B&B Wednesday Update 8/27/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 8/27/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

In Wyatt’s bedroom Brooke and Hope start to unpack her clothes. Brooke knows that Hope is confused right now. Hope cannot believe that Liam was there on his way to her. Brooke does not think that anyone would have predicted that Ivy would have fell into the water and she knows it sounds crazy but it is what happened.

Liam puts together an issue for Spencer and he starts to think about chasing Hope while he is in his office. He is unable to focus.

At Quinn’s apartment she wonders if Hope is moving in. Wyatt explains that is the idea. Quinn believes that he should be with her then. Wyatt tells her that she wanted to spend some time with her mother. Quinn thinks that he wanted to spend time with her then and she mentions that she believes she went over well at the party. Wyatt reminds her that it was only one time. Quinn thinks that this was all a long time coming. Wyatt explains to her about Liam in Paris and he wanted to meet her but Liam had to save somebody instead.

Outside at Forrester Aly tells Ivy that she is so glad that Liam told Hope the truth about Paris. Ivy agrees but does not think that it makes much of a difference though. Aly thinks that it changes everything now. Ivy believes Hope is committed to Wyatt now that they are married and Ivy hopes that Hope can honor that. She tells Aly that she knows what kind of a person that Hope is. She asks if Hope would go back on her word to Wyatt. Aly feels so bad for Liam and all because of a thankless stranger. She wonders if Ivy saw who bumped her. Ivy says no.

Quinn thinks that this is typical Liam. She wonders why Liam could not just let the two of them be married and have him go away. Quinn thinks the best thing that has ever happened to him is this. She is so proud of him for getting married. She wishes that Liam would just stay out of everyone’s business. Wyatt thinks that Quinn needs to do the exact same thing as he would not be married to Hope had she known Liam was there.

Liam looks at the photo of Hope on his desk and frowns. He thinks about when they went and adopted a cat together. He sets it back down on his desk and takes a deep breath.

Hope thinks that knowing Liam was there is just messing with her head so much right now. Brooke understands that. She knows it is hard to accept when you have invested so much into something. She is married to Wyatt though. Hope does not know what to do. Deacon shows up with Hope’s cat. Hope explains that she missed her cat. Deacon tells the cat to be welcome home.

Aly has come to a conclusion and believes that this family should stay away from large bodies of water. The two laugh and Ivy thinks that is an excellent idea. Aly is being serious because she does not know how Ivy could have fell if she had both her feet firmly planted on the ground. Ivy explains that it had a pretty strong current. Ivy knew that Liam would have let her drown deep down. Aly thinks that Ivy likes him. Ivy explains that she kissed him in Paris and she cannot deny that she felt something. Aly knows that he is available now. Ivy is going to invite Liam to a party.

Quinn thinks that Wyatt is being silly. Wyatt does not need her doing anything to him right now. Quinn promises that she is not going to torture him right now. Wyatt does not need anyone freaking out right now. He does not need to think about what would happen if Liam had shown up on time. Quinn tells him not even to worry about that. Wyatt remembers that the police are still looking into Ricardo’s death. Quinn believes that is a typical waste of tax payers money. Wyatt wants her to promise that she had nothing to do with that. Quinn already said she did not. Wyatt has Hope and the diamond but he needs to make sure that it had nothing to do with Quinn.

Deacon senses that something is wrong with Hope and wants to know what. Hope explains that there was just a little mix up in Paris on her part. Deacon is completely lost. Hope explains that Liam actually was in Paris but delayed. He wonders if Liam had a good reason. Hope thinks he had the best reason because Ivy fell and he went to save her. She is so proud of Liam and is so lucky to have him in her life.

Liam sits at his desk and Ivy shows up and asks if he is busy. Liam says that he is just having trouble staying focused. Ivy thinks that is because he has been looking at the wrong thing. Ivy shows him the layout for her new products. Ivy thinks that the new jewels are really good. Liam agrees. Liam knows what Ivy is doing. Liam thinks that it is really sweet that she is checking up on him but he is going to be ok. Liam thinks that he is going to have to move on. Ivy does not think that Hope’s feelings are gone. Ivy knows that Hope is still in love with her but it is all her fault. Liam tells Ivy to stop thinking it was her fault. Liam does not think it is her fault. Hope made the choice all by herself and he has to accept that.

Wyatt needs to make sure that Hope married him because she wanted to and not because she felt she had no choice. Quinn thinks that he is making too big a deal about this. Wyatt was there in Paris and saw how Hope was acting. Hope thinks this could change everything. Liam wonders if she is telling the truth. Quinn does not want this to happen to anyone she wants to work her way back into everyone’s life. Wyatt demands that she learn to be functional. Quinn knows that and wants to give Wyatt something. Wyatt is not amused. Quinn gives him a small sack and asks what he thinks. Wyatt thanks her. Quinn tells him to go to Hope because she is his wife.

Hope made vows to Wyatt but she wouldn’t have done this had she known. Deacon thinks she needs to move on with her life. Hope thanks them both for being here but she needs some alone time. Hope plays with her cat and thinks about when Hope and Liam were in Italy and Paris the last time.

Liam walks around his office and frowns.

Hope continues to play with the cat on her bed and Wyatt shows up. He walks in through the door. They both say hi to each other. Wyatt sits down on the bed and he thinks it is nice to come home to her and seeing her with them married. Hope smile. Wyatt hugs her and Hope hugs back.

Ivy walks back into Liam’s office after taking a call. Ivy thinks this is really sad. Liam knows he needs to move on. Liam knows this was a constant in his life for such a long time. Ivy wonders what Liam was doing tomorrow night. Liam is sort of shocked to hear this. Ivy wants to know if he will go with her to a party tomorrow night. Liam says yes and they hug.

Wyatt thinks it was stupid of Liam to show up at their wedding to guilt trip her. Hope is sorry and explains she is just a little thrown off. Wyatt explains that he got her something from his mother. He made sure it was ok beforehand. He shows her two rings and explains they forgot to get these. Wyatt tells her that with this ring he pledges his life to her. He puts it on her finger. Hope tells Wyatt that she commits herself to him as her husband from this day on rocking and rolling where ever this may take them. The two of them hug each other.

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