B&B Friday Update 8/29/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 8/29/14


Written By Carole
Pictures By Juanita


The Forrester crew from the photo shot is celebrating at Bikini.  Maya is watching Carter have a good time. Rick runs into Ivy at the bar. He teases her about having two drinks.  She tells him she see him later, and goes to look for Liam.  Liam is talking to a pretty blonde who leaes as soon as Ivy shows up.  Ali spies Ivy and Liam having a good time.



At Brooke's house, Bill is less than understanding about what happened  to Ridge. He refuses to take any responsibility for Ridge's paralyzed hand.  He just wants Brooke back.


Quinn returns home to find Deacon, mooning over Brooke.  She's convinced that Brooke will not marry Bill now.  Deacon says that she forgave him for dumping Ridge out of a helicopter.  Quinn thinks that'll change when Brooke realizes the damage Bill has caused.  Deacon worries that tomorrow Ridge will be fine, and he'll have lost his chance.  Quinn tells him that he has to make his move before that happens.  Deacon lets out a heavy sigh.

At Bikini,  Liam is telling Carter about what happened in Paris.  He tells him that someone pushed Ivy off a bridge and he had to dive in to save her. Ivy says that she was grateful, because the tide was strong. Carter is impressed and says "Well done."  Rick reminds Liam that he lost something, too (meaning Hope).

Meanwhile, Quinn is encouraging Deacon to go after Brooke so they can be a family with Hope.  She tells him that their children are happily married and want this.  Quinn tells him to go and make it happen. Deacon leaves on a mission.

Bill is trying his best to win back Brooke. She is still worried about Ridge, but he reminds her that Ridge has Katie. Brooke says that a woman isn't going to solve his problem. Brooke is hopeful that Bill  didn't mean for this to happen.  He says that they will help Ridge get through this  He begs her to let him spend the night, but she turns him down saying it's complicated.  She tells him that she knows Katie is hurt when she sees them together.  Bill gives her a passionate kiss and  says that he's not giving up on her.  He leaves, leaving Brooke even more frustrated.

Back to Bikini, where Maya is getting friendly with Ivy.  She compliments her jewelry which she made.  Maya mentions that she and Rick used to be an item. Ivy says she knows and Maya tells her that she made a mistake. Ivy tells her that ship has sailed.  Fortunately, Liam comes and whisks Ivy away to the patio.  Maya looks over at Rick and says to herself "for now!"  On the patio, Liam and Ivy get closer.

Quinn shows up in Bill's office.  What the hell are you doing here?" he demands.  "It's part of my therapy" says Quinn  "I'm here to make amends."


Meanwhile, Deacon has shown up at Brooke's.  She's still rattled by Bill's visit.  He asks about her drink and she says she's trying to make sense off it all  She tells him that she been wondering about her choices in men. He apologizes for being the bearer of bad news. She tells him that Bill just wants to forget about everything and get married.  Deacon reminds her that Ridge has Katie and their daughter is back! Brooke says that she and Ridge always had a connection.  Brooke realizes she's been rambling and Deacon says he could listen to her all night.

Meanwhile, Maya is still pining over Rick. Oliver notices and tells her to forget it.  But he loved me, Maya says herself.  Oliver reminds her that he's married.  He's a Forrester, she says.



On the patio, Liam and Ivy are getting to know each other. Their lives are vastly different.  She is clearly smitten with the man who saved her.

Bill isn't impressed with Quinn attempts at an apology for nearly killing Liam.  She tells that she voluntarily, because she knew she needed help. She continues to apologize to Bill for sending the selfie of them to Ridge.  "Wow!  You've got a lot  to apologize for, don't you?"  Bill says snarkily.  "Well, it's all part of my therapy. " says Quinn.  She really wants to make amends.  She wants to celebrate Wyatt and Hope's marriage.  Bill reminds that her other son is miserable.  Quinn assures Bill that Liam will be fine. She' see to it. Bill looks at her warily. "You'll see to it?"  She dismisses the subject and wants them to give their relationship another try.  When Bill looks at her astounded, Quinn quickly  assures him that she means as parents.

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