B&B Monday Update 10/13/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 10/13/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Caroline stops Ridge from kissing her. She is breathless. Ridge tells her that they are the future of Forrester and wants to know if she knows that Ridge believes that her vote means something. Caroline thinks that is only if Eric actually leaves his position. Ridge knows that he will step down. He asks her who he wants to take over Rick or him. Caroline can’t make that choice. Ridge thinks that she has to because Eric wants to know her opinion. Ridge tells her that after the last few weeks this intimacy that they have it has to be the two of them. Caroline runs out of Eric’s office.

Rick gets off the phone with Brooke. An employee of Forrester rushes out of the room to get to work. Eric and Ivy walk in. Eric asks if that was Brooke on the phone. Rick explains that it was and that it is a mess there. Eric believes that she can handle it, especially with the support team that Rick has been giving here back in in LA. Rick wonders if that is the support team that will be in charge of the company. Eric laughs. Rick is glad that Ivy is here because he has something to show her. They start to look at the computer and Eric gets a text from Ridge to meet him in his office. Eric looks conflicted as he watches Rick and Ivy on the computer looking at things.

Ridge measures a dress on a model. The model asks if she needs to adjust or anything. Ridge is out of it and asks her what she said. The model wonders if she is doing ok, Ridge tells her that she is doing just fine. He wonders if the dress is too tight on her. She asks him to tell her because a Ridge Forrester design always fits just right. Eric walks in and Ridge wonders what he thinks. Eric believes that it looks great as usual. Ridge has the model leave and Eric closes the door. Ridge knows what Eric is thinking. After all these years Eric Forrester wants someone to run this place the same way that he has all these years. He knows that Rick does not have what it takes.

Ivy tells Rick that he will show this to Wyatt and they should be able to make the adjustments. Ivy thinks that this will of course work because she is the boss. Caroline walks in and asks if she is interrupting. Rick tells her never and walks over to hug and kiss her. She looks uncomfortable. Rick asks if she is alright. Caroline just stairs blankly at him. Caroline asks him what he means. Rick thinks she seems on edge and is practically shaking. Caroline shudders and explains that she just had to block someone. Rick wonders what she means. Caroline had to block someone after she posted the photo of the omelet. Rick has no idea what she is talking about. Caroline gets a little angry because she posted that photo hours ago. She wonders what he has been doing with his life. Ivy saw the photo. Caroline thanks her for seeing it. She had an apron on and was holding a pan. Ivy thought it was really adorable. Caroline explains that someone posted a really rude comment so she had to block them. An employee comes in and asks to look at a report before he sends it out. He tells the employee that he can do that. He asks Caroline if she is going to be ok. Caroline tells him that she is over it. Rick tells her ok and wants to see the breakfast selfie when he gets back. Rick leaves and closes the door. Caroline falls to the couch distressed. Ivy wants to know what is going on. Caroline tells her nothing. Caroline does not know. She has to talk to someone. Ivy is all ears. Caroline doesn’t even know if something is going on because designing together was a dream come true. Ivy figures that she is talking about Ridge. Caroline stairs blankly again.

Eric tells Ridge that he has issues with Rick and Rick is president of this company. If he decides to name him the successor of the company he is going to have to respect that. Ridge will. He will even try to offer Rick the ability to complete something. Ridge just can’t see Eric giving the company to a little kid. Eric gets angry and tells Ridge that Rick is not a kid. He knows that Ridge has some image in his mind that Rick is some twenty year old. He is not a kid anymore. He is grown up and is married. He is married to a wonderful and talented designer. Ridge wonders if he is getting promoted because of his wife. Eric would promote him because he is good at his job. Rick stepped up when Ridge walked out. They had no idea if Ridge would ever come back. Ridge wonders how that works. Rick goes to Paris and he is a success. Yet he runs away. Eric tells him that he ran away and that is exactly what he did. Ridge was having trouble with Brooke. He gets that. Eric does not fault him for that. Ridge did what he had to do. However Rick did too. He filled a void that had left. Ridge thinks that is great but he is back now. Eric tells him that he can’t even draw. Ridge does not think that is true because he has Caroline. Ridge explains that it is coming back. Eric asks him to show him that he is actually getting his job back. Ridge picks up a pencil but he can’t draw anything. He explains that it is not their yet but it is coming back. It is coming raw and on his own.

