B&B Tuesday Update 8/26/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 8/26/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

In Hope’s bedroom she is still in shock over the news that Liam actually was in Paris and was there on time to meet her. Wyatt tries to tell her that it is time to go home. Liam tells her once again that he was there. Wyatt asks Liam if it makes any big difference. Hope looks at Wyatt and asks if he knew. Wyatt explains that he had no idea until right now when Bill told him down stairs. He was also told by Bill that Liam was going to be keeping this to himself. Liam thought that Hope was going to find out eventually and that she might as well find out from himself. Wyatt agrees that Liam should be the one to tell her so that she knows just how much he does not put her first. He believes this is still all about Liam and less about their relationship. Wyatt asks if Hope wants to pack a few things until she can properly be moved into his house. Hope does not know what to say. Wyatt decides to let that wait for right this minute and tells her that they should go say their good byes first. Wyatt wants to talk to Liam for a few minutes. Hope leaves. Wyatt explains that he is sorry that it had to go down like this but he is pretty sure that they both knew this would happen. Liam asks him what he is trying to accomplish right now. Wyatt explains that Liam cannot change this anymore because he is now married to Hope.

Quinn walks outside to Deacon and explains that they are still in the kitchen. Deacon wonders if both Brooke and Bill are in there and what they are saying. Quinn asks if Brooke was horrified when he told her about what happened. Deacon tells her that she was absolutely shocked. Quinn does not think that Brooke is on her way to just forgive Bill this time around. Deacon nods in agreement.

In Brooke’s kitchen Bill asks Brooke if she really is mad. Brooke does not answer right away. Bill knows that he has seen Ridge draw his pictures around the office. He does not believe that this is the truth. Brooke tells Bill that Ridge never showed anyone those pictures because he was to ashamed. Bill wants to finish this conversation in the jet. Brooke raises her voice and tries to get it into Bill’s head that Ridge has lost his ability to draw. Bill thinks that his memories came back and so will his ability to draw. He gets closer to Brooke and explains that the captain is waiting for them to get married. Bill wants to talk about this on the jet. Brooke does not look amused at all with his idea.

Deacon reminds Quinn that Brooke is a very forgiving person and if she wasn’t then Deacon would not be here today. Deacon does not think it matters. Quinn thinks that in the long run she does not think that Brooke is able to forgive as quickly as Bill is able to commit the unforgivable. Deacon wonders why she is so interested in Bill if that is the case. Quinn smiles and explains that it is not because he is well behaved.

Bill tells Brooke that he will get Ridge the best doctor in the world. Brooke does not think that Ridge will accept that. Bill asks why not. He assumes that Ridge wants to get better. Bill thinks this might be a medical condition. Brooke does not think that this is a medical condition. She tells him once again that Ridge has lost his ability to draw. Bill thinks that if he had his brain looked at it might help. Brooke doubts that he needs brain surgery. Bill explains that he had no intention of giving Ridge brain surgery. Bill asks if Brooke realizes that Ridge might have an motive in saying that he cannot draw. He believes that because Ridge hates him that he might just be saying this to break the two of them apart. Brooke gives him a look of shock. She screams that Ridge does not lie to her.

Hope walks down the stairs and Ivy is waiting. Ivy asks if Liam told her. Hope still looks to be in complete shock of what was just told to her. Ivy is so sorry about what happened. Hope tells her it is not her fault. Ivy thinks otherwise. She believes that if it were not for her that they all would be celebrating a very different wedding.

Liam thinks that Wyatt must have just been waiting for this day. Wyatt explains that is true. Liam tells him he is not talking about his wedding but the day that he could rub this in Wyatt’s face. Liam wonders what Wyatt said to Hope when the clock struck three. He asks why he couldn’t have just let her wait ten more minutes. Wyatt starts to yell and tells him that Hope did not wait for him. He believes that Liam should have called her. Wyatt thinks that Hope was just waiting to be set up for another disappointment. Liam asks if he really wants to win this way. Wyatt wonders if he means being a second choice. Wyatt knows that is how he sees it and he knows that Hope still loves him. However he does not think that Liam ever was good to her but he makes her happy unlike Liam. Liam looks at him confused.

Ivy thinks that it was a mistake. Hope sits down and explains that she is so glad that Liam did what he did for her. Ivy knows but that is not what she means. Ivy thinks that Hope should not be married right now at least not to Wyatt. Ivy knows they said vows though. Ivy explains in Australia they have something called an annulment. Hope looks at her.

