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Written By Anthony
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Liam explains that he is the only one who knows right now. Wyatt does not have to find out and they wouldn't have ties to him anymore. If she has Wyatt's baby it is the end of them.

Caroline shows up at Wyatt's house and he opens the door. Caroline explains she just heard everything. She is so shocked about it. She is so sorry she knows how it feels to lose someone she cares about.

At Forrester Brooke is working and Bill walks in. She sees that he got her text. He is hoping that this is about what he thinks it is. Brooke explains that this is not about them. This is about their children. Bill does not want to hear that this is about Quinn.

Quinn tells Ivy that she does not have to worry about Wyatt. He is not going to lose Hope. Ivy asks if she really thinks that. Quinn does not think that anything has changed. Ivy believes that the only reason that Hope and Wyatt are married right now is because Liam did not make it to Paris on time. Quinn thinks they would have ended up together eventually she just sped things along. Ivy wonders if it felt good pushing her. They both know that Quinn had an ulterior motive. Quinn asks what that could be. Ivy believes that she has her job. Quinn does not think this has anything to do with Ivy. Ivy believes that she is obsessed. Quinn thinks it has to do with her being a mother not obsession. She does not expect her to understand. Ivy has a mother and she doesn't push people over bridges. Quinn wants this conversation to be over. Ivy tells her to never come near her again because she messed with so many peoples lives because of this. Quinn believes that Ivy should be thanking her not complaining. Quinn did her a favor. She gave her a shot with a guy that she never would have before. They both know that she likes Liam.

Brooke asks Bill if he does know then. Bill knows about Ivy. Brooke thinks that Quinn is nuts and Ivy could have her arrested. Bill thinks that half of LA could have her arrested on top of him wanted her in jail. Brooke knows that she is Wyatt's mother. Bill thinks that he is a poor kid.

Wyatt has not heard anything from Hope. He doesn't know what she is going to decide yet or with whom she is going to be deciding them with. Caroline rushes over to Wyatt and starts hugging him before he starts crying.

Hope cannot do that. She wants a life with him but she cannot do it like that. She would have always been wondering who he would have been. She is not ok with it. Liam understands. Hope asks if he does. Liam does, so he will have the baby with Wyatt but she will be married to Liam.

Quinn explains that Hope and Wyatt are married still which means that she still has a shot with Liam. She should go put on a bikini and have a party. Quinn shouldn't have to do all the work for her. Ivy doesn't think she should have done anything at all because now everyone is suffering because of it. Quinn tells her to just get over it now. Ivy does have feelings for him but she cannot be with him now. Quinn thinks that he is all her right now if she wants him. Ivy does not think that is the case. Quinn wonders why she sounds happy about that. Ivy wants what is best for Liam. Ivy is in pain because of this but Liam has always wanted Hope. She cannot change what is going to happen.

Caroline does not think things have to change. Wyatt believes it is different now. Quinn being in Paris makes Hope not want to be with him. Caroline reminds him that Hope married him and that should be all that matters. Caroline thinks that marriage is a sacrament that should be honored. She knows that he will have to deal with days where he has to remind himself of that like when his husband has dirty clothes all over the bathroom. Wyatt looks at her confused. She says that is just an example. She is not playing favorites right now but Hope and him can get through this.

Brooke thinks that Wyatt will need Bill's support. Bill thinks that Brooke has picked a side. Brooke wonders if that is bad because he has been an incredible person to Hope and has been a wonderful husband. Brooke just thinks that after everything that Hope and Liam have been through. Bill explains that he is also starting to hope for that too.

Hope appreciates him from trying to sacrifice and she cannot let him do that. Liam needs to do it. He needs her. Hope does not think that is going work. She tells him that he knows how she grew up wondering why her parents were not together being so confused. Different men were always in and out of her life they were always good men. Ridge and Nick were father figures to her but they were not her dad. She wanted her dad. She told herself that she was not going to do this to her child. She is not going to do it to Liam either. She does not think that it would be easy for him to deal with it. Liam does not think they have a choice. Hope does not want to damage a family that has not even started. She cannot do what her mother did to her. She will not do it to the baby or to him. This is just h has to be. She starts crying.

Caroline asks if Hope is with Liam. Wyatt explains that their was something that she needed to do and he doubted it was go shopping. Caroline wonders if he is texting her. Wyatt explains that they do need more eggs. Caroline asks what he is going to say. Wyatt thinks come home. Caroline thinks that it works. Caroline smiles as he sends the text.

Hope is raising the baby with Wyatt. She refuses to become her mother. Liam does not think that she is anything like her mother. Hope is dating two brothers. These similarities stop now. She is staying with the father. She is doing this for him too. Liam asks how that is right. Hope does not think it is right. Hope is not sacrificing her happiness. She does think she could have a good life with Wyatt and her baby. Liam knows that is not what she wants. Hope wants her child to have a better life than she did and she wants Liam to have better too. Liam does not think their is anyone better than her. Hope cannot let him raise someone else's baby. Liam is not to let someone else win. Hope thinks their is a higher force at hand here. She is going to raise her child with her husband and she owes it to her baby to try.

Caroline asks if Hope has texted back yet. Wyatt is not shocked because her phone is probably off. Wyatt was at Liam's the other day and wanted to swap houses with him. Caroline asks why. Wyatt thinks he has a bigger house and is single. He is married and now he does not know. He does not know if his life is going to be the way he wanted it.

Brooke wonders if this means no more interfering from Bill. Bill does not think that at all. Bill knows that if Liam wants Hope at this point it is his choice. He is not going to force Hope to pick him. Brooke is impressed. Bill wonders if she is impressed enough to kiss him. Brooke knew that he didn't mean it. Bill is done being a meddling parent. Brooke thinks that Wyatt has been great for her but Liam has always been Hope's man and their is nothing that will stop her from going back.

Liam and Hope cry hysterically and he asks if she is sure. Hope will love him forever. All of the things that have been taken from them, no one will ever be able to take their memories. A montage of the "love" that is Hope and Liam plays. Hope walks out the front door and Liam continues to cry. He wipes his tears. Hope stands out the door and cries.

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