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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 9/15/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

At Liam's house after seeing the video of Quinn pushing Ivy off the bridge, Liam gets angry and thinks that he should have known. Ivy asks him how anyone would have known that. Liam explains that he should have because every problem between Hope and her has played out because of her. Liam asks to see the airport footage again. Ivy looks at it and asks if she is wearing a scarf and sunglasses. Liam knows that it is her now they just have to get Hope to believe that it is her. Charlie and Pam show them the time stamp from her passport. Ivy reminds them all that she could have been killed. Liam does not think that Quinn cares about that. Ivy thinks she should have Quinn arrested. Liam thinks Hope needs to see this. Charlie thinks it could change everything. Ivy asks what it could change. Liam believes it changes everything and thanks Charlie. Ivy looks a bit saddened by this now.

Hope explains that she has always wanted a family since she was a little girl but that this is just not the right time. That the timing is off. Wyatt believes that the time is perfect right now. Hope wonders if Wyatt is trying to get philosophical now. Wyatt is as long as it works. Wyatt knows this probably sounds like pressure. Hope does not think so because they are married and this is a conversation they need to have Hope just thinks they just got married and she has her job. She is not sure if she is capable of doing everything. Wyatt does not think she has to do everything they can get help. Wyatt wants to take the next step. Hope wonders what will happen if they have boys. Wyatt thinks they will keep them. Wyatt wants her to take another week but he wants to have a baby with her. Quinn quietly walks in and thinks that is the best idea ever. She wants to be a grandmother. Wyatt and Hope both look scared and shocked at this. Hope looks at Wyatt and Wyatt tries to gesture that he does not know. Quinn asks if she heard correctly. Wyatt explains they were talking about starting a family. Just talking. Quinn thinks she should be sued if she wants to think about them making a dynamite kid. Hope tells Wyatt her mom wants to see her. Hope says they will talk about it later. Quinn tells Hope that she is so happy that they are married and this is all she ever wanted for Wyatt. She will never be sorry for pushing them together.

Liam thinks that this never stops and this mad woman is to blame behind the scenes. Ivy wonders if Hope will believe this once they show Hope. Liam thinks they will know soon. Pam explains that she knew Quinn was trouble the moment that she set eyes on her. She is happy that they found out all about her before Quinn put her moves on Eric. Ivy is confused as she didn't know about the brief romantic flirtation between Eric and Quinn. Pam explains that she was just barely in the door when they found out. Ivy thinks she is horrifying. Charlie thinks that Quinn is just pure evil and he should know because he saw it up close and personal. Pam thinks that they trusted their instincts and she is busted. Pam is so proud of Charlie. Liam explains that he is going to go after Hope at home. He asks Charlie to email him the footage. Charlie already had. Liam thanks him and runs off. Ivy cannot believe that she pushed her into the river. She wonders what kind of a person does that. Pam knows but explains that Wyatt has never been her favorite person but it's hard to not feel kind of sorry for the guy after what he had to deal with growing up. Ivy thinks considering everything. Charlie believes he is not so bad but he does not belong with Hope. Ivy wonders what would have happened had she fallen on a boat. Pam thinks that would have just been to bad for her but so long as Quinn got what she wanted everything would be ok. Ivy thinks that none of this would have happened had Liam not been their. Pam thinks that thanks to Charlie everyone is finally going to know what Quinn is still capable of.

In the conference room, Brooke and Hope hug. Hope asks if everything is ok. Brooke explains of course. Brooke just wanted to spend some time with her fabulous daughter and hopes that she can stick around for a little bit. Hope says of course she can. Brooke wonders how married life is. Hope tells her that it is good. Brooke asks why it is just good and Hope thinks that their is nothing wrong with good. Brooke wonders about excited and amazing. Hope is she just knows that Wyatt is devoted to her. Hope thinks that Wyatt is everything she could ever want in a husband. Brooke wonders if their is a but. Hope is just still thinking about everything that has happened. Hope does not really know what happened she has not had a chance to catch her breath. Hope thinks about when she was on the boat with Wyatt and they told each other they loved each other.

