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In Brooke’s living room Ivy and Aly continue to try to distract Wyatt from going and finding Hope. Wyatt really wants to go find Hope so that they can say their goodbyes and be on their way. Ivy tells him not to worry about it and wants to know about the vows. Wyatt says ok but Bill wants to talk to Wyatt alone and Wyatt goes to talk to him. Wyatt asks Bill what is wrong. Bill explains nothing is wrong but that he wanted to tell him something earlier but not in front of Hope. Wyatt says ok. Bill tells him that Liam was in Paris.

In Hope’s bedroom she explains to Liam that she was really invested in their relationship and wanted to believe that he would show up. Then at three when Liam didn’t show up she was their waiting for him. Liam stops her from talking and tells her that he was indeed their at the right time. Hope tells him very distraught that he was not there. She waited for him and he did not show up. Liam knows that she waited for him but she did not wait long enough.

On the other side of the room Quinn grabs Deacon aside and asks him how it went with Brooke. Deacon goes on to explain that Brooke did not believe him at first but she started to after a while. Quinn smiles.

In Brooke’s kitchen Brooke confirms that Ridge cannot draw. Ridge explains to her that not since has he been able to draw. Brooke looks very concerned over this and looks almost distraught. Ridge explains that a lot of things are confusing like names and relationships and memories. He was able to recover everything but the one thing that he has always counted on. His gift to create things. Ridge does not believe that he will ever design again.

Quinn thinks that because poor Ridge can no longer draw dresses Brooke will never be able to forgive Bill for this. Deacon reminds her that Brooke is going to blame her a lot more than she will blame Bill. Quinn thinks that she can handle the dirty looks. Quinn could care less explaining that Bill is the one who is dropping people out of the sky; all she did was send a selfie. Katie walks in the front door behind the two of them and is on the phone with her nanny explaining that she will be home soon. She asks the two of them after she gets off the phone if either of them have seen Ridge. They just look at each other with smirks on their faces.

Brooke just cannot believe that his gift is gone. Brooke asks him what he is supposed to do. Ridge does not know. He tells her that every time he tries to draw a sketch it always ends up looking like a scribble. Brooke starts to cry and the two hold hands.

Aly wonders how much time they are going to need to give Liam as they look at Bill and Wyatt talking to each other. Ivy believes that they will need a lot of time. Aly cannot believe that Hope thought that Liam was giving up on her. She believes that Hope needs to know the truth so that they can be together.

Wyatt does not believe that Liam was in Paris. He knows that Liam never showed. Bill tries to explain to him that he was indeed there he just did not show up on time. Wyatt does not think he is telling the truth because the whole reason that they are married is because Liam didn’t show up and Hope finally gave up on them.

Hope tells Liam in a very distressed voice that he was not there. Liam tries to convince her that he was there. Hope does not want to hear this. Liam tells her what she was wearing and where exactly she was standing. Hope is shocked to hear this. Liam thinks that she looked beautiful Hope starts to cry and is shocked she walks away from him and then turns around. Hope asks crying hysterically if he was there then why didn’t he come to her.

Deacon and Quinn move over by the staircase and explains that Brooke was pretty torn up by what he told her. Quinn starts to laugh and says she is sure she was. Deacon tells her not to do that. Deacon does not think this is fun for him. He actually cares about Brooke unlike her. Quinn reminds him that this is exactly why they are doing this. So that Deacon can have Brooke and so that she can have Bill to herself. Quinn knows that Brooke is the mother of his child just as Bill is the father of hers. She understands what he is going through.

Brooke tells Ridge that whatever happened they will fix it. Design is his passion. Ridge says that it was his passion. Brooke will not let him give up on this. Ridge thinks it is over. Brooke wonders if she is the only one who knows. Ridge says that Katie knows Brooke thinks that he should have been able to come to her. He should not have been ashamed of this. Ridge says that when he showed up at work and everyone was there cheering for him and marching with him it was just a huge rush. He thought it was great but then when he got into the office and tried to pick up a pencil he just froze. Brooke remembers that day she remembers that he went home and they all just through he was tired. Katie walks in the kitchen and is happy to have found Ridge. Katie asks what is going on. Ridge tells her that Brooke knows. Katie asks if she knows exactly what she is struggling with. Brooke gets closer to the two of them. She reminds Ridge that design is his passion, it is his destiny. Ridge tells her not anymore.

