B&B Tuesday Update 10/7/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 10/7/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Ridge picks up a pencil in the conference room and attempts to draw something. Katie knocks on the door and says hello. The two kiss and hug. Katie thinks that he is about to be very busy. Katie explains that Bill was there last night to save his child. Ridge does not think it would have happened had he not left stuff out. Katie is just worried about Brooke right now. Ridge thinks that she will have a lot on her hands. He believes that she is just trying to get away from Bill and can only imagine what woman is going to be screwed up by Bill next. Katie tells Ridge she better leave him to work. She looks at him while she walks away. Ridge looks back after she has left.

Caroline tells Rick that Ridge and her are making some fabulous designs. Rick knows that. Caroline just thinks that things are taking a little more time than usual. Rick wonders when the last time was they had a night alone together. Caroline knows he feels neglected but the great Ridge Forrester is mentoring her. Caroline tells him to just focus on the product because that is the only point. Caroline leaves and Rick looks angry.

Carter is looking over some papers when Maya shows up outside. Maya wants to know about Ridge and Caroline. Carter is not obsessed like she is. Maya is not obsessed but she is worried about Rick. Othello shows up and sits in between them. Othello has a gig in town. Maya explains that she caught Ridge with Caroline. Maya knows that something is going on and it is only a matter of time before everyone knows it. Carter asks her what she thinks Ridge is. Maya thinks that he is strong. Carter believes that Ridge is a good person. Maya believes they are attracted to each other. Carter tells them that Caroline is just helping him. Maya still thinks it is odd and so does Rick.

Katie shows up in Rick’s office. He is shocked to see her in his office and not with Ridge. Rick wonders what goes on behind that door. Katie thinks they are working and the designs speak for themselves. Rick just thinks something is off and he does not like it.

Ridge thinks it is about time that Caroline show up. Caroline had to deal with Rick. Nobody knows still that Ridge cannot draw. She is here now so he should use her.

Rick wants to know why Ridge needs Caroline. Katie thinks it is just a paring that works. Rick thinks that is the strange part because Ridge does not do collaborations. It all started after the accident when Ridge was not doing anything and now this is happening. Rick wonders what happened. Rick thinks it is a little strange. Katie thinks he should just be happy and not think too much about it. Rick just thinks something is missing here and he will not stop until he knows what is going on.

Maya knows that Caroline does not know how to shut up so maybe Carter can ask her what is going on. Carter wants to know if Maya is still obsessed with the Forrester’s. Maya thinks that it will work for her. Carter leaves. Maya wants to be friends with Carter but Rick is who she loves. Othello knows that if Caroline is doing anything what so ever with Ridge that Rick will not stick around so she might still have a chance.

Caroline likes the sketch they have done but she does not like the neck line and does not know how to fix it. She asks Ridge to show her how to fix it. Ridge takes her hand and draws with her. Rick walks in and sees the two of them very close. Rick thinks they look intense. Ridge wants to know what he is doing. Rick looks at the sketch. He thinks it is great. Ridge gets a text and has to leave. He tells Caroline not to disappear. Rick wants to know what is going on with her and Ridge.

Maya tells Othello that he is the first person to tell her that she has a shot with Rick. She wonders why Caroline gets to be with Rick. Othello assumed she wasn’t looking. Maya has her eyes on Caroline always. She does not understand why Caroline and Ridge would be interested in each other. Othello has to give it to her for blowing her engagement to Carter for Rick. Maya didn’t see any of that happening. Maya could see the electricity between Caroline and Ridge. Othello knows that Rick loved Maya once and he dumped Caroline for her once so who is to say that he won’t do it again.

Rick cannot stand that she is spending all her time with a guy that he doesn’t even like. He asks her how her day was but she doesn’t tell him anything. Rick thinks that something has changed and he is being denied access to her. Caroline does not think that is true. Rick wants to know why Ridge has changed his mind about her in such a short period of time. It is not ok for Caroline to have a secret. Rick needs Caroline to be honest right now. Rick tells her not to do this to him. Caroline is sorry. Rick wants to know what is going on. Caroline says that Ridge needs her right now. Caroline tells him that it is terrible. Ridge cannot draw. It was the accident. He lost his talent to draw. Caroline is the only way he can draw. He guides his hand through Caroline. Rick does not think that is ok. Caroline is honored for this. Rick thinks she is being used. Caroline hoped that it would come to Ridge. Rick is angry but not with her. Caroline wants to know what he is going to do.

Maya is so happy to have someone on her side. Othello likes how Maya is with Rick. She is the only one who is able to do things with Rick. Maya is going to be here for Rick waiting when things finally happen between them.

Ridge wants to know where Caroline is. Rick needs to speak to Ridge alone. He thinks it is strange that Rick has been spending so much time with her. Rick cannot believe that Ridge has made such another great design. Ridge tells him that Caroline gets credit too. Rick is not a designer but he thinks he has a good eye. Something about the waistline is not great. He wants it to be dropped down a little bit. Rick asks him to fix it right now. Ridge thinks it is fine. Rick demands that it be done. Rick wants to know if something is wrong. Rick knows that Ridge has been lying to everyone. Rick knows that Ridge is using his wife to do a dirty little secret. Rick demands that Ridge resign right now because he will no longer work at Forrester Creations.

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