Liam bursts through the door of Wyatt's house and asks where Hope is. Wyatt tells him she is not here. Wyatt explains he is welcome to wait. Liam can't do that because it is very important. Quinn walks out of the other room and Liam walks over and tells her that he knows what she did. Quinn can't believe this. Wyatt wonders what has happened this time. Wyatt wants to know what. Liam explains that Hope wanted a life with him and he was ready to be with her. Quinn thinks this is getting ridicules. Liam wonders what are the odds that Ivy would be pushed at the exact moment that he was going to see Hope. Wyatt stops him and asks why he said pushed. Liam explains that she was. Quinn tells him that he should really get himself a girlfriend. Wyatt thinks that makes no sense because no one would want to hurt Ivy. Liam asks who would do this, who would stop this from happening.

Charlie looks at his watch and thinks that just right now Liam should be at Hope's telling her everything. Pam wonders how Hope will react finding out that Quinn manipulated her. Ivy thinks they need to all take a step back for a minute and realize that even though Quinn did something terrible and she is not defending her actions Hope decided to do what she did on her own. Charlie thinks that it is because Quinn is just so good at what she does. Ivy thinks it could change everything for Hope and Liam. She thinks it is fine because she knows that Liam never really got over Hope. She believes that Hope is a lot like Brooke the way they have an effect on men. Pam explains that Logan woman are deadly. Ivy will be the first person cheering at their wedding if this changes anything.

Brooke wonders if Wyatt is making her feel rushed. Hope says no. She just thinks that it has always been very different for her and Wyatt. He wanted to marry her and now they are and now the most logical step is starting a family. Brooke does not think that is what she wants. Hope does indeed want that because it is very important to her to be a mother. Brooke wonders what is holding her back. Hope explains she just got married and she is not ready to give things up. She feels to old. Brooke thinks that is legitimate and that it could be too early. Hope is also worried about the gene issue. She is worried about Quinn's Wyatt obsession being passed on to a child. She can't stop thinking about what happened to Ridge and thinks that it makes her uneasy.

Wyatt explains that the idea of his mother pushing Ivy into the water is crazy. Quinn thinks that Liam is just a big baby and he needs to suck it up. Wyatt tells her to stop but Quinn doesn't she tells Liam to get over it. Liam asks if Quinn has been to Paris recently. Quinn says no. Liam asks for her passport number. Quinn does not know. Quinn asks him to leave. Liam explains that she was on the plane the same time that they were heading to Paris. Liam asks Wyatt if that is another amazing coincidence. Wyatt gives Quinn a look of disgust.

Brooke asks if Quinn is better since her stay at the mental home. Hope does not know because she always seemed fine and then she just went crazy. Hope does not trust Quinn at all and hates that Wyatt comes in a package deal. She wonders if the crazy gene just is waiting out their to attack a child. Brooke wonders if Quinn is just an excuse. Hope wonders what she means. Brooke explains that Quinn is not the reason at all that Hope is being reluctant. She gets the fact that Hope is not ready but she thinks that it is an excuse. Brooke knows that Hope has had an image in her head of a family with Liam and it can be hard to get out of her head.

Wyatt asks if Quinn went to Paris. Liam tells her to go a head and deny it because he has footage. Quinn wonders where he could have possibly gotten footage. Liam says Charlie. Quinn asks how in the world could Charlie have got footage because he is a bozo. Liam says Charlie had an instinct. Wyatt thinks that the video does not really show much. Liam thinks he should recognize her. Quinn explains that she was on a job interview in Paris. She was at a well known fashion house. Wyatt asks why she did not tell him about this. Quinn tells the two of them that it was a secret meeting. Liam wonders where the fashion house was. Quinn spouts out a location. Quinn does not remember when she was their that day and is ready to leave. Liam explains their is more to the footage. He shows him the video of Quinn pushing Ivy. Quinn looks angry. Wyatt asks if she did this. Wyatt cannot believe this. He asked her a question and wants to know if she did this.

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