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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 9/29/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

At Quinn’s apartment Quinn asks Wyatt if he has had lunch. Wyatt explains that he knows how to keep himself fed and he didn’t even bring his laundry over. Quinn knows that he has been doing his laundry since he was nine years old but she can be nostalgic. Wyatt was joking. Quinn thinks that if he was joking then things must be good. Wyatt think that she has been controlling herself because she wasn’t at his door at five AM and she has not started to grill him about anything yet. Quinn is trying to concentrate on herself but she is not interesting like Wyatt is. Wyatt is here to tell Quinn that Hope is at her home. Quinn asks which home. Wyatt explains with her husband and that is where she is staying. Quinn is so happy to know she didn’t ruin his life. Quinn wonders if Hope hates her. Wyatt mentions that she is not here right now. Quinn doesn’t want Hope to hate her. Wyatt tells her to stop. Quinn thinks that she has a relationship with Hope. Wyatt is here to tell Quinn to stop obsessing over Hope.

Bill holds Brooke by the cheeks and tells her that she knows that she wants to say yes because she did before. Deacon walks behind them annoyed at the situation going on in front of him. Bill reminds her that Ridge can draw again. Deacon tells him that it makes throwing people out of choppers ok. Bill asks if he has a store to go knock over. Brooke tells them not to fight. Deacon goes over to Brooke and explains that he could say the same things that Bill is saying right now. He has loved her long and she can forgive him if she can forgive Bill. Deacon begs her not to marry Bill.

Donna thinks that it is sad. Eric tries to figure out what. Donna explains that someone kept postponing a wedding because of medical issues. Eric tells her to send condolences. Eric wants to know what is going on over there. Donna wonders if they can talk about Brooke. Eric tells her sure. Donna is not very fond of Bill. Eric is not either. Donna just can’t imagine how much longer they can postpone their wedding. Donna thinks that it is too late.

Bill asks Brooke if she is really going to listen to street trash. Brooke tells Deacon that she appreciates him stopping by and he has been a great person but Bill is the man in her life right now. Deacon knows that Brooke is going to be disappointed by him again but he can wait. Bill tells him that he will be waiting a long time. Bill wonders if he can take what just happened as a yet. Bill thinks that only yes means yes. Bill wants to know if they will get married. Brooke does not want to rush into anything. Brooke will give him an answer soon, she promises.

Wyatt thinks that he should probably go because he has said what he needed to say. Quinn tells him that he does not have to protect Hope from her. Quinn explains that Hope can be self-righteous. Wyatt tells her that she cannot talk about her that way. Quinn wants to know something and Wyatt can reject it if he likes. Wyatt says ok. Quinn’s little stay in Paris got him his wife. The gift that Quinn gave him was to not have to be a part of her actions. She is not upset. If Hope needs space from her that is ok so long as they get to still see each other because no one is allowed to forbid her from seeing her son.

Katie knocks on Bill’s office door and has Will with him. Bill is happy to see them both. Katie explains that lately Bill is evil to the core. Bill thinks that Katie is just trying to make him happy. Bill explains that he is happy to hear that Ridge is drawing again.

Eric asks Thorne something about Milan right now. Brooke walks in and asks what is going on. Donna asks if they get bank statements from Milan. Brooke says they do. Donna has to go figure something out. Eric tells Brooke that someone is dead. She is shocked to hear this. Brooke wonders what she has to do. Brooke wonders if they embezzled money. Eric thinks this is a mess. Eric wonders if Brooke needed to see him. Brooke can wait. Eric wants to hear and wonders if she is getting married. Brooke just thinks it is the next natural step. Eric asks why she doesn’t do it then.

Deacon shows up back at Quinn’s house and asks if they are having company for dinner. Quinn explains that she could have company anytime she wanted and kick him out anytime she wanted as well. Deacon assumes that means that Wyatt and Hope do not want her moving in with them. Quinn yells and says that her son was just here. Quinn thinks that things were very good between them. Deacon asks that she needs his help. Deacon tells her that Bill proposed to her again.

Bill asks if Katie is happy. Katie says yes she is happy. Katie is and is glad that Ridge is making progress. Katie tells Bill that she does not hate him. Bill asks if she misses him. Katie guesses that she does. Bill starts to play with Will.

Brooke knows that Bill is not Eric’s favorite person. Eric does not think that Bill is any ones favorite person. Eric thinks that people fall in love because of the type of person they are but they get married to try to fall in love with the way they change. Eric asks if she wants to marry Bill. Brooke does. Eric wonders why it is not simple. Brooke asks if he always does what he wants. Eric says no. Brooke explains that other things factor in. Eric wonders if Ridge is that factor. Brooke wonders why he would say that. Eric thought that Ridge was the love of her life. Brooke thinks that has not been the case for a while. Eric thinks it is funny how people wake up every couple of years and say ask themselves who they are and how they got there. Eric knows that Bill is who she wants and she has him.

Deacon asks what happened to the sink. Quinn says that she broke it just like she brakes everything. Deacon wants to know what is wrong with her now. Quinn wants to know why every man wants to marry Brooke Logan and everyone wants to burn her at the stake. Deacon does not think that Bill is just going to change his mind about her so quickly. Quinn does not think that Brooke was just going to stop pinning her Deacon Sharpe voodoo doll and go gaga over him all of a sudden. Quinn honestly thought her son was going to come home last night so she did something. She cooked him dinner. She made pumpkin pie, made him a whole chicken. Deacon tells Quinn that he will eat her pie for her and eat the chicken. Quinn says it is too late. Deacon asks if that is why the disposal is broken. Quinn wants him to earn his keep. Deacon wonders if she wants to cry. Quinn isn’t into that kind of thing. Quinn tells him to talk a little less. Deacon has heard that before.

Katie explains that she will have to see Dani and Karen the next time they are in town. Bill is playing with Will in the background while Katie is on her phone.

Brooke explains that Bill has a child with another woman. Eric reminds her that Ridge did too. Brooke knows that but Taylor isn’t her sister. Brooke wonders if Will is going to call her his aunt or stepmother. Brooke asks if Eric is appalled by this. Eric says he is not. They both do things just the right way. The only thing is that love and lust matter to them, but they both have something that draws them to people. Brooke knows that Eric knows her very well. Eric could not deny her from himself. Brooke thinks that they keep coming to each other. Eric knows that she knows what she wants. Eric wonders if she knows what people will think. Brooke keeps wondering about having a life with Bill. She knows it would be a terrible mistake. She just cannot forget about someone. Eric asks who the person is. Brooke thinks they have been talking about it. Eric wonders if it is him.

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