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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 9/17/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Hope is shocked to hear that Quinn pushed Ivy. Liam explains that she was desperate to keep her from him. Hope does not think that this makes any sense. Liam tells her to listen because Quinn forced a choice that Hope was not ready to make. He is not going to let that stop them from getting together again. Liam thinks that this changes everything. It is three PM again and they are back in Paris and he is right by her side. Hope gives him a look of shock.

Quinn explains to Wyatt that this does not have to interfere with his relationship with Hope. Wyatt thinks that is not the case. Quinn thinks that Liam needed to stay away from Hope. Quinn did not trust her to make the right choice but they are married and that is all that matters. Wyatt does not want to be married knowing that he and his wife both know that they were conned into getting married. Quinn is not leaving. Wyatt tells her to go. Quinn goes to the door but tells him that Hope is his wife now and she will respect that.

In Bill's office he looks over some files at his desk and Quinn runs into the office and explains that they have a problem. Bill tells her that if she has a problem that she should fix it. Quinn says that the Ivy secret is not so secret anymore.

Hope thinks that she knows what is going on here. Liam believes that what is going on is that Quinn is evil but they don't need to have her in their lives anymore. Liam believes that all of this adds up to them not having to give up on their love. Hope does not regret anything even when it went wrong. Liam does not either. Liam thinks that every single time that something went wrong they fixed it. Hope always thought they would end up together even when things went bad. She finally had to give up though. Hope thinks they still have those memories but they are just memories. Liam does not think that she understands what is going on. Hope does and she can see how hurt he is but he cannot just blame Quinn. Liam explains that she actually did do it. Hope says she is married to Wyatt. Liam thinks that is because of Quinn. Hope does not think it has anything to do with her, he didn't show up either way. Liam thinks that it still does. Hope knows that Quinn is an easy target but their is no way that Quinn could have pushed Ivy into the water. Liam tells her that he has proof. Hope looks frightened.

Bill pours two drinks. He thinks the first thing that Quinn needs is a drink and that there is no reason to panic. Quinn thinks she has plenty of reasons to panic. Quinn knows that everyone knows now and that Liam is probably whining to Hope right now. She thinks they have to do something. Bill thinks this stuff happens. Quinn asks how he can say that. She wants him to think about their sons marriage. Bill does not want Hope waffling again but she needs to come to the conclusion on who is right for her on her own. Bill thinks that this might be a good thing. Quinn wants Bill to go to Liam and tell him that this does not change anything.

Wyatt thinks about all the time he has spent with Hope since he had met her. He looks at his wedding ring.

Hope wonders if Ivy said something because if she suddenly said something she could totally understand that she is trying to spice things up. Liam says no and that Ivy said nothing. Liam explains that Ivy was just trying to take a photo and got pushed. Hope wonders how he has proof and if someone came forward and said something. Liam tells her that it was Pam and Charlie. Hope tells him that they were not there. Hope cannot believe that she is taking a tip from Pam and wants him to listen to himself. Liam tells her to just come over and look at what Charlie has. Liam shows the scan from customs. Quinn was on his flight. Hope wonders if she had a reason to be there. Liam shows Hope the video and tells her that it is Quinn. Hope sort of sees the resemblance. Hope explains that a woman who looks sort of like Quinn does not give proof. Liam shows the next video and that Quinn actually admitted it.

Bill is not going to tell Liam anything or Wyatt for that matter. He promised he would stop getting involved and it is time for Quinn to pay the price. Quinn could careless about her she just does not want Wyatt to pay the price for her. Quinn knows that Bill does not like her and she knows that Bill could care less if she loses Wyatt over this. Bill says yes to all of that. Quinn knows that he does care about his children and she knows that Bill does not like Hope with Liam. Bill agrees. Quinn thinks that Liam has finally been moving on and everyone is finally making progress. Quinn knows that Bill is not done meddling. Quinn explains that Liam decided on his own to save Ivy instead of go to Hope. That was his choice and Liam needs to respect the outcome.

Hope cannot wrap her brain about this. She married her son. Liam thinks they would be married instead. Liam knows that Hope picked him. Hope did do that but Liam did not show up. The moment she was hoping for was filled with disappointment and embarrassment but Wyatt was there. She asks if he knows. Liam explains that he does now. He was there when he confronted her. That shouldn't matter though because Liam believes that she picked him not Wyatt. Hope thinks that this is just all to much. Hope thought this was already hard enough. She gets a phone call from Wyatt. Liam tells her that Wyatt will understand because they were robbed. He can't imagine him not understanding. Hope tells Liam that she has to go talk to Wyatt and Quinn.

Liam looks at a photo of Hope and himself when Bill comes over and explains that he knows about Quinn. Bill explains she told him all about it. He is just mad that he did not see this from the start. Liam does not understand why Quinn would tell Bill. Liam thinks for a moment and figures that she wants him to tell him to respect their marriage. Liam thinks she is crazy. Liam does not want Quinn to be anywhere near Hope and him moving forward. Bill wonders what that means. Liam believes that this means that Hope is going to go back to him. Bill tells Liam that she is married. Liam is not going to let Quinn come between him and Hope ever again.

Quinn walks into Wyatt's house and she needs to talk to him. Wyatt explains that Hope is on her way back home right now and she should not be here. Quinn wants to explain this to her. Hope will forgive her eventually. Quinn asks how many weddings they have had that did not work. Wyatt asks what she is even doing here. Quinn explains that she went to go see Bill and get his support for Wyatt. Bill never has liked Hope and Liam and he can get him to back off. Wyatt does not think it matters because it is Hope's choice. Wyatt hopes she loves him enough. Wyatt wants a chance to talk to her without Quinn. Hope walks in and Quinn tries to talk but Hope stops her from talking. She says that Quinn claimed she was getting better. She is just as sick as she ever was. She cannot believe this. Quinn does not think that Ivy was ever in any danger. Hope did not want to believe it when Liam told her. Hope was wrong though. She was wrong to think that she deserved a second chance. Hope cannot believe that Quinn has hurt Liam, Ridge, and Ivy and Wyatt is just as big a victim of the rest of them. Hope can only hope to God that Wyatt hates her just as much as she does.

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