a gift but what her and Liam share… Hope tells her that it was all in the past. Aly now knows why she had to change her mind. Hope never said that. Aly thinks that she is right. She wonders if Liam knew that she was planning on going back to him. Hope tells Aly that she is carrying Wyatt’s child and she is going to be a parent. She needs to look past all of this now. Aly is not trying to attack her she just feels awful for Liam and her. Hope has a life with Wyatt. She tells her to stop telling her that she wants to be with Liam. Please stop telling her that. She just becomes sad so she does not want to talk about it.

Ridge wants to know what he would do without her. She is his right hand man. Caroline has seen him try to draw and it is slowly coming back to him. Ridge tells her that it hasn’t yet. Caroline knows but also knows that eventually it will be. Ridge still needs her. Caroline asks about Katie. She points out that she is his fiancé. Caroline is married to Rick. Ridge thinks that she married the wrong man. Caroline is going to pretend that he didn’t say that. Ridge believes that he will never be on her level. Ridge believes the possibilities are endless. He wants her to leave Rick and run this company with him. Caroline knows that this is just all about the company. Caroline knows that she is being used so that she will side against her own husband, that way he can be top dog around here.

Hope looks at the pregnancy book and Liam walks in expecting to see Aly. Liam is shocked to find Hope. The two look at each other sad.

Caroline knows when she is being used. She is not stupid. Ridge knows that she is not stupid. Ridge is using her and she does not feel anything. Ridge does not think it is about Rick. He believes that everyone is replaceable. Caroline gets angry and tells him that he has done so much for Forrester. Ridge does not think that Rick has the passion to run this company. He also does not believe that he has what it takes to fulfill Caroline. Caroline looks shocked and angry. Ridge does not think it is his fault but she can do better. Caroline asks him with who. It won’t be him because the only reason that he is saying this stuff is so that she will tell Eric that they are the future of Forrester. Ridge wants to be CEO and she wants to run the company with her. Caroline is afraid of that because that is what she wants to. She knows that he knows that and that is why he is trying to manipulate her. She tells him how dare he do this to her. He kisses her again. Ridge does not lie. She tries to hit him but Ridge stops her. The two start to kiss again this time Caroline kisses him. She then runs out. Ridge wipes his lips.

Ivy is still outside and Aly shows up. Ivy wonders where she has been. Aly explains that she was talking with Hope and it all makes sense now. Ivy wonders what she means. Aly tells her that Hope is pregnant with Wyatt’s child.

Liam closes the door. Hope explains that Aly was just here. Liam tells her that Aly wanted to get coffee. Hope says that Aly knows about the pregnancy. Hope knows about Ivy and Liam. She hears that Liam met John. Liam says yes. She wonders if they are dating. Liam does not know what to say. He wishes that things were different. Hope just wants Liam to be happy. It is not easy for Hope either. Liam knows that. Hope explains that they almost got their life back. Hope wonders what happened to them. Liam rubs her back. Hope hugs Liam.

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