Wyatt is shocked to hear that Ivy fell into the water. He figures that Liam had to have gone in after her. Bill believes that she must have been distraught. Wyatt confirms that this all happened at three when Hope decided to give up. Bill says yes. Wyatt now thinks that the only reason he is married is because Ivy fell into the river. Bill tells him not to say that. Wyatt knows that it is true. Bill thinks that no one needs to know about this. Wyatt does not want to keep any secrets from her. Bill tries to get Wyatt to listen to him. He tells him that Hope is married to Wyatt and Hope will stick to her vows because that is the type of girl that she is. Bill has talked to Liam and he is under control. Bill knows that Liam knows that he better do the right thing.

Hope cannot believe he was there. She wants to know what could have possibly happened Hope knows that he was upset about the diamond but cannot believe that he showed up but didn’t come forward. Liam tells her that he didn’t want her to accept the diamond. He was mad that she took it and then in front of the press. He cannot believe that she went off to Paris. Liam was angry; when she left he was not sure he was even going to show up in Paris. Hope didn’t know either. Hope thought it seemed simple so to her. So that when he didn’t show up at three she assumed that it was over. Liam tells her that she is wrong. He finally started to look for her when he could but she was gone by that point. Hope continues to cry.

Quinn believes that having children changed them. For the first time they felt like they were wanted. Deacon thinks that today showed how much it meant to them that they liked that their parents were together. Quinn wonders what might happen now that Ridge’s secret is out. He wonders what might develop.

Katie is gad that Brooke knows. She explains that Ridge needs support. Katie wonders if Ridge can see that. Brooke assures Ridge that she is here for him always. Brooke confirms that both Katie and she are. Brooke cannot believe that this all happened. Katie thinks it is because Bill just had to have Ridge learn a lesson. Katie shows Brooke what has happened because of Bill. Brooke believes that Ridge will get this back. Ridge still does not think that it will happen. Brooke reminds him that he is Ridge Forrester and he is not going to lose that. Bill walks in and wonders why everyone is in here. Brooke takes a deep breath.

Wyatt tries to go upstairs but Ivy and Aly run over and distract him. Ivy is happy that Bill has left. Aly wants to talk. Wyatt tells them later. Wyatt realizes what the two of them were doing. He tells them that he will tell Liam that they did their job. Wyatt runs up the stairs. Aly and Ivy look concerned.

Hope does not think that this makes no sense to her. She wants a better explanation. Liam tells her that they landed in plenty of time and it never accrued to them that they wouldn’t make it. Hope wants to know who Liam is referring to. Liam says that Ivy was with him. They were in a taxi but then it got closer to three and they decided to start running. Hope asks why Liam didn’t take out his phone and call her. Liam did not think that he needed to because he could see her from where he was. He was picturing her smile. Hope wants to know why he didn’t go over to her then if he was that close Liam tells her that he was on the bridge and Ivy fell into the water. Hope asks if he is kidding her. Liam says no. Ivy wanted him to keep going but Liam knew that she was in trouble. Hope wipes her tears. Liam explains that he got her to shore. All he could do was run at that point and hope that she was still there but she wasn’t.

Bill wonders why they are all acting so serious. Bill believes they should be happy because it is a wedding ceremony. Brooke does not look amused at all Bill looks at Brooke and knows something is wrong. Ridge tells Katie they should go. Katie wonders if she is going to be ok. Brooke shakes her head yes and the two leave. Bill asks her what Katie means by alright. Bill wants to know what is going on.

Ridge and Katie leave. Deacon reminds Quinn that Bill and Brooke are now alone in the kitchen. Quinn wonders what they are up to.

Bill assumes that Brooke told Ridge and Katie that they were getting married and they didn’t take it very well. Bill knew that they wouldn’t but they will come around. Bill thinks that now that everyone is basically gone they should get going. Bill wonders what is wrong. Brooke explains that Ridge just told her something about the accident. Bill does not want to go back to that. Brooke thinks that they have to. Ridge is struggling with something. Bill knows that Ridge was struggling but he knows that Ridge is now better. He has apologized at this point. Ridge is back to his old self though. Brooke tells him that Ridge is not any better and that he cannot draw anymore all because he fell. Brooke looks very angry.

Aly wonders if they should call Liam and let him know that Wyatt is on his way. Ivy believes that they have given him all the time that he is going to be able to get at this point. Aly knows Liam was there for her and wonders what she will do now that she knows.

Hope explains that she was waiting there for what seemed like an eternity. Liam knows that but he had to help. Hope knows and is not surprised by his actions. Hope needs him to know that it does not change her perspective of what happened. She was waiting for him and he didn’t show up. Hope thought that when the bells rang, she did not matter to him. Then Wyatt was there and when he got over to her, he knew how upset she was and knew what to do without her having to say anything. Liam tells her that he showed up. Hope did not know that. Liam explains that now she knows. Wyatt walks in and closes the door. Wyatt explains the party is over. Wyatt wants to go but Hope cannot stop looking at Liam.

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