He asks him to not make a choice based on this. Eric assures Ridge that no matter what both Rick and he will be very important to the company. Ridge knows that he can’t draw right now and even if he can never pick up a pencil again he knows design. Eric knows that Caroline is good. Ridge thinks she has a huge future ahead of her. Eric knows this and reminds him that she is Rick’s wife. Ridge tries to ignore that. Eric looks at the two of them and sees Stephanie and him in the two of them. He is his son. Ridge knows that he isn’t. Eric did not mean it like that. Ridge knows that he is going to have to pay for what Stephanie did. Eric explains this is not about loyalty it is about who can take this company into the future. Rick can do that with Caroline. Ridge wonders if Caroline is that important. Ridge smiles. Ridge agrees. Caroline is important. So that means Ridge should be made CEO and that way he can mold Caroline into the designer that she is supposed to be. They both know that it will be Ridge. He cannot answer to Rick. Eric put Ridge in charge before.

He asks if he remembers how he treated him and everyone else. Ridge does not play well with others. He doesn’t let people do the things that they want to because they have to do them the way that Ridge wants to. Ridge believes that he is different now. Eric is not leaving the company. He just wants to pass on some of the responsibility to someone else. He would like to be able to travel a little bit. He is not dead though. He is still the owner of the company. Eric wants someone who is going to respect him. Does he want someone that was a tyrant in the past? Ridge thinks that is a little bit of an exaggeration. Eric knows that he wanted him gone. Rick respects him. Ridge respects him. He is different. Eric thinks it is wonderful to have a power couple at the helm. Rick and Caroline remind him of the Stephanie and him in the early years. That is what they need here a team. Ridge explains that he and Caroline are working together as a team. Eric is not talking about two designers but two people who are permanent. Something that transcends a home. Caroline will never have the commitment to Ridge that she has with Rick He has not decided yet it could go either way. He just wants Ridge to understand the reasons in case he goes with Rick. He understands that it is difficult and he will make his choice soon. Ridge smiles.

Ivy wonders what the trouble is with Ridge. She wonders if they are having trouble working together. Caroline says no. It has been a great collaboration so far. Ivy wonders what it is then. Caroline explains that it is just confusing her. She has to be careful because of Rick. Ivy assumes that she means because Ridge and Rick do not get along. Caroline says yes. It is just awkward. She is married to Rick but is working with Ridge. Ivy can only imagine what she is going through because the two of them have such bad blood. Ivy thinks that she must be trapped in the middle. Caroline says that is exactly how she is feeling.

Rick walks into Eric’s office and wonders if he has a second. Eric tells him to come in. Rick just ran into a model down stairs. He thinks that it will be a great collection. Eric thinks that it really is. Ridge and Caroline have really come through. It will be a wonderful collection. Rick knows but only thanks to Caroline.

Caroline thinks about Ridge kissing her earlier that day. She looks angry. Someone walks in and she assumes that it is Rick. She turns around and it is Ridge. She wonders why he is looking at her a certain way. Ridge closes the door. He walks over to her. Ridge explains that sometimes Caroline reminds him so much of her aunt. Sometimes he thinks that he is close to her again. Caroline tells him that she is not her aunt. Ridge knows this. Caroline is committed to her marriage. Caroline tells him that the kiss should not have happened and it will never happen again. Caroline loves her husband.

Rick sits down next to Eric. He sees the future of Forrester Creations. Eric’s design team. Eric might be stepping down but he will be still involved and have final approval over every single sketch. One designer Caroline will be doing it. He reminds Eric that he and Stephanie ran this place for years and were the envy of every fashion house. Rick thinks that it has all come full circle. Rick has the support and loyalty of a very talented woman. With Caroline by his side he is certain that there is nothing that he can’t do for this company.

Ridge asks Caroline why Rick out of all the men in the world. Caroline tells him to stop it. Ridge tells her that he was once told that it was a sin to not live life to its potential. Caroline tells him not to do this. Ridge wonders if Rick fulfills her. Ridge thinks that she has desires. Caroline believes Rick knows Forrester just as much as they do. Ridge believes that he doesn't. Caroline walks away before Ridge can kiss her. Ridge believes they have found something incredible between them. He doesn’t know how or why. Caroline asks what he means. Ridge thinks that she knows that he means. Ridge knows that she knows what means and not to deny it. Ridge knows that she does not want to hurt Rick but this it and this is their life. No regrets. They need to live life. The two kiss and this time Caroline is as passionate as Ridge about it. Caroline starts to cry. It turns out that the whole thing was just a daydream of hers and it didn't happen.

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