B&B Tuesday Update 9/16/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 9/16/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Liam asks what more does Wyatt need because he has security photos and videos of Quinn walking out and pushing Ivy in public. It was her and she pushed Ivy over the bridge. Quinn thinks that this is crazy and that she does not ever know how to drive a scooter. Liam wonders about the customs papers then. Quinn explains that she told him that she was at a job interview that day in Paris. Quinn asks Wyatt to get him out of here. Wyatt wants to know the truth. Quinn thinks that Liam just is desperate to get Hope back. Wyatt asks if she did this. Did she push Ivy into the water.

Brooke thinks that it was not that long ago that she was with Liam. Hope knows it was not long at all. Brooke thinks that starting a family is a lot to consider. Hope just can imagine that Wyatt will make a lovely father. Brooke knows that she just planned to have children with Liam. Hope says yes. Hope always pictured it that way and it is hard to let go of that. But she is married to someone else and she just is not ready to start a family. Brooke wonders if Hope still has feelings for Liam.

In Rick's office Oliver tells Aly that he is not saying it will happen but he might want to try something different on a Saturday night. Oliver wonders what Aly feels about wrestling. Aly says no. Oliver asks her to please consider it. Aly says maybe for his birthday. The two kiss. Ivy walks in and Aly asks if she is ok. Ivy explains that she has heard a lot about Quinn and up until now she thought that she was able to avoid her but it turns out that she was extremely wrong. Aly and Oliver look confused. Aly asks if Quinn did something. Ivy asks if Aly remembers when she told her that she had a feeling that she was pushed off the bridge. Aly says yes. Ivy explains that Charlie found out that she was pushed by Quinn Fuller. Aly does not think that makes sense because she wasn't even in Paris. Ivy tells her that it turns out that she followed her and Liam to Paris. Oliver figures out that Quinn wanted to use Ivy as a distraction. Ivy says yes.

Hope is always going to care about Liam. He was the love of her life. Brooke asks if she has moved on. Hope says yes but she cannot deny that things would have turned out very differently had Liam shown up on time in Paris. Brooke thinks it is a twist of fait. Hope thinks that it is a sign that she is supposed to be with Wyatt and that she was never meant to be with Liam.

Wyatt asks Quinn again if she is responsible for Ivy's fall. Wyatt demands not to get lied to. Quinn says yes she knocked her into the river. She knows that it was wrong but it does not change anything. Liam is happy she has admitted it. Wyatt cannot believe that she did this. Quinn thinks that Hope has already made her choice and she has picked Wyatt. Liam corrects her and says that Quinn made the choice for her because she tricked Hope. Quinn tells Liam that they are married now and that he needs to respect that because that is all that matters. Liam thinks that they will see what Hope says. Liam is sorry but he is not going to respect a marriage born on deception. Liam is sorry because it is all Quinn's fault that he is not married to her right now. Quinn thinks that what she did was a mistake. Liam thinks her soul reason for being in Paris was to hurt him. Quinn thought she was doing everyone a favor. Wyatt tells her to be quite and leave. Quinn is not going to leave him along with Liam. Liam does not think he is a problem but is going to leave anyway. Quinn asks if he is going to run off and tell Hope. Wyatt tells her to be quite and tells Liam to stop. Wyatt asks Liam to let him tell Hope. Liam does not trust him enough. Quinn thinks that Hope and Wyatt are happy and if he cared he wouldn't do this to her. Liam thinks that Hope deserves the truth that Hope married into a crazy family because Ivy almost died. Liam tells Wyatt to prepare himself because Hope is coming back to him. Quinn tries to hug Wyatt but Wyatt tells her to just stop and walks away.

Ivy explains that Liam has the video and their is no way that Quinn can deny it. Aly wonders if Hope knows. Ivy says that Liam went to tell her. Aly knows that Hope is not going to react well. Ivy knows. Oliver believes that the woman is nuts and wonders what Hope is going to do. Ivy explains that Liam seems to think it will bring him and Hope back together. Aly knows it is another manipulation by Hope's own mother in law. Oliver thinks that is an awkward family dinner. Aly asks if Hope will want to remain married. Ivy believes that if Hope did not actually want to marry Wyatt that this could be a way out. Oliver thinks that it complicates things. Ivy feels so bad for Liam and now he has a shot to get back with Hope.

Hope really does love Wyatt despite his crazy mother and knows that they would make great parents. Brooke thinks that she does have a career and that a baby would really effect that. Hope thinks that it does sound weird but she has thought about how it will effect Liam. Hope knows that Liam could be devastated if she got pregnant right away. Brooke thinks it might be the wrong time. Hope thinks that she will wait just a little longer. Brooke thinks that the world has a mysterious way of working things out. Hope gets a phone call and she walks over and picks it up. Liam tells Hope that she needs to speak to her and to meet him at his house. Hope says she will be right there.

Aly thinks that Ivy is being very strong. Ivy is glad that it appears that way. Aly thinks that what happens effects her just as much as Hope and Liam. Ivy wonders what would have happened had a boat shown up. She could have died. Ivy was always rooting for Liam and Hope and she still is so long as Liam wants it. She is foolish to think that she could have had Liam. Oliver tells her not to beat herself up. Aly believes that Quinn opened the door to her and Liam. Ivy thinks the door might be closing thanks to Quinn.

Quinn thanks Wyatt for not yelling at her in front of Liam. Wyatt doesn't even know what to say to her right now. Quinn knows that she shouldn't have done this she made a bad choice. Quinn thinks that Liam is doing this on purpose. She does not think it makes a difference because Hope decided all by herself to marry him. Quinn thinks that Hope knew that Liam was in Paris but she didn't leave him then. Hope loves him otherwise they would not have gotten married. He shouldn't start doubting their relationship now.

Liam thinks about al the time that he spent with Hope and their whole relationship as a whole. Hope shows up and says hi. Hope explains that she has always loved this house but she is not going to agree to take his home away from him. Liam thanks her but that is not the reason that he wanted to see her. Liam cannot believe that they are at this point in their relationship. Hope knows. Liam explains that Hope is married to the wrong guy. Hope takes a deep breath.

Wyatt asks how many times he had asked her to stop manipulating things. Quinn thought that this was to important for her not to interfere. Wyatt asks if she even went to therapy. Wyatt wonders what is stopping Hope from running back to Liam. Quinn plans to talk to Hope and make everything clear. Wyatt yells and tells her to stop it. She cannot do anything else. Wyatt wonders what he is supposed to do now. Wyatt thought they were doing great but that no one will ever want to have a child with him now. Quinn is not grandmother material. Quinn planned to mellow out in her golden years. Wyatt asks if she knew how many conversations he has had about fate but it wasn't that it was Quinn. Wyatt wonders how long it can possibly last now.

Hope is not sure where this is going. Liam asks her to hear him out. Liam was thinking about them and when he first met and he proposed for the first time. He asks how many times they have tried to get married. Hope does not know. Liam thinks his favorite time was when they were in Italy and she was late to the wedding. It was all because they were manipulated by their fathers. Hope wonders how this would have changed anything now. Liam thinks they have been manipulated to much. Hope says that he was not there and it was the first time they were not manipulated. Liam explains they were. Hope knows that Ivy did not fall on purpose. Liam explains that is not what he means. He says that Ivy was pushed. Hope asks who would do something like that. Liam says that Quinn did it and that changed their lives. Liam thinks that this moment is going to change it back. Hope looks confused.

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