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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 10/6/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

At Hope and Wyatt’s house she tells Quinn that she is protecting her child. She cannot risk putting her or anyone else connected to her life in danger. Quinn laughs. Quinn thinks that she is paranoid. She would never do anything to her own grandchild. Hope does not trust her and she is not welcome in this home. Quinn is not going to be kept from her son and grandchild. She tells Hope to change her attitude because if she does not then things are going to get ugly.

Outside of the Forrester Mansion, Ivy and Liam talk. She thinks that Quinn got everything that she always schemed for. Liam agrees. He feels bad for Hope though because he cannot imagine anyone being a worse mother in law for a person to have. Liam wonders if Ivy succeeds in killing someone. Ivy does not think that Quinn would ever hurt Hope because then Wyatt would never forgive her. He doesn’t think that anything will happen.

Inside the Forrester Mansion, Oliver and Aly watch as Ivy and Liam talk outside. Aly smiles telling Oliver that Liam and Ivy have been outside for a while now. Oliver thinks that she is cute being a matchmaker. Ivy’s father asks where Ivy is. Aly explains that they are currently outside. He wonders how serious the two are at this point. Eric assures him that it is still pretty new. He wonders if he should hide his wallet because weddings are not cheap. John is shocked to hear that Liam is Bill Spencer’s son. He is concerned about that. Pam explains that he is the good son. Charlie tries to tell him that it is Wyatt and his crazy mother you have to look out for. Aly tells him that they have been spending a lot of time together after Hope’s breakup with him. Aly thinks they have a lot of potential.

Ivy believes that he has right to worry. She can only imagine what Quinn would be like as a grandmother seeing she is weirdly possessive. Liam does not think that will be a problem because Hope is not going to be able to get rid of Hope now.

Quinn cannot believe that Hope is turning her back on her after all the support she has given her. Quinn demands that Hope take back every word she has said to her. Wyatt shows up and wonders what is going on. Wyatt asks if Hope is ok and Hope says yes. Quinn just wanted to celebrate the good news. Wyatt thinks that Hope and him need some time. Quinn understands what she did was wrong. Hope explains that Quinn threatened her. Quinn explains that what she was trying to say she wanted to say that she knew what she was saying was hurtful but she would do anything to help out. Hope cannot believe this. Wyatt cannot believe this. Quinn is the most important thing in the world to her. It was extremely painful to hear what Hope has said. Wyatt tells her that Hope is having his child and they will discuss this later. Quinn leaves. Hope is just completely mortified. They hug.

John thinks that LA is great but there is a whole world out there and it might be time to retire. Eric explains that fashion is his life. John thinks that they should travel together and he should go see his family in Australia. Eric would like that. Ivy thinks that Liam looks handsome with a smile on his face. Liam explains that it is a good party and that her father is the life of the party. Ivy says that there is never a dull moment with him. Liam can only bet. John tells Pam that he better get as many lemon bars as possible before Pam goes global. Charlie tells him that Pam does not want to do that. John can’t believe that noting her eye color. Eric tries to stop him from flirting. John cannot help it. Charlie tells John to stop touching Pam. Charlie does not like John obviously.

Quinn shows up back at her loft and Deacon has set up a nice romantic dinner and says surprise. Quinn tells him that she is not in the mood. Deacon asks what is wrong. Quinn asks if Deacon knew that Hope was pregnant. Deacon says yes. Quinn explains that Hope is trying to kick her out of the family.

John looks at the Stephanie photo. John tells Eric that Stephanie’s photo follows people around the room. Eric can confirm that he thinks the same thing. John believes that it can’t help him with the ladies having a shrine to his deceased wife in the living room. Eric explains that every time he tries to kiss someone in here it has fallen down. John thinks that is hilarious. Eric says he is serious.

Charlie cannot believe the nerve of John. Oliver asks if he is jealous. Pam tells Charlie not to be jealous.

Aly thinks that Liam and John are having a little on one on conversation. Ivy wants to know what they are talking about. John explains to Liam that he has poured him the finest Russian vodka. Liam says thank you. John has sailed around the globe and done everything. Ivy is his pride and joy and he wants to end up with a guy who is good. John thinks that Liam is a good person and wants to know why he is living in LA.

Wyatt knows that he always is saying sorry for his mother. Hope explains that things change now that she is pregnant. She does not know what will happen to her now. Wyatt will never let anything bad happen to this family. She thinks Quinn is disturbed. Wyatt knows that she has a lot of issues. Hope appreciates everything he has had to go through. Hope thinks it is one thing to put up with that as her son but after everything that has happened tonight she cannot be a part of their lives.

Deacon tries to get Quinn to calm down. Quinn believes that the only reason Hope is with Wyatt is because of her. She believes that she has given them everything that they have wanted. Deacon wants Quinn to take a deep breath. Quinn does not think that he gets what is going on here. Deacon tells her she is beyond obsessed. He thinks that they need to let them work things out. Quinn isn’t going to sit back and wait. Deacon reminds her that someone is actually trying to get her attention. He is trying to get her into dating mode. Quinn asks if this is supposed to be a date. Deacon explains that the wrong man is the answer to her troubles as sometimes two wrongs make a right.

Wyatt knows that she goes to extremes but she has always supported them. Hope thinks that tonight was different. Hope would feel so much safer if she was out of LA. She is not going to back down on this. Wyatt will go talk to her and ask her to stay away for a while. Hope does not want her around the baby.

Quinn thinks that two wrongs can make a right especially if he helps her get on Hope’s side. Deacon tells her no. Quinn asks him to not let the situation get any worse. Deacon asks if she would ever hurt Hope. Quinn promises that she would never lay a hand on her. Deacon can try. The two kiss passionately. Deacon explains whatever this is it will stay between them because otherwise Hope would never talk to him again.

Aly wants to go help Oliver in the kitchen. Ivy wonders if Liam talking to his father is a good or bad sign. Liam tells John it has been a pleasure getting to know his daughter. He tells John about Hope and Wyatt. John thinks that it was a tough break. Liam tells him that with the help of Ivy he is getting through it. Liam has not been able to give her more than his friendship. If she feels the same as Liam then he is lucky. Liam felt something in Paris. He wants to thank John for raising one of the finest men he has met. John is asleep. Ivy smiles as she has heard everything.

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