B&B Wednesday Update 9/3/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 9/3/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Ivy and Aly sit outside and talk about Liam and a photographer. The two of them smile and laugh as they talk about him. Aly wants to know how things went with Ivy at the party. Aly wants to know everything that happened between the two of them. Ivy wants to help Liam move on from Hope and make him get out of his shell from the way he was with Hope. Aly smiles.

Caroline and Ridge continue to draw as one in the conference room. Ridge seems to like the dress and Caroline thinks that was incredible the way she was able to do that. Ridge could not have done that without her. Caroline just does not think that could possibly be true. Ridge assures her that it is.

In Rick's office, he and continue to talk. Rick wants to know if there is something that he needs to know about Ridge. Katie asks what he means. Rick wants to know if something is wrong. He has a company to run. He needs to know if Ridge cannot step up for this company.

Liam tries to do work in his office but starts to think of his wedding to Hope in Italy. He sighs when he stops thinking about it.

Aly hopes that Ivy is not still blaming herself. Ivy just believes that if she had not fallen things would have changed. Aly does not think that things can change now. She believes that Ivy and him are going to be good together. Ivy said she kissed him again at the party. Ivy thinks that Liam is a terrific guy and would like to spend more time with him. Aly thinks that they will be.

Katie does not think that Ridge should be pressured and he will get what he needs. Rick does not need to deal with his attitude. Katie promises Ridge that he just needs more time and then he will get exactly what he needs.

Caroline starts to show Ridge her other designs but thinks that they are pretty lame. Ridge tries to assure her that it will work if she wants it to. Ridge looks at her designs and shows her how to fix another sketch. Caroline thinks that it is still sexy but now it is classic. Ridge believes she is getting it now.

Aly thinks that Ivy and Liam looked great together at the party. Ivy is happy and admits she does want Liam. She knows that Hope is married to Wyatt now. Hope walks up from behind her and says she is indeed married to Wyatt. The two look a little startled. Hope was just wondering about the proofs Aly had for her. Aly hands them to her. Aly decides to quickly leave and Hope sits down. Ivy believes the photos turned out right. Ivy thinks they should just put what she said out in the open knowing that Hope heard what Ivy said about Liam. Hope heard every word.

Rick knows that Ridge had never been this secretive about designs. Katie wants him to just give Ridge a break. Rick knows that he has been through a lot but Ridge decided on his own to come back to work and he needs to see those designs today.

Ridge and Caroline are happy over a design. Caroline believes this is so far beyond her ability. Ridge does not think that is the case anymore. Caroline asks him to mentor her. Ridge tells her that she should go give Rick the design and tell him it is part of the collection. Caroline is shocked and thanks him for this. Ridge thanks her.

Liam likes a necklaces that Ivy has designed. Aly believes that she will be very famous one day. Liam hopes he is around to see it. Aly thinks he will especially now that he is not stuck with anyone. Aly thinks that he is now available. Liam does not know he believe it is a little early in his post relationship status. Aly knows but does not see the downside to spending time with Ivy.

Hope is shocked to hear about her and Liam. Ivy tells her that it is nothing official but if Liam asked her she would say yes. Hope thinks she should say no. She understands the attraction but she thinks the timing is off for her. She had an intense and complicated relationship with Liam and he is still processing that. Hope tells her to just leave Liam alone.

Liam likes being with Ivy and it is easy but he is not going to rush into anything. Aly thinks that is fair enough. Aly believes that Ivy being family would mean he gets to be kept around. Liam thinks that is adorable and hugs her. Ivy asks if Hope is being just a little out of line. Hope does not think she is and asks why she would be. Ivy does not think it is her say anymore. Hope knows but she does still care for him. Hope does not think he is ready. Ivy tells her she cannot have them both. Hope tries to explain what she means. Ivy thinks they are married and she needs to get over him. Hope just does not think he needs to be rushed. Ivy does not think that her business. Hope thinks his general well being is her business. Ivy wonders how Wyatt feels about that. She should be able to move on.

Katie is shocked to see the design and asks how it happened. Ridge goes through everything that happened. Ridge explains that he showed her everything. Ridge did panic but he had nothing to lose. He put his hand on hers and it just happened. Katie is so glad he can draw. Ridge thinks that it just happened and it is great. Katie is so happy for him. Katie asks him to try to draw on his own. He says sure and starts to. He clearly gets nervous and Katie tells Ridge not to pressure himself. Katie tells him to just try again. His hand keeps shaking and he breaks the pencil. He says he can't. Katie thought he could do it with Caroline. He knows but that was with Caroline.

Rick is very impressed by the design. He is shocked that she did this and is very proud of her. Caroline tells him that technically Ridge did it and it just felt so right.

Ridge believes that it was there but he lost it again. Then he realizes how to fix it. He plans to finish it through Caroline.

Hope tells Ivy that Liam feels things very deeply and he is hurting right now. Ivy thinks that she knows that. Hope thinks things will get a little bad. She blames Ivy for what happened in Paris and wonders if anyone saw her trip into the river. Ivy did not want him to give up on her. Ivy did not mean to do anything. Ivy thinks it is Hope who should be questioned. Ivy believes that Ivy is emulating Brooke because she was with two mothers. Hope explains she is nothing like her mother. Ivy thinks they are very much a like and it is hard to tell right now. Hope thinks that what she is saying right now is very inappropriate and she is her boss. Ivy tells Hope that she was brought here because Eric thought she was talented and because she is a Forrester. It is her name and her legacy. Hope reminds her she was brought on Hope for the Future which is her line and her name and her legacy. She tells Ivy to show her some respect. Ivy will show her as much as she deserves.

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