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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 8/28/14


Written By Carole
Pictures By Juanita

Wyatt is back home, checking on Hope. He asks her if she needs any help, and she says no. He gives her a kiss. Hope asks if he's leaving, and he says just for a bit. He tells her to use any drawer or closet she wants, because this is her home now. He starts to sneeze, and Hope asks if his allergies are that bad. Wyatt says they've gotten worse, looking at Boo.

At Spencer Publications, Liam has a special visitor, Bob Barker. Bob, as he asks Liam, to call him, is there to tell him how much support the animal shelter generated from his article. Liam is very pleased.

Meanwhile, at FC, there's a photo shoot going on. Ivy and Aly are choosing pieces for Maya to wear. They decide on one, but Maya asks Rick his opinion, and he says it's great. It's obvious to everyone that Maya is openly flirting with Rick. The sexy, upbeat music, only encourages her. The singer keeps singing "I really love you for real."

Brooke struggles with her feelings for Bill. She's looking Ivy's drawings. She turns to their pictures of their time in Abu Dhabi.

At Spencer Publications, Bill is thinking about the same thing. We get to enjoy the flashbacks.

Oliver asks Carter if he's okay working with his ex. Carter, watches as Maya tries to get Rick's attention, and says, he's glad he's away from that hot mess. Oliver goes back to getting control of his model. Oliver calls it a wrap, so Rick announces that since his wife is out of town, he'll be going home, but everyone should have a good time at Bikini. Maya says that he doesn't have to be alone, and since Paris was a success, they should celebrate. Carter intercedes and says Rick can hang with him and invites Oliver. Oliver says he has a beautiful date, and looks to Aly.

Liam is continuing his conversation with Bob Barker. He expresses his shock over how many animals were just dropped off at the shelter for no reason. Bob says that fortunately there are many more people who want to give pets good homes. Bob says that if there's anything else he can do to let him know.  He asks Liam to please keep spreading the message to have their pets spayed or neutered and that some shelters will covers the cost. Well, if the price is right, jokes Liam. Bob chuckles, and they say their goodbyes.

Deacon surprises Hope by showing up at her and Wyatt's.  He asks if he's interrupting anything, and she says that Wyatt's not even there. She thanks him for coming back to help her unpack. He says that he was actually there to see if she would help him with something. He broaches the subject of him and Brooke getting along better. Hope agrees and says her Mom invited him to the party. Deacon says yea but she stayed pretty far away from him. Hope thinks that that's a good thing. She's thrilled that he came to her for advice about Brooke. He knows that Brooke is disappointed in Bill, and he doesn't have a job or any prospects. He wants to be the guy that her mother can believe in. He's going to prove that Bill isn't the guy she thinks he is.

As Brooke is looking through Ridge's portfolio, she hears Deacon telling her that something happened to Ridge when he hit the water. He can't draw. All of his life Ridge has been a talented designer, and Bill took that away from him.

At the FC patio restaurant , Ivy and Aly are discussing Liam.  Ivy tells her that she asked Liam to come to Bikini later. Aly is pleased when Ivy says that Liam said yes. They are both happy not to be sitting alone at Bikini, They will be with the two hottest guys there, Liam and Oliver. They both giggle delightedly.

Wyatt shows up at Liam's office, and he tries to get rid of him. Wyatt bursts in with all of Boo's stuff. Liam doesn't think Hope will stand for this, but Wyatt says her husband is allergic. He's also allergic to anything that reminds him of Liam. Besides, he says Liam could use the company.  Liam notices that Bob Barker left his packet, and goes chasing after him.  Wyatt thinks that Liam is walking out on him, and says you're still taking the cat. He goes after Liam.

Deacon is helping Hope unpack, and says maybe this is all wishful thinking. Hope says that he and Brooke have been spending a lot of time together. Deacon is encouraged by their connection as parents, and Ridge is finally out of the picture, engaged to Katie.

Bill has shown up at Brooke's, who says that she's not ready to see him. He ignores her, of course. He asks her what she's looking at and she tells him Ridge's portfolio. Years of achievement, but Bill steers the conversation to their near achievement. He blames Ridge for derailing his plans, again. Brooke doesn't appreciate Bill's lack of sympathy. She tells him how hard it was for Ridge to admit his failing to her. She tries to explain his work to Bill, but he doesn't seem to get it.

Liam is looking for Bob on Spencer's vast grounds. He asks a guard if he's seen Bob, and the guard points him in the right direction. An out of breath, Liam catches up to Bob, and tells him that he forgot his packet. Wyatt is right behind Liam, and wants to finish their argument. Wyatt says that he's not some "stupid animal lover" but he's not taking the cat. Bob is insulted by his comment and asks who he is. Wyatt doesn't seem to recognize Bob Barker, who becomes incensed by Wyatt's attitude toward animals. Wyatt goes too far by calling Bob "an animal wacko", as Liam tries to warn him. Wyatt asks Liam why he's being a a jackass, but Bob says that a pet could be your friend and make you "happy". "Happy?" scoffs Wyatt. Bob says "Have your pets spayed and neutered" then beats the crap out of Wyatt, making him tumble down the hill. "Really?" cries Wyatt. Bob is pleased with himself and says "I still got it. Wacko!", much to Liam's delight.

Rick arrives at Bikini where he's mobbed by paparazzi. He joins Carter at the bar. Ivy and Aly arrive with Oliver , whose surprised that Liam's coming. He's goes to find them a table, and Aly says that Liam will love Ivy's hair. Liam arrives shortly after, and does notice the new hairdo. Aly goes to find Oliver to let him know that Liam has arrived. Ivy's glad he came, (and after watching Wyatt get beat up by Bob Barker), so is Liam. He says that getting out is just what he needed.

Deacon is still helping Hope. He tells her that when he was talking to Brooke, he could see the big picture, and that included them as a family. Hope seems delighted by that idea. Hope encourages Deacon to tell Brooke how he really feels. He says that he has, but Hope tells him to try again.

Bill wants to know how he can fix this, and if she still loves him. Brooke says she does, but it's not that easy. Brooke tries to get him to see her point of view. She's still struggling with what Ridge has admitted to her. She says that Ridge and Forrester may never be the same again. Bill is still defending himself, and blaming Ridge for assaulting him, and running off with Brooke. He says that he's not going to let anyone come between them again. He says that they will get through this, and Ridge will recover. He's determined that they will be married, because they belong together.

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