B&B Friday Update 9/26/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 9/26/14


Written By Carole
Pictures By Juanita

Brooke has invited Deacon over to tell him the news about Hope. He assumes that she's gone back to Liam. Brooke tells him that she wanted to, but she's pregnant.

Justin finds Bill in his office, drinking an expensive bottle of Scotch He won't share any with Justin, but Justin thinks he might change his mind. He just came from Forrester Creations, and has big news.  Justin looks like the cat who ate the canary, which irritates Bill even more.  Justin tells him that Ridge is designing again.

Well, not quite! Caroline is being guided (literally) by Ridge, which she finds exciting.

Elsewhere at FC, Maya is trying to convince Katie that she has something to worry about. She tells her that she saw Caroline in Ridge's arms. She tells Katie that she knows that Ridge has been through a lot lately. Katie is onto her, and knows that Maya is wondering what Ridge and Caroline are really up to. She also has a history with Caroline, and knows how she operates. Maya pretends to regret telling Katie, but Katie recognizes a grudge when she sees one. But Maya is on a mission to plant a seed of doubt in Katie's mind. Katie thinks that Maya was spying on Ridge and Caroline, but she denies it. Maya leaves, smiling, thinking her plan has worked.

In Ridge's office, Caroline can't help looking at Ridge with awe and admiration.

Back in Bill's office, Justin tells Bill that he heard that Caroline and Ridge already have designs in the pipeline. Bill is thrilled that "Smidge" is sketching again. He thinks this will only help his chances with Brooke.

Deacon is surprised that Hope's pregnancy is a secret from Wyatt. Brooke tells him that the only people who know are them, Hope and Liam. She tells him that Hope doesn't want Wyatt to think that she stayed with him because of her pregnancy. She says that she will tell him eventually, but things are complicated. Deacon thinks that Hope will make a wonderful mother, just like her.  Deacon realizes that they are going to be grandparents, and maybe something more. Brooke smiles, but doesn't say anything.

In Ridge's office, Caroline tries to follow Ridge's idea, but she wants him to actually show her.  He place his hand over hers, and guides her gently. Katie shows up, and watches them for a few minutes, before announcing herself. Ridge is happy to see her.

It looks like Bill shared that Scotch with Justin anyway. They are celebrating Ridge getting his talent back. As they talk about Abu Dhabi, we see flashbacks of Ridge falling from the helicopter. Bill refuses to take any responsibility for his actions. Justin puts the blame on Ridge for coming to Abu Dhabi to stop the wedding in the first place. Bill makes plans to whisk Brooke away today. They toast to Bill's optimistic looking future.

Deacon and Brooke are discussing their daughter's situation. It leads to Deacon reminiscing about his and Brooke's relationship (with flashbacks), and the similarities of what Hope's going through. Brooke doesn't want to recall that time, because of all the people they hurt, meaning Bridget. Deacon tells Brooke that he's been trying to change because of Hope. He uses the moment to propose to Brooke again. He says that their daughter is starting a family, and he tells Brooke that he wants to become one, too

Katie asks how the collaboration is going, and Ridge shows her the work they just finished. Katie is still rattled by Maya's accusation, as Ridge and Caroline try explain how they work together. Katie doesn't get it, and feels left out. Caroline leaves to show Rick their design. Katie asks him how long this "collaboration" is going to last. Ridge wants to know why, and she says that people are talking.

At Brooke's, Deacon is about to get down on one knee, when Bill barges in, and tells him to leave. The boys exchange words, until Brooke stops them. She says that no one is leaving, so Bill says, that there's no reason for Brooke to be keeping her distance from him anymore. He tells a shocked Brooke that Ridge is designing again, and now there is nothing standing in their way. As Bill hugs Brooke, Deacon, is clearly thinking otherwise.

Ridge turns around and asks her, point blank, if she's jealous. Katie laughs it off nervously. Ridge realizes that Katie really is concerned about him and Caroline spending so much time together. Ridge reassures her that it's only because he's in trouble, and needs her help. Ridge says that he is almost there, but not quite. He tells that it's all very professional, and wants to know where Katie is coming from. She starts to tell him about Maya, but drops it, He assures that it's professional and that he and Caroline are a team.  They have to get these designs out. Katie calms down. Bill hasn't, and is pursuing Brooke with a vengeance. Bill tells her that he will bear his soul in front of "the convict". He reminds her that if Ridge hadn't of interrupted them, they'd be married by now. He says that he's learned from his mistake about over-reacting, which Deacon scoffs at. Bill proposes to Brooke right then and there, holding her head in his hands. He demands an answer, as Deacon looks on nervously.

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