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Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Hope walks into her house and looks around. She closes the door and Wyatt walks out. He notices that she has come back. Hope asks if he has been waiting. Wyatt explains not the whole time. He also has not been calling or texting her. Hope is really sorry that she left knowing that she should not have done that. Wyatt says that it is ok because of what Quinn did. Wyatt knows that it is a whole new brand of crazy. Hope says she went to Liam's. Wyatt figured, but notes that she is now here. Hope shakes her head yes. Wyatt thinks that is either really good news or she is here to get her stuff.

Liam walks outside his house and looks at the plants at night. He is sad and he thinks about his conversation with Hope. Bill is screaming his name from inside the house. Liam slowly walks in and Bill wonders why he doesn't answer when he calls. Liam explains that he just did. Bill wonders if he told Hope about what Quinn did. Liam just did. Bill wants to know what happened. Bill thinks that they were going to get back together. Liam was too. Bill asks why he said was and wonders where Hope is. Liam tells him not here.

Aly looks at some files and Ivy is sitting at the conference table in Eric's office. Ivy asks her how she thinks Hope will react. Aly thinks that Hope will be furious. Ivy wonders if she will be furious enough to go back to Liam. Aly knows that Ivy does not want to hear it but it is Hope and Liam's history. She does not have a deep connection like Hope does with Liam. Ivy does not think that Wyatt is a consultation prize, she has real feelings for him. Aly thinks that she was tricked. Ivy knows but she still married Wyatt. Aly believes it was under false pretenses. Ivy thinks she sounds just like Liam. Aly is sorry. Ivy tells her not to be. She should have known better. Hope is a Logan. She knows what people say about them, the fall in love with any man they want and then they never let go.

Liam tells Bill that Hope has left. Bill asks where she went. Liam asks him where he thinks. Bill knows it was back to Wyatt. Bill asks if she is not leaving. Liam explains that it is to late for that. Bill figures it is because they are married. Liam says they have been married for a while. They have been building a life together and they have moved on. He really thought he could turn back the clock but he was wrong.

Wyatt tells Hope that before she says anything he has to be honest with her. Hope says ok. Wyatt explains that Quinn showed up after she left. Hope wonders what he told her. He said that if Hope did not come back that he would blame her. Hope thinks that must have been very upsetting. Wyatt explains it was but right in the middle of all her excuses she made some sense. What she did was despicable and terrible, but when they were married and making their vows he knows she was happy. Wyatt knows that Hope did not marry him because Liam did not show up. That isn't the type of person that she is. Wyatt knows they are together for a reason and it has nothing to do with his mother or Liam.

Ivy will not be mad at Hope if she decides to take Liam back. Aly thinks that is good because she thinks that Hope will. Aly tells her that she should check on him. Ivy doesn't want to do that. Aly believes that if he does not want to talk that he will not answer.

Liam's phone starts to ring and Bill tells him as such. Liam goes to see who it is and he picks it up. He says hi to Aly. She is shocked that he actually picked up assuming that it would be his voice mail. He asks her if Ivy told her. Aly says yes. Aly cannot believe it. Bill tells her to call back later. Aly asks if that is his dad. Liam says they are kind of in the middle of something. Aly asks if Hope is there too. Liam says no. Aly asks if she went back to Wyatt's. Liam says yes but he would not call her right now. Aly takes that as she is ending the marriage. Liam says no. Liam has to call her back because he is in the middle of something.

Aly understands and says goodbye. Ivy asks what happened. Aly says nothing. He told Hope what Quinn did and Hope did not change her mind.

