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Written By Anthony
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In Eric's office Caroline tells Ridge she is sorry. Ridge asks her why she would be sorry because she came into work. Caroline tries to touch his hand but he quickly grabs away telling her not to do that. Caroline tries to convince Ridge that everyone loves him and that they will understand about him forgetting how to draw.

Outside Katie and Brooke sit at a table and Brooke believes this is a nice surprise. Katie explains that she came into work with Ridge and would like to have lunch like they used to. Brooke thinks that is great and wonders how Ridge is. Katie says that he is fine. Brooke wonders how she is doing. Katie says that she is also fine. Brooke believes that this is all very awkward. Katie explains that she actually is not so good. This has all been very stressful for Ridge. She will try to call her best friend every day but she ends up hanging up because it is Brooke. She misses her sister and her best friend. So she decided that today she was not going to hang up.

In Rick's office Rick tells Maya that her hand needs to be moved off of his shoulder. Maya wonders if Rick had heard what she said. Rick heard that she thinks that she still loves him. Maya explains that she does not feel but she knows. She thinks that unlike Caroline she is able to tell the truth when she has something on her mind. Maya knows that Rick feels what she feels too. Rick thinks that this can go one of two ways. He can either get outraged and fire her which Maya responds with why would he do that because she is good at her job. Rick explains because she does not listen to her. Rick can also tell her thank you for having feelings for him. That is not going to change anything. Maya knows that she can make him happier. Rick thinks that things were just weird when they were together. Maya felt that too but she believes it was because they had to fight for their love. She knows that they have both been through the worst but it is over.

Katie is tired of being angry and she feels she does not have the right to talk to her about things anymore. She knows she shouldn't be talking about Ridge. Katie cannot stand this awkwardness between them. Brooke believes that they can tell each other they are sisters and they can say they love each other. Katie loves her. Brooke loves her too and Katie can talk to her about anything. Katie wants to be able to talk to Ridge about this but she just isn't sure about how she can.

Caroline asks Ridge what they will do now. Ridge says that they will have to do it again. Caroline cannot do this because every time she tries he gets angry at her. Ridge thinks they will just have to get it to work. Caroline wants to be able to talk to him but knows that she can't without him getting angry. Ridge does not think that is a problem. She reminds him that if he doesn't talk to her that he might have to talk to Rick. Ridge wonders why he would have to talk to Rick because this is designers only. Caroline explains that he is hiding or at least thinks that he is hiding.

Katie is sorry she was not sure what she expected her to say. Brooke does not think that Ridge and Bill are that different. Katie asks what she means. Brooke says that they cannot exactly ask Ridge how his work day went. Katie puts her hand on her head and sighs. Katie tries not to but he is so consumed by his work that she feels she has to. Brooke believes that artists are just complicated people. Katie says with Bill she just did not want to know. Brooke explains she was able to ask Bill but only because he was at home all day. She knows that Katie still resents her for giving Bill back Spencer Publications but that was only because she was feeling how Katie is feeling now about Ridge. Brooke explains that his whole identity is wrapped up in his job and work. She knows that Ridge cares about her he just does not know why exactly.

Maya does not think that Rick is going to fire her. Maya explains that difficult people call shots here. She knows that number one Ridge likes to call shots over him, number two she knows he doesn't want to, and number three Caroline has pulled worse things on her than she is doing currently. Maya is done talking. Rick wants to know what the next number is. Maya wonders if he is sure he wants to know. Maya starts to giggle.

Ridge asks if Caroline wants to learn. Caroline does not think she is bright and talented enough to learn. Caroline did not know that they were a team. She had no idea that she was doing the work for him. She would be honored to work with him and be able to keep his trust. Ridge believes that is a funny thing. What he was born to do and he asks what if Caroline just wants to finish what Bill started. Caroline is shocked to learn that Bill is the reason that this happened. Ridge tries to draw but it just won't do what he wants to do anymore. Caroline puts her hands over Ridge's. She thinks that with some practice that she will be able to.

Katie knows it is true what Brooke says that Ridge feels like nothing about his work. Brooke wonders if their is something out there for Ridge to play with. Katie thinks that might be possible. Katie asks if the reason they are currently not married is because Ridge feels like less of a man.

Rick thinks that Maya is very aggressive. Maya wonders why when a man is aggressive they are promoted but when a woman is they are fired. Rick thinks that she has her reasons. Maya explains she still has her other reason. Rick wants to know what that is. Maya explains that it that he too remembers who they were. Rick did but he was married. Maya knows that they both know something about that, that most people are afraid to admit. Marriage is not always going to last. She believes that he got married to quick and that Caroline could at any time start back up to her old ways again. Rick thinks that Maya is right that he is not going to fire her but if she tries to do anything else like the steam room that is exactly what will happen. Maya wonders about when Caroline talks down to her. She knows it is ok because Caroline has trained him to deal with it at this point. Maya leaves.

Ridge had no way of knowing that it was Bill who did this. He didn't even remember until his memory came back. All of it including the Spencer chopper and that Justin was the one driving. He wonders no one ever reported him being pushed into the water and then Brooke found him and Katie brought him back here and everything came back except his ability to draw. Ridge would like to keep this a secret. Caroline asks what his doctor said. Ridge explains just a whole lot of words and that she does not know why he has lost all of this but he thinks that he has a chance now with her.

Brooke asks if Katie had asked Ridge if he has changed his mind about things. Katie stops her and explains they he has not changed his mind. Brooke is sorry and thought that she was asking. Katie knows that they still have plans she just does not know how anymore. Katie explains that they never have any date to anything. She does not want to ask him because then he would feel threatened. Katie thinks that it would be fine if Ridge never worked again. Brooke does not think that is an option. Katie just wants Ridge to need her.

Ridge helps Caroline design and Ridge thinks they have another design for Rick. Caroline believes that he still has the ability. Ridge agrees but he cannot draw. Caroline wonders what will happen when people find out. Ridge does not think that can happen. She wonders about Rick. Ridge will not let him know because he has a very complicated relationship with Rick. He believes if they can pull this off it will work out well for everyone involved. Caroline will do this but she will tell Rick is she has to. Ridge asks a lot and maybe to much. Caroline can handle it she can learn so much from him. Ridge has a lot to offer. Maya walks in on the two of them hugging and starts to smile as she hides at the door.

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