B&B Wednesday Update 10/1/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 10/1/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

In the conference room Ivy sketches something and thinks about when Liam kissed her. Aly walks in and says hey. Ivy says hey back. Aly wonders if she has heard from Liam. Ivy explains that she is trying to give him some space. Aly thought for sure that Hope was going back to him. Ivy thinks that they all did, Liam more than anyone. Aly does not think it is ok for Liam to be dealing with this on his own She believes he needs support from someone Ivy just hopes that they are there for him. Ivy wonders what could have happened to make Hope go back to Wyatt.

Katie and Bill rush over to Will when Katie realizes that he is not breathing. Brooke walks into the room and asks what is happening. Katie is crying and tells Brooke that Will is not breathing. She tells her to call 911. Brooke gets out of her phone and starts to dial.

Hope sits in her living room and thinks about telling Liam about her being pregnant. Wyatt walks into the house and he got her message. Hope thanks him for coming home. He wants to know what is going on.

Ivy wonders if there is something that they don’t know. Aly thinks that Hope and Wyatt must have a very strong bond. Ivy just thinks that Liam is a great guy and that they had such a good time together. Liam walks in and asks if they are interrupting. Aly says no. Aly explains that she was just about to come over. Liam wonders if she wants to talk about the piece for Eye on Fashion. Ivy wonders how Liam is doing. Liam explains that he is accepting that he will never get Hope back.

Hope says that she is fine. She asks Wyatt to sit down. Wyatt wonders if it is about the cat. Hope says that it is actually something else and that someone else is moving in. It is a little person who is going to be here in nine months. Wyatt asks if she is pregnant. Wyatt is shocked.

Bill tries to get the coin out of Will’s mouth and Bill is able to do it. Katie hugs him and Bill was scared to death. Brooke watches the two of them with Will and looks concerned.

Katie has a doctor check up on Will at her house. The doctor says that he is perfectly fine. Katie thanks her very much. Bill thinks that it is because of Katie that he is ok because she made them both take infant CPR classes. The doctor thinks that it was smart for them to do that. The doctor tells them to give him a little ice cream to help soothe the throat. Bill cannot believe that he left the coins laying around. Katie thinks she should have been watching him. She does not know what she would have done if it wasn’t for Bill. The two hug.

Aly thinks that Hope will figure out that Hope picked the wrong guy. Ivy thinks that she might come back but for some reason she cannot break her bond with Wyatt. Liam believes it will make sense at some point. Ivy really wanted things to go different. Liam did to but she made a commitment to Wyatt and there is nothing he can do about it now.

Wyatt is so shocked. He wants to know when she found out. Hope explains very recently. Wyatt thinks this is incredible. This is what he always wanted from the start. Hope is ready and she is excited. She is pregnant there is no way that she cannot be happy. He loves that they created a life. He believes it is the greatest gift that Hope could give him. They are going to have a kid and there is no one that he would rather share this with than her. Hope and Wyatt hug and Hope smiles.

Brooke plays with Will and Katie is just very glad that Bill was there today. Bill will always be there and is grateful for Will and Katie. Katie thinks that they need to get along for the sake of all their children. Brooke thinks that it has been a long difficult few years but they are all getting a long together again. Brooke is so proud of Katie. Bill is also proud of Katie because Will is so healthy and happy. It is all because of Katie. Katie thinks that it is because of both of them. Bill is always there for Will. Bill believes that means a lot to him because it is his greatest role in life even better than being CEO by a long shot.

Ivy does not think that they have to talk about this if he does not want to. Liam does not mind he knows that a lot does not make sense. Ivy cannot even imagine how he feels. Liam thinks it is clearer to him than anyone else. Ivy wonders if Wyatt knows that that Hope wants to be with Liam. Liam thinks that even if it were true it does not matter now. Ivy understands that divorce is a big deal but why should she have to sacrifice his future. Liam believes that there is something linking them together forever. Ivy thinks they are so young. Ivy does not believe they will be together next month. Liam does not think that will be the case.

Wyatt believes that Hope will be the best mom ever. It was just the other day that he thought he was going to lose her. He wouldn’t have blamed her for going back to Liam but she believes in them just as much as he does. They took a leap of faith and now they are married. He thinks this is much bigger than them. The baby changes everything. It is bigger than the two of them. This creates a deep connection for the two of them. Wyatt has never loved her more than right now. The two kiss.

Brooke thinks it will be good for Will to have a nice nap. Katie thinks it is good for him to be so young so he does not know what actually happened. Brooke explains that she wants to make a few changes in her life. Brooke is planning to move to Italy. Katie wonders if Bill knows. Brooke does not want him to know yet. Brooke has done some selfish things in life. Brooke stole her husband when she was sick but she wants to make it up to her. Brooke knows that Katie still loves Bill in some way or another. Katie agrees with that when it comes to Will. Brooke is leaving town. She is taking herself out of the equation. She just wants Katie to consider everything.

Ivy wonders if Quinn threatened Hope. Liam says no. Ivy needs to go meet with Eric. She explains that Aly has left out a few pieces for him to look at. Ivy is really sorry about what happened. Liam thinks about Hope telling him about the baby. Liam makes a phone call.

Hope picks up her phone and says hello. Liam wonders if she can talk. Hope explains that she just told Wyatt and she is staying with him. Wyatt comes back in and explains to her that he wants to turn the office into a nursery. Wyatt does not think there is any turning back now. The two hug but Hope gets teary eyed.

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