B&B Tuesday Update 9/30/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 9/30/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Brooke thinks that every time she thinks of Bill and her together she thinks it will be a terrible mistake. She just cannot get it off her mind. Eric wonders who that person is. Brooke explains that it is who they have been talking about. Eric asks if she means him.

Katie looks at Bill and Will and tells them both no. Bill asks her what he means by no. Bill tells Will to listen to Katie. Bill wants to take Will where he wants for dinner. Katie does not want Will going to a place where the waitresses wear less than a bikini. Bill will take him wherever he wants. Katie says fine but tomorrow she is taking him to a feminist poetry reading. Bill does not expect anything less. Katie will get out of their hair. Bill asks her to stay so he can get two calls done. Katie thinks that he is missing the day care that she had when she was in charge.

Quinn does not think that two bad asses like them should be stuck in a rut like they are. Deacon thinks that if Brooke wants to marry Bill then she should go nuts. Quinn agrees. Quinn hopes that they have a very long marriage filled with boredom and regret. She thinks that Bill and Brooke will be miserable together. Deacon is actually getting cheered up by this. Quinn tells him not to be. Deacon wonders why she is doing this because Hope and Wyatt are finally together now. Quinn thinks that he is still useful to her, like her disposal which he needs to fix now.

Bill continues to play with Will. Katie is glad that Bill is able to experience these moments with Will because he couldn’t with Wyatt and Liam. Bill is glad as well. Katie notices something in Will’s hand and tries to get it but he won’t let go. When he finally does it is a coin. Katie thinks that he is like his father. She calls him Dollar Will Spencer.

Brooke thinks that he is so sweet. The person she is talking about though is her sister. She wonders if it is something she is willing to do to Katie.

Deacon fixes the disposal and asks if she has any other pipes that needed plumed. He says he is joking and explains that she really has been a major help. Quinn thinks that he is fine for now because Hope and Wyatt are both happy. Deacon wonders about Hope and Wyatt being together. Quinn will get them to like her again. She has made mistakes but they didn’t turn out so bad. Deacon wonders about Ricardo. Quinn did not kill him. Deacon wants to know how dangerous she really is. Quinn wants to keep the past in the past. She had a mission and she accomplished it. Hope and Wyatt are together and she needs to keep it that way. Deacon thinks that she needs to find some different needs outside of her child. Quinn asks like what and wonders what he is doing. Deacon starts to kiss her.

Bill calls Will a rascal for taking one of his coins. Katie thinks that he is pretty fascinated by it. Bill thinks that it is in his genes.

Brooke looks back at Katie being sick and her trying to push them together. She was just trying to help her in the long run. Eric knew about Ridge even back then. Ridge and Brooke were destined to be together and now here they are now. Brooke thinks that it all makes sense. She does not want to question it. She wants to make sure that Katie is protected like when they were young. She just sort of lost it and fell for Bill. She wonders if that was the right thing and if that is what is best. Eric does not care for Bill but he can see how much he means to her. Brooke knows she should not follow her heart. Eric tells her to do just that. Eric needs to let her passion be explored. Brooke knows that there is more going on. There is more to life than she realized. There is more to her as well. She thinks that is what Stephanie was trying to explain to her for years. She is not interested in the man she is going to be with next but who she is herself.

Katie thinks that Bill has wedding bells in his head. Bill does not think anything is holding him back anymore. Katie still is not fond of the idea but will go with it if that is what makes the two of them happy.

Eric is now on the phone and tells someone that he will have someone in Milan by the end of the week. Eric looks at Brooke and tells Pam that he is in a meeting. Brooke tells Eric that she should go. Eric tells her that Milan can wait because she is more important. Brooke thinks that Eric is the one person who understands her. Eric has watched her grow into this wonderful woman. Brooke is turning into the matriarch of this family. She never thought she was worthy but now she thinks she could be. Brooke almost married Bill and she still might but Ridge’s accident has made her really think. She has always craved attention and it never mattered who she hurt but it doesn’t matter anymore. Brooke needs to figure out who Katie wants to be with Ridge or Bill. She will be happy either way. She wants to change the person she was twenty or ten years ago, even last month. She wants to know what kind of a woman is Brooke Logan.

Deacon asks if Quinn is going to stab him. Quinn asks if he is drunk. Deacon says no and asks if she is. Quinn says that it has been a long time since someone has kissed her like that sober. Deacon is not afraid of her. Deacon does not need to hear anything from her but wants to know why he shouldn’t go running. Quinn knows that he won’t. Deacon wonders what it is like to be on the receiving end of all the obsession. Quinn thinks that it is very rewarding. Quinn tells him not to get ahead of himself she does not more that quickly. She will keep the fridge stalked. She explains she is not a fan of people touching her but the kiss was not bad she did like it. Deacon has made a lot dangerous choices and something tells him that he is about to make another one.

Brooke thinks about when Brooke and Bill went climbing or when they were kissing in Italy as well as their wedding. Brooke stops her call to Bill and then looks at photos of Katie and Will.

Bill asks if Katie is happy with Ridge. Katie is. Bill wants to know then what the problem is. Katie just thinks it is awkward. Katie thinks that it is weird. Katie likes this. She gets a long better with him when he is not with Brooke. Bill tells her they will figure it out. They don’t even know if they are getting married. Katie thinks Brooke will say yes. Katie notices that Will is not breathing. Bill picks him up and Katie starts to cry.

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