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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 9/9/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

In Eric's office, Ridge thinks a design is fantastic that Caroline drew using Ridge's help. Katie explains she agrees if he says so. Ridge really does think so. He notes that he still cannot draw by himself but it still is great. Katie thinks that he will soon. Ridge knows for now he will need Caroline's help. Ridge has never really grouped up with someone but he likes how this is going so far. He feels that no one needs to know what is going on.

In Rick's office Caroline, Eric, and Rick go over a few of the designs with models wearing them. Eric wonders which one Hope likes the most. Rick explains that Hope enjoys the black skirt with a white sleeveless top that has a little bit of black in it. She believes that it looks young. Eric believes it is perfect where they want to go with the line. Rick wants to get a fashion show together really quick. Eric thinks a fashion show is a daunting task but that Rick and Caroline make it look easy. Rick believes that it's easy when you have a wife like Caroline who is so good at what she does not to mention her work on Ridge's line. Eric gives him a look of confusion.

Carter works out, outside and Maya walks outside and spots him. He notices her and she smiles. Carter tells her that he is sorry but Rick is not here. Maya tells him that he is not here for Rick. She wants to know about Ridge's line. Carter is not going to tell her anything about the line because he no longer has to because they are not together anymore. He thinks that she should be asking Rick but that even he will not be telling her anything because he does not want her either. Maya explains that Rick was very into her at one time. Carter knows that Maya would not let a wedding ring get in the way. Maya is not going to lie and say that Rick having money does not hurt but she knows that she is better than Caroline Spencer. Carter corrects her by saying Caroline Forrester. Maya does not think that will be the case for much longer if she has anything to say about it. Carter asks her where she gets off thinking the marriage won't last. Maya believes that not all marriages work out and that Caroline is just a self centered girl where as she is a bigger person. She thinks Caroline is classless. Carter tells Maya to stop embarrassing herself. Maya will do a lot of things for love because "Myrna" is still in the game.

Eric asks Caroline if she and Ridge are collaborating. Caroline starts to laugh and says no. Rick has a model come in to show some of Ridge's progress. The model has a shirt that has a zero on it showing how many designs Ridge has actually done. Eric thinks he needs some slack over the situation. Caroline gets a text saying to come see Ridge.

Ridge believes that with Caroline's help he will be able to get the line back and running and Rick off his back. He believes that Caroline is his muse. Caroline walks in and asks if Ridge really just called her his muse. Katie confirms it and tells her that he did and that it is a good thing that she is not the jealous type.

Carter is lifting weights now and Maya sits down and watches him. She thinks about when Rick and her started to date and they went to Forrester to have a fashion show and she didn't know that he was a Forrester. Carter knows the look on her face. She cannot believe that she let her life with Rick slip away. She wonders if Carter is going to be starting a family. Carter does not know that. Maya thinks that if Caroline is not using birth control that it could be a problem for Rick. She thinks a child changes everything because it did for her. Maya does respect wedding vows just not when it involves Caroline.

Rick puts up another design and display and Eric explains to him that he knows Rick is not working well with Ridge. Rick does not care about this anymore because Ridge cannot deal with this. He thinks that Ridge needs to go back to Paris after he is done with this seasons line if he ever actually does get the line together. He shows Eric one of the designs that Ridge actually did turn in and Eric notices that it is Caroline's handwork. Rick explains that it is the only thing Ridge has given him so far and he put his hand on her. Rick believes that Caroline has a future on this line. Eric agrees.

Caroline tells Ridge that he just got out of a meeting with Eric and Rick. Ridge can only imagine what that meeting was like. Caroline explains that she was telling them what it was like to be working with a true design legend. Caroline knows that Eric loved the design not that she did very much. Ridge thinks she did more than she knows. Katie decides to leave. Ridge would like to give Caroline more instruction. Ridge wonders if their is a problem.

Rick looks at a sketch and Maya walks in and is happy he is alone. Rick shows her the sketch and wonders what she thinks. Maya thinks that if that is one of the long awaited sketches for Ridge's line that it was worth the wait. Rick asks what she would say if she knew it was a collaboration between Ridge and his wife. Maya knows that Ridge does not share his line. Rick thinks it is apparently different now because the only people who are allowed in his work space anymore are Caroline and Katie. Maya wonders why because Caroline is completely out of his league. She knows that she shouldn't have said that by the tone of her voice and asks if Caroline has seen the rest of the collection. Rick says no. Maya wonders if they even know if their is a line. Rick shakes his head no. Maya wonders what Ridge could possibly be doing with her right now when he has a line to get out.

Caroline knows that he has to work on the line and does not think that this is important right now. Ridge believes that he is pressed for time. Caroline wants to go then. Ridge tells her to look at a sketch pad and asks what she sees. Caroline asks what she should see. Ridge says a black cock-tale dress. Ridge wonders where she would start. Caroline says a twist. It would make it completely different to any other dress. Caroline asks if she should see the other designs the in the collection first. Ridge wants to guide her. He tells her to visualize the dress. Caroline starts to draw. Ridge has seen those lines before in a hundred different dresses. Caroline suggests lowering the hem. Ridge thinks she is doing it wrong and starts to erase it. Ridge gets angry. Caroline asks what exactly she is doing. Ridge grabs hold of her hand and starts to draw with her. He asks if she now understands.

Rick knows that Caroline and her are not best friends but she is his wife. Maya is sorry she just cannot help it. Rick thinks that Caroline is beautiful and talented. Maya reminds him that she is also self centered and vain. Rick has never been happier. Rick has moved on from her. Maya knows that Caroline is the woman she has chosen for now anyway. She thinks that Rick thinks about her. Maya wonders if they ever talk about children. Rick thinks that is a little personal. Maya takes that as a no and wonders if he is having second thoughts about marrying her. Maya still loves him.

Caroline thinks this is incredible. She thinks it is great to be guided by him. Ridge does not think that he is that great. He does not read his reviews he just thinks that it is simple. Caroline starts to draw something on the dress but Ridge does not like it. Caroline demands that he show her. Ridge does not say anything. Caroline comes to the conclusion that Ridge cannot draw.

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