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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 9/8/14


Written By Anthony
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When Liam kisses Ivy, she stops him. He asks if he was being too forward. Ivy starts to laugh and smiles and explains that he was not. Liam wanted to thank her for tonight. Ivy explains that she really likes his business.

At Hope and Wyatt's house, he pours her a glass of champagne and walks over and gives her a glass. He explains that they better get some use out of it. Hope moans as she takes the glass. She thinks that Wyatt has read her mind. Wyatt jokes saying that is one of his many skills. Wyatt tells her that Liam is going to be ok. She tells him that they do not even have to talk about that because she was not even thinking about him. Wyatt knows otherwise. He reminds her that he is a mind reader. Hope just can't think about them. Wyatt brings up what would have happened had Ivy not shown up in Paris that day. Hope tells him that she has no regrets about what went down. Wyatt knows this but he knows that if she had not fallen things would have changed. Wyatt knows it is affecting Hope and she does not have to hold back her feelings.

In Bill's office Quinn tells Bill that he is not going to tell anyone about this. Bill yells at her to get it through her head that Quinn pushed Ivy into the water. Quinn explains that it really was not that hard. She knew that Liam wouldn't be able to pass up the chance at a rescue mission. Bill reminds her that he broke up Liam and Hope. Quinn knows this but reminds him that now Hope is with their shared son who is now her husband. She thinks it is funny how things have a way of working out. Quinn smiles at Bill. Bill wonders how much time Quinn actually spent in a straight jacket because she is insane. Quinn demands that he stop calling her that. She does not think anyone needs to know this. Bill is not going to play along with this. He plans to tell Liam, Hope, Wyatt, and Ivy what has happened. Quinn tells him that Hope and Wyatt are happy and he is not going to mess with that. Bill would usually appreciate that but he knows that Liam is absolutely miserable. Quinn thinks that he is playing favorites again. Bill wants to tell the truth. Bill thinks what they do with it is up to them. Quinn believes that he is just jealous. Bill asks how. Quinn was able to break up Hope and Liam with one little push but Bill was not able to through multiple attempts. Bill starts to get a headache. Bill was able to break up Hope and Liam plenty of times and he is not proud of it. Quinn thinks that is because they are not meant to be together. Bill stops her and tells her that it is because he was a meddling father who couldn't keep his business to himself. Quinn is asking for him to keep his mouth shut.

Hope tells Wyatt that he is right. When Ivy fell it changed her whole life, but now that Ivy is suddenly interested in Liam it just makes the whole situation very strange. Wyatt wonders if she thinks that Ivy fell on purpose. Hope does not think that. Wyatt does not think that it really matters. He believes that what matters is that Liam did not make it to her on time. He thinks that she ended up with the most awesome husband in the world. Hope agrees. She thinks that Wyatt is smart and handsome. The two kiss.

Liam really appreciates Ivy throwing a dinner party for him tonight. Ivy jokingly tells asks him if he did have a good time. Liam thinks that he did. It didn't feel like he was in Beverly Hills for once. He felt like he was in the outback. Ivy was hoping that he would feel like that. Ivy did not have any motives with tonight. Liam thinks that makes to of them. Ivy smiles.

Hope was not feeling bad. She knows that whoever Liam decides to spend his time with she cannot decide. Wyatt agrees that she can't. Hope thinks that it will work out just like it did for them though. Wyatt agrees. He thinks it is a leap a faith. The two of them remember when they took a leap of faith on their wedding day. Hope thinks it was the best jump of her life. Wyatt would do it again. The two kiss passionately

Ivy was worried that things were not going so well. Liam knows he was kind of trying to not be a kill joy for the night. He just does not know what he was. Ivy wants to help him realize that their is life after Hope. Liam appreciates that. Ivy smiles again.

