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Written By Anthony
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Liam looks nervous when he asks Hope what is wrong. Hope walks farther away from him while she starts talking. She has always wanted him and a life with him. Liam wants that too but wants to know why she is acting this way. Hope tells him she is sorry but she is pregnant. Liam's smile quickly turns to a frown.

At Wyatt's house Quinn tells him that Hope and him have a very strong connection going on. Wyatt knows that. Quinn says that he needs to stop doubting himself then. She will come back. Quinn is not going to let him give up. Wyatt is not going to do that and he doesn't even want to see her or be anywhere around her right now. Quinn doesn't want that to happen. Wyatt does not care and starts to scream. Wyatt wonders what she is going to do to get her way. He explains to her that it is because of her that his marriage and relationship in general is jeopardy.

At Forrester, Rick, Caroline, and Eric gather around Charlie, Pam, and Ivy. Eric wants to know what Quinn has done this time. Pam explains that they are not going to believe it. Carter explains that nothing would surprise him about that woman. Maya thinks that she has always been rubbed the wrong way. Charlie tells them to ask Ivy about that. He thinks it will shock them but not surprise them. Pam explains that Ivy was pushed into the river on purpose and it wasn't by just some random person in Paris. Ivy was pushed into the river by... Donna interrupts her because she is taking so long and says that it was Quinn. They all look at each other confused. Caroline asks if she is being serious. Maya asks if she really did this to you. Eric wants to know how this is possible. Rick didn't even know Ivy was in Paris. Maya asks if they had seen her on the plane. Ivy explains that she was in disguise and that she was just that hell bent on Hope. Pam explains that Charlie had a hunch and he called in some favors and now they have all the proof they need. They all gather around the computer to see the image, Eric thinks that Quinn is a lot more dangerous than they ever thought.

Quinn tells Wyatt that he didn't push Ivy that hard. She just took a little nudge. Wyatt doesn't care. Quinn is sorry she didn't mean to be so over protective. Wyatt thinks that is one way of putting what she is. She explains that he is smart and funny and she should respect him enough to let him live his own life. Wyatt thanks her for that. Quinn believes in her heart that Hope and him are going to grow old together. Wyatt does not know what to say.

Liam tells her that she isn't. Hope says that she is. Liam wants to know for sure. Hope just took a test. She didn't expect this but this changes everything. She is pregnant and it is Wyatt's. Liam looks devastated.

Rick thinks that Ivy must be furious at Quinn. Eric thinks that Charlie has cracked another case. Pam remembers that she baked something special (lemon bars). Carter thinks that is really a big surprise. Ivy asks her to save her one because she has something she needs to do. Donna says it will be a big corner piece. Eric wonders if Wyatt is involved. Charlie does not think that their is any reason to believe he was involved. Caroline feels really bad for him. He is probably going to lose Hope. Rick doesn't think that their is anyway that Hope will stay with him after that.

Wyatt doesn't think she knows that for sure. Quinn has a gut feeling about this. She believes things are going to work out in the end because she has faith. He has given Hope something Liam never has his undying devotion. Quinn is always going to be in his life. She knows that she messed up but she can be a good person and mother. Wyatt tells her that she is the last person he cares about right now and he could get a text saying goodbye to him and then never see her again while a bunch of movers come and pick up her stuff. Quinn does not think that is going to happen. Wyatt does not think that she is just an over baring mother in law because she is crazy and no one would want to be around her. He demands that she please get out of here. Quinn leaves. Wyatt sits down on the couch and thinks.

Liam wonders how she felt to be pregnant. Hope has been so busy and she knew was a little late but she thought it was just stress. She didn't want to cry wolf like last time. She didn't need the same thing happening. Then she was talking with Brooke about starting a family and she thought maybe she should double check. When Hope left Wyatt and Quinn to come over here she needed to make sure. Liam cannot believe this is happening he wants to know what they can do. Hope doesn't think they can do anything. Liam does not think that it is ever fair for them. Liam starts to cry. Hope explains when she found out what Quinn did she didn't want to be messed with but how could this happen. She tells Liam she is sorry. Liam does not think this is her fault. Hope wants to start a life with him but she had this feeling. Liam knew she was right about it.

Rick looks at a design and Maya walks over and explains she should have gone to Paris with Rick. He asks how she would have been able to stop Quinn. Maya explains she wouldn't have but they would have had a lot of fun. Carter walks over and asks if he has heard anything from Hope. Rick says not yet. Donna thinks that she is just trying to work things out. Rick has heard from Ridge though as he has just emailed a new design. Eric is glad to hear that and tells Caroline that they are turning out to be a very good design team. Caroline explains they are mostly his ideas. Donna thinks she is being modest. Eric asks Carter what they should do about Quinn. Carter thinks she should be committed. Maya adds in she should be arrested. Charlie explains that they can't do that but he has eyes on her right now.

Quinn gets back to her workshop and someone is working on something. She walks over and tries to get their attention. She get's annoyed when they don't answer her and she unplugs the thing. She is going to give them three seconds then she is going to call the cops. The person tells her that if she were her she wouldn't do that. She reveals herself to be Ivy. Quinn looks shocked and scared.

Wyatt sits over by a window and stares at his text screen. He doesn't do anything.

Hope does not see how this can work. Liam is angry and wants to know why this is happening. Hope wishes she knew the answer. Liam wants to raise the child together. Hope is shocked that he is saying this. Liam thinks that them being together is all that matters. Liam is not going to let anyone get in the way of them. He does not care he will not accept any other way.

Donna tells Rick and Caroline to stop kissing in the office. She thinks that this is all Quinn's fault and nothing can stand in the way of Hope and Liam now. Charlie will make sure of that.

Ivy tells Quinn that this is a nice studio. Quinn thanks her and wants to know what she wants. Ivy explains they all know that she pushed her into the river. Quinn thinks that is old news now. Ivy believe she is sick. Quinn asks how many minutes it took for her to hit on Liam. Ivy tells her to never touch her again. Quinn explains that she went over surprisingly easy. Ivy thinks that Wyatt is about to lose Hope and his marriage because of her.

Wyatt looks at his phone and thinks about Hope and getting married to her.

Liam wants to be a family. It will be just the two of them. All they have to do is lie. Hope cannot have a baby with one man and raise it with another. Liam will raise it like his own child. Hope cannot do that. Liam does not care about anyone but her. Liam is not going to give up on her. Hope does not think that is the answer. Liam does not think that she chose the right person. Liam will not make her sacrifice. Hope cannot just walk away from her marriage. Liam asks if anyone else knows about this. Liam asks if she has seen a doctor. Hope says no. Liam tells her that no one knows she is pregnant. Liam tells her that they have to act quickly. Their is one other thing they can do..

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