Liam cannot believe that Wyatt thinks that he makes her happy. Liam wonders how he makes her happy. Wyatt is not going to get into a fight with him over this. Liam asks if he is happy even though he had to steal everything. Wyatt explains that he has something waiting for him downstairs. Liam wonders if Hope feels trapped right now. Wyatt tells Liam that he will respect his marriage. Liam believes that all Wyatt does is buy Hope things and whisk her away and do things with her. Wyatt promised Hoe these things. Liam does not believe that diamonds are going to help him anymore. Liam thinks that the world has showed upon every last gift it could possibly give Wyatt to help him. Liam thinks that anything else is going to look cheap. Liam thinks that once Hope sees that she will see him as a jealous little boy who stabbed his brother in the back with a knife.

Bill tells Brooke that he is sorry but does not think he should be blamed for being skeptical. He thinks this is the same man who didn’t want him near his kid. Brooke tells Bill that not everyone thinks like he does. Brooke does not believe that Ridge would wait months to tell people this. To some people it is not all about winning. Bill cannot believe this. He reminds her that this is the same man who chased her half way around the world. He asks her why it is ok for Ridge to get a free pass from her when it is his entire mission in life to be about his self-esteem. Brooke reminds him that most of their conversations are all about him. Bill knows that he takes up a lot of room in life. He also knows that Brooke is the first woman who has ever been able to deal with that. Brooke does not want to change him but she does want to respect him. Brooke tells Bill that he better go.

Bill asks where Brooke should go. Brooke explains that she has to let the caterers in the kitchen to help her clean up. Bill asks what is stopping her. Brooke just does not want to have this conversation anymore. Bill is not going anywhere without her. The pilot is waiting for them and the rest of their lives are waiting for them. Brooke explains that Ridge just tells her what he was going through and he expects her to just go off and get married. Bill wonders about Ridge’s own recklessness. Brooke is not going to give up everything that she is just to suit him.

Hope explains that she waited. Hope asks why Liam didn’t just tell him that he was running late. Ivy says that by the time they realized that it was too late. Ivy thinks it was such a stupid time and place to fall in the bridge. Ivy thinks it felt a lot more like getting pushed over than falling. Hope asks who would do such a thing. Ivy does not know as she did not see anyone. Quinn is looking through the window.

Liam thinks that things were supposed to be different between the two of them. Liam thought they were supposed to be brothers and respect each other. Wyatt tries to get it through Liam’s head that he does everything like a brother does and he might even love him like a brother does but that does not help Liam’s sense of grievance right now. Wyatt wonders if Liam wonders that he gets a lot of things. He has a job and a title and a house and he is able to manage that all very nicely. Wyatt knows that when Liam opens his hand he has everything. Wyatt explains that the night he walked in on his mother standing over Liam it was like a metaphor for all the people that Liam has bullied in the past. It was just a psycho attacking him for no good reason just like everything in his life. Liam asks if Wyatt found himself that night wondering if he should have let his mother do that. Wyatt says no. He needs him in his life and the fact that now he is Hope’s family but that Liam no has to accept that it is done.

Hope still cannot believe that Liam was there. She keeps thinking about Wyatt. Ivy tells her that Liam loves her and the only reason that he didn’t make it is because he didn’t want her to sink to the bottom of the sea. Hope knows that now. Hope tells Ivy she is married.

Wyatt explains that he has things to do. Liam asks if he is moving. Wyatt tells him that yes that is one of the things that they have to do. He wonders if Liam is going to be alright. He asks if there is anyone he can call for her. Wyatt asks if he gave Steffy a call when he was in Paris. Liam gets angry and tells him not to bring that up. Wyatt knows that they thought this was a competition but it was always about who was going to show up no matter what. Wyatt tells him that his wife is waiting for him. Wyatt explains before he leaves that Ivy probably wouldn’t have drowned.

Bill asks if Brooke is coming with him. Brooke cannot go. Bill thinks the timing is against them. He does not think that it is to terrible because Brooke has forgiven him in the past. Brooke is not accusing him but she cannot do what he wants him to do. Bill tells her that they will wait and they have waited before. Bill does not think this is the end of anything. Bill leaves as Brooke starts to cry.

Bill takes out his phone in the living room and calls the captain and explains that the wedding has been postponed for the time being. Deacon and Quinn are listening at the door and they both try very hard to keep their excitement back. Quinn tells Deacon to go after Brooke.

Brooke is crying over the sink and Deacon walks in and looks at her.

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