Quinn thinks that Bill needs to let the kids have their own lives and that he should not get involved. Bill is not the one who is throwing them into rivers. Quinn tells him that he is the one who is trapping them in choppers and breaking their fathers out of prison. Quinn thinks that he should be thanking her. Bill asks why. Quinn says yeah and wonders why he was trying so hard to break them up in the first place. Bill thinks that Liam belonged with Steffy. Quinn wonders what has changed. Bill explains that she is no longer an option. Quinn does not even think that this is about Steffy. She thinks that Hope never really made Liam happy but with Wyatt it is completely different. All she did was make Hope admit the truth. Quinn does not think that a man who is truly in love with a man does not make up a bunch of tasks in order for them to be together. Bill wonders about Liam. Quinn asks if he really wants the two of them fighting over the same girl still. Quinn believes that Wyatt is happy. She thinks in time things can be happy. She tells Bill to be a good daddy and stop interfering.

Ivy knows that he is going through a difficult time now that Hope has married his brother. She is not going to sit here and pretend that she knows how he feels but she is going to be here for him. She will even throw around boomerangs for him if he wants. Liam laughs and thanks her for that because it is exactly what he needs. Someone who will listen and throw around boomerangs so many of them. Ivy explains that she is really good at it she has done it like once. Liam jokes that she calls herself an Australian. Ivy knows that she has failed in life. She laughs. Liam does not think that is true. That she has not failed in life. He gets a text and he explains he is supposed to drop the cat off to Hope tonight. Ivy thinks that is adorable and he should get out of here. Liam really does not want to go. Ivy asks why. Liam does not want to go to the house where Hope and Wyatt are living as a couple. Liam thinks that Ivy gets it. Ivy wants Liam to call her in the morning. Liam will.

Bill does not think that is a good enough reason. Quinn thinks that people like the two of them take action. Bill tells her to stop believing that the two of them are at all alike. Quinn thinks that they are though. More than he would like to admit. She asks him if he knows why he is not married to Brooke right now. She explains that it is because he is a leader and a real man so he dumped Ridge out of the chopper to take care of business. Just like she dumped Ivy off the bridge. They get the job done. She thinks people like Brooke don't like aggressive people because they sit back and wait for life to happen. She thinks that they are surprised when it does happen. What she wants is for Wyatt to be with Hope and deep down so does Bill.

Ivy takes down the decorations as Aly walks in the house. She turns around and says hello. Aly explains she brought her a pint of chocolate peanut butter ice cream. Ivy says that is her favorite. Aly asks if that was Liam she saw driving away. She is surprised and happy.

Hope thanks Wyatt. Wyatt asks why and wonders if it was for the champagne. Hope says no because he actually listens and understands her. Wyatt thinks those are part of his handbook. Hope had no idea. Wyatt says that she will have to read it. Hope tells him to keep reading because it is working. Wyatt tells her that the handbook tells them to go take a shower together. Hope thinks that sounds great but that the shower might be a bit distracting. Hope explains that when he gets to scrubbing she will be right there. Someone knocks on the door and Hope goes and answers it to find Liam with the cat. She looks at him surprised.

Bill tells Quinn to never interfere in Liam's life again. Quinn thinks that their is any reason for her to ever think about him again. Bill tells her that he will not allow her to deal with his life anymore. He explains that the fact is Hope and Liam were never meant to be and their is no reason to pretend otherwise. Bill explains that her secret is safe and smiles.

Aly wonders if he kissed her. Ivy says yes but this time it was different. It felt real. Aly thinks that this is huge. Aly thinks that this is so huge. Aly thinks that Liam is well on his way to being happy.

Hope totally forgot that he was dropping the cat off tonight. She grabs hold of the cat and says hello to it. Liam does not want to intrude and thinks that he should have texted her. Hope says it was fine. Liam explains he got her a new toy. Hope thinks that is great. Liam thinks they are like parents sharing an animal. Liam wants her to know that the memories are great but he knows that the cat is probably not a great reminder for Wyatt. Hope wants to share the cat and promises they always will. Liam just thinks their is part of his brain that wants to tell him that it is not over but then he comes here and it is all very real. Liam thinks that he should go. He thanks her and leaves. Hope watches as he walks off.

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