Wyatt tells Hope that Liam wants to blame Quinn for all of this. He believes that this is all fake. Hope cannot see it that way. Wyatt cannot either. Hope still thinks that they were manipulated. Wyatt knows that and all the stuff about how she and Liam would be together if not for whatever. Wyatt knows that whatever she had in the past with Liam is over because she chose him. Hope did but he has to admit that what Quinn did was wrong. Wyatt does know that but they are not. Wyatt asks if he has ever made her unhappy or dissatisfied her as a husband. She says not at all. Wyatt promises that he never will. Hope asks to promise that something like this will never happen again. He has to promise that stuff with is mother is going to stop. Wyatt knows. Hope knows that she put herself in the middle of it by dating both of them but it cannot be like that anymore. Wyatt believes all that changed when she married him. Hope thinks that is not true because of what Quinn did. Wyatt wants to know what happened then. Hope explains that she pushed Ivy off the bridge. Wyatt knows that but she didn't push Hope into anything at all. He would do their wedding vows a hundred times over because that is what faith is. He doesn't need to show it in order to know he wants to spend his future with her.

Ivy asks how he sounded on the phone. Aly tells her that he did not want to talk about. Ivy wants to know if she is certain that she is not going to leave Wyatt. Aly says that is what he said. Ivy thought that Liam was certain that this would change everything. Aly does not get this. The last time that Quinn did something crazy she broke up with Wyatt. Ivy reminds her that she was not married to Wyatt then. Ivy respects Hope for actually sticking with her commitment. Aly would too if she was not tricked into it. Ivy does not think that they can call this trickery. Aly knows that she was going to chose Liam. She saw the video and she didn't chose Liam. She wants to know why she did not pick Liam. Ivy asks if Bill was with Liam. Aly says yes. Aly thinks that Bill is probably telling Liam that it is great that he finally has her out of his life once and for all.

Bill is sorry for Liam. Liam tells him that he does not have to pretend in front of him. Bill thinks that if it hurts him that it will hurt Bill too. Liam asks even if it makes Wyatt happy. Bill does not think that Wyatt is happy the way that it happened. He tells Liam that Quinn will never mess with him again. Liam laughs saying their is nothing left for her to do. Any chance was gone even before he was showed the video. He is going to focus on his work and wants to learn how to get over Hope. Bill says that they can drink. Liam does not feel like it. Bill can call a boxing trainer. Liam has already been hit enough today. Bill does not think much has changed. Liam really thought that it would. Liam thought that what was right and good would help in the end but now he does not know what to believes. They hug. Liam cries.

Wyatt does not think their is any going back for him. Hope wonders if what Quinn did makes him question. Wyatt says no. Wyatt loves her and wants to have children and a partnership as strong as Eric and Stephanie's. His life is them now. Everything they can experience and create. The unexpected adventures. Hope has always been a planner. Wyatt says they can plan. Wyatt tells her they can slow down. Wyatt tells her they can get away just the two of them. Wyatt knows how Liam feels but he wants to know what she wants to do.

Aly tells Ivy to go over their because he will need someone to talk to. Ivy reminds her that he is with his father. Aly tells her to at least call. Ivy wants to. Aly knows that she was there for him before. Ivy will be again if he needs her too. Ivy explains that Liam actually thought that the video was a life line that was going to get him Hope back. Aly thinks that she knows what he is going through. Ivy does not want him to think that she wants something and then everything happened. Ivy knows that he was not over her but now maybe he will be. She will not push him, she will just be their for him like before. She thinks that he deserves to be happy and he will be once he sees that their is life after Hope.

Liam sits outside his house thinking about his conversation with Hope where she told him that she will love him forever. Liam wipes his tears.

Wyatt wants to put this behind them, Liam's reaction, what Quinn did, and her doubt. Hope does not think it was doubt. Wyatt tells her uncertainty then. Hope does not want to get into anything tonight. Wyatt wonders where they go from here. Hope does not know because this is all so new for her. Wyatt tells her not to think about it. No more promises they will just figure it out. Hope wonders how he is so confident about things. Wyatt knows that he probably scared her. Hope says that is what he did to her but that is what life is going to be like with him. Wyatt asks if she is staying. Hope says yes. The two kiss passionately. Wyatt smiles. Hope explains that he is her husband and she loves him. She is committed to their future and family. Wyatt was not sure if she was their yet. Hope is and this is where she needs to be. Wyatt thinks that he can make her happy and maybe one day a family of their own. Hope tells him that they will one day. The two hug and Hope looks sad.

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