B&B Wednesday Update 10/8/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 10/8/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Ridge cannot be fired. Rick doesn’t have to because Ridge is going to resign. Their clients deserve better than this. He has been lying and Rick has known something has been up. He was being patient hoping that he could do something but Ridge is a fraud.

Donna thinks it is great that Bill was there for Will. Donna wonders how Katie is doing. Katie is grateful for what happened. Donna thinks that if she isn’t ok that Katie can tell her. Katie asks her what she means. Donna doesn’t know what but ever since the accident she really hasn’t talked to her at all. She wonders about Katie and Ridge. She asks if they have set a wedding date. Katie explains that Ridge is focused on his work. Donna wonders if they will be soon. Katie says they are just focusing on other things. Donna tells Katie that she is at the office and she can see what is going on. Ridge is spending a lot of time with Caroline.

Ridge tells Rick that if he has a problem with the line that he should talk to dad about it. If Eric sees something then he will tell Ridge. Rick asks if he plans to fix it then. Ridge says yes. Rick tells him to show him that right now. Rick wants to see it right now. Ridge is not passing off Caroline’s designs as his own. Caroline comes in and tells him to stop and leave Ridge alone.

Katie is just a little jumpy right now. Donna can’t blame her because she knows that she is making Katie uncomfortable right now. Katie does not think that she is doing that. Katie thinks that it is just work. Donna knows but Ridge usually works alone. Katie mentions that Ridge has worked with Brooke and Eric before. Donna thinks that it kind of makes sense then. Katie tells her after the collection is done they will be married. Donna hopes that is the case and she is sorry. Katie just thinks that the wedding got side tracked because of the Middle East. It is just temporary delays. Donna wants her sisters to be happy. She wants Katie to move on with her life.

Caroline asks Rick why he is doing this. Rick tells her that he is lying. Ridge is not going to resign. Caroline cannot believe that Rick asked him to resign she thinks that he is over reacting. Rick is not doing that. Caroline asks him not to do anything. Rick does not want him going around saying that her designs are his. Caroline believes that they are his designs. They are his ideas. Rick asks who put them on paper. Caroline tells Ridge that she is sorry. Caroline believes that no one else has been able to do this for her. Rick believes that she is getting used. Caroline thinks they are a team. Rick wonders what was going to happen on the runway. He knew that Ridge would never thank Caroline for anything. Rick tells Ridge that he is fired. Caroline does not need credit. Rick tells Ridge that he could have done so many things but he didn’t. Rick thinks that he is unprofessional and selfish. Caroline does not think that he is selfish at all. Everything is essential. Ridge should not have lied to Rick. Rick gets a phone call. Rick tells Ridge to start writing the resignation. Caroline will talk to Rick. Ridge thinks she has done enough. Caroline believes they have created something new. When they draw together they plug something new. She is not ready to give that up. Ridge smiles.

Ridge shows up at home and Katie comes out of the bathroom. Katie wishes she had known that he would be home early because she would have had Will stay up. Ridge can go see him in a minute. He wants to talk to her. He explains that Rick knows about everything. Katie cannot believe this. Katie asks how this has happened. Ridge explains that Rick told him to do something. He now has to resign. Ridge knows that this is all about Rick. Ridge says that Caroline will talk to him. Katie thinks that what has been done has hurt his career. Ridge does not think that. Caroline likes him even if Ridge does not.

Caroline shows up at home and Rick is in the bedroom. Caroline explains that she stopped by his office before he left. She knows the call didn’t take very long. Rick’s head wasn’t in it today. Caroline is sorry. Caroline asks if he owes her one. Rick didn’t do anything. Caroline thinks that he hurt Ridge. Rick cannot believe she still is defending him. Caroline believes that Ridge is an artist with her. They are both that way. Not being able to draw is not being able to breath for them. The only reason she knows is because she found out. All her choices are her own. Working with Ridge has been amazing. Rick needs to see what will happen to the business now. Caroline wants to know why they have to make this such a big deal. She thinks that this is just so intense. Caroline just wants a kiss. Rick needs to clear his head and walks out.

Katie cannot believe this is happening. She has kept it a secret from everyone. Ridge tried to keep it a secret but he knew it would eventually come back to him. He tried. It was just a breakthrough. Katie thinks that this is her fault. Ridge does not think that is fair. Ridge is not going to quit. Ridge will not go to his father either. He is going to see it through with Caroline. Katie thinks that he has been giving this an awful lot of his attention and she now just understanding this.

Caroline looks at Rick’s side of the bed before getting in it. She looks at her tablet and frowns. She puts it back on the table and turns off the light. She lies in bed awake. She opens her eyes and someone is waking up to her. It is Ridge. He sits down at the side of the bed and smiles at her. She puts her hand on his shoulder. Ridge puts down her gown and brushes her hair. The two get close and start to kiss passionately. Caroline wakes up to Rick coming home. Rick tells her that he is sorry. She is right. He can get worked up and intense because of her. He does not need to be an artist to be passionate about things. Rick asks if Caroline has ever thought about how he could be a bit jealous. Caroline never meant to make him feel that way. She is sorry. The two hug and Caroline looks sad and confused.

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