B&B Tuesday Update 9/2/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 9/2/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Brooke takes a sip of her coffee walking around the kitchen. Deacon walks in the house and starts yelling for her. Brooke tells him that she is currently in the kitchen. She does not sound very thrilled to see him. Deacon walks in and is happy to see her but knows that she probably does not feel the same. Deacon wonders if Brooke has had anytime to think about his offer. He is aware that Bill is still in the picture but believes that things would work out perfectly for the two of them. He begs her to marry him so they can have the whole family again.

Rick makes a phone call in his office and explains to the person on the other end to not tell Ridge that he is looking for him otherwise he will make up some excuse and try hiding from him again. He hangs up the phone and Caroline sneaks up behind him covering his eyes and saying guess who. She is smiling. Rick starts to smile and jokes that it could not be his wife because she was not supposed to show up until tomorrow. Caroline explains she missed Rick so much she came back early. Rick asks how Karen and Danni are doing. She says they are doing pretty good. She wants to know how things have been. She wonders how many times Maya has hit on him. Rick says that he can handle Maya but it is Ridge he can't deal with right now. Caroline believes that he must just have something great to show him.

Ridge tries to draw something in Eric's office. Katie walks in and Ridge assumes that it is Pam and tells her to stop interrupting him so that he can get some work done. Katie tells him that it is not Pam. Ridge turns around and hugs her. He explains that he loves Pam but she is driving him nuts. She keeps trying to feed him lemon bars and wants to take him to a medieval knight thing. Katie is not sure what to make about all of that. He tells her that Rick is getting down his neck about the line and he has nothing. Katie thinks that he is putting to much pressure on himself. Rick and Caroline walk in and Rick needs to see the designs. He hates pulling rank but he demands to see the designs now.

Deacon assures Brooke that Bridget would understand in the long run because she is her mother. Brooke does not know what to say. Deacon believes that Bridget wants her to be happy. Brooke explains that it is not that but that it is Ridge and everything else. She thinks that it is sweet of him to think about him to think about that though. Hope shows up and asks what is going on with the two of them.

Ridge tells Rick that he will get the designs when he is ready to show them. Rick cannot wait any longer. Katie tries to explain to Rick that Ridge just needs more time. Rick still does not understand why they need to keep this a mystery. Caroline explains that designers are mysterious. Caroline explains she has been working on some designs for the line as well. Rick is happy to hear this. Ridge tells him that he will have his done by the end of the day.

Brooke tells Hope that she wishes she could have been there for the wedding. Hope knows but it all happened very quickly. Hope is thinking about all of the things that she did not know then.

Katie walks into Rick's office. She wishes that Rick could feel better about Ridge. Rick tells Katie that he trusts Ridge as a designer but has a huge problem with his ego. Rick thinks he is part of a team that is depending on him. He isn't even looking for a full line but just to see a single design. Katie assures him that he will by the end of the day. Rick asks if Katie has seen the designs. Katie says yes but does not sound sure of herself in her voice. Rick wants to know the truth if the designs are ok. Katie tries to explains that she is not a designer. Rick reminds her that she is a woman and was the head of the company for a period of time. He just wants to know if the designs are ok. Rick wants to know if something else is going on.

Caroline looks through some sketches and tells Ridge that it is amazing to be able to watch a genius work. Ridge wonders if she considers him to be one. Caroline believes the whole fashion community thinks he is. Ridge wonders about the designs she had been working on. Caroline tries to shrug it off as being just some things she had been working on in her spare time. Caroline does not even think they are any good. Ridge wonders if she wanted him to look at them. Caroline will show him hers if he shows her is.

Brooke assures Hope that she would have never married Wyatt if she didn't love him. Hope knows that but she also doesn't want to forget that Liam did in fact show up. Hope thinks this is all just very weird. Deacon believes she did what she had to under the circumstances. Hope knows that. Brooke reminds her that Wyatt has been committed to her since the start of their relationship. Hope knows that. Deacon asks if Hope is committed to her relationship.

Katie thinks that Ridge can deliver. Rick wants to know about right now. Every other line is delivering but his. Katie thinks he has to be patient. Rick needs her to get through to Ridge and his ego.

Caroline begs to see Ridge's designs. Ridge does not know. Caroline asks him to look through her designs. She explains that she used to just admire his designs from a far. She felt like she had a connection with him beyond him being married to her name sake. Ridge looks at the design and he likes the detailing Ridge tells her that less is always more with this line. Caroline has been struggling with that lately. Caroline knows it is a lot to ask but she would like his help.

Hope says that Wyatt makes her so happy. Deacon knows that it still does not make her forget about Paris. Hope gave Liam a choice and he was not there. She just did not want to believe that it was going to be over but it turned out it didn't. Hope just cannot turn off feelings for someone. Deacon says that it is ok to have feelings for what she had with Liam but that just does not change now that she is Wyatt's wife. Hope is really glad he is back. It is nice for her to have both her parents back in her life now more than when she was younger. She really loves them both. She hugs Deacon and Brooke smiles.

Katie just asks Rick for a little more time. Rick tells her yet again that he needs them right away. If he is trying to play with power than it needs to end. He asks if it is something else.

Caroline tries to figure out what she could change to make her design work better. Ridge has her sit down and tells her to try a softer material. Caroline asks about the back of the design. He is sorry but the back of the dress has too much going on. Caroline asks him to draw it. Ridge wants her to be the one to do it because it is her design. She attempts to draw but Ridge keeps telling her no. Caroline is confused and wants him to show her. Ridge holds her hand and Caroline notices that he is shaking. Ridge tells her not to worry about that. The two of them draw together and Caroline starts to smile in happiness. She can see what Ridge is going after and thinks it is amazing. Caroline thinks that they make a really good team. Ridge agrees.

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