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Deacon wonders if Quinn got that out of Ridge's office and not the preschool down the street. Quinn explains she defiantly got this out of Ridge's office and that these are clearly supposed to be Ridge's designs.

Katie asks what Quinn was even doing at the office. She thought that Quinn was supposed to be in some kind of treatment facility. Ridge explains that she apparently got released. Ridge tells her that he cannot draw or design and it is all because of Bill.

At Brooke's house Bill explains to Brooke that he knows that he has made a bad choice with what he did to Ridge. Bill reminds her though that Ridge did try to break up there wedding and sucker punched him in the face. Brooke reminds him that he went to far. Bill knows this and explains that things are back to normal now. Ridge is back to his life and is doing is life's passion of making dresses. Brooke rubs her head listening to Bill's logic. Bill wants to live his life with her. He asks if she do that with him.

At Liam's house, Aly and Ivy try to convince him that Hope did not know that Liam was on his way to the special spot. Liam knows this and he was late. Aly reminds him that he saved Ivy's life and that was the only reason that Liam was late. Aly tells him that Hope needs to know that he was there. Liam closes his eyes. Liam believes that it to late. Aly thinks that it is never to late. Ivy thinks it couldn't hurt to explains. Aly asks how Ivy could have fallen into the water in the first place pointing out that hundreds of people walk over that bridge on a daily basis and have never fell into the water. Aly thinks that Liam has to explain it to Hope because it will change everything.

Bill believes that if they were to get together that things would just be wonderful for everyone involved. Brooke thinks that Liam and Wyatt will still be a problem. Bill explains he will never do anything to hurt anyone she knows ever again. Brooke wonders about Ridge. Bill plans to be his new best friend.

Ridge thinks that this is all Bill's fault and that if it were not for him he would still be able to draw like before. Ridge knows that this has been the case for weeks. Katie thinks that Ridge should tell someone now like Eric or Brooke because it is important. Ridge does not want anyone else to know this and for this to remain between the two of them.

Quinn wants to know why can't Ridge draw. Deacon thinks that this is like writers block and eventually he will get it back. Deacon does not think they should even care. Quinn cares and the two of them are going to find out exactly what is going on. Deacon looks worried as Quinn smiles.

Liam walks out of his kitchen and hands a bottle of water to Ivy. He tells them both that he was planning on marrying her. He tells them about how he was running through Paris looking for Hope after he had rescued Ivy. Then when he finally got to what he assumed was Hope she was gone. He was to late. Aly wonders why Hope did not wait for him. Ivy does not think that he was that late. Liam knows that but he was to late for her and late enough for her to run off with Wyatt.

Brooke tells Bill that he needs to respect Ridge. Bill knows that and plans to because everyone is going to be related one day. Bill is going to be good to her sons and her daughters. He will even make nice with Katie. Brooke thinks that he is changing. Brooke does not think that Ridge is going to forgive him. Bill believes that Ridge has to much to be in that much hate. Brooke just wishes she could say the same about Quinn. Brooke tells Bill that the one downside to Wyatt being married to Hope is that Hope has a black widow for a mother in law.

Deacon asks what Quinn is trying to do. Quinn is trying to think. Deacon believes this is not going to harm anyone. He believes that Ridge has enough money if he never wanted to work again. Quinn asks Deacon to focus and try to think why Ridge does not want anyone to know and what caused this to happen to him. Deacon tells her that just because he would not tell her does not mean that it is a big secret. Quinn believes there is more to this than is being said. Quinn wants to gather some information and knows where to find it. Deacon tells her that she is never going to get back into the Forrester building. Quinn knows that and explains that she knows where to go because Ridge and Katie are having lunch right now and they are going to go show up there and find out what is happening with Ridge.

Ridge has to be reminded every day that he cannot do his job because of Bill. Katie understand that. Katie believes this is a celebration about Hope and Wyatt. Ridge knows that and raised Hope and wants her to be happy but does not want Bill to be apart of that and cannot understand why he is. Ridge wonders why Brooke cannot cut ties with this man like everyone else has at this point.

Brooke tells Bill that something like the Middle East can never happen again. Bill thinks that was part of the old him. He does not plan to do that ever again. He is changing because of Brooke. Bill thinks that Brooke makes him want to be a better man. He wants her to remember the good things and remember the good part of the trip. Brooke does think they have had some good times together. Bill asks Brooke to marry him and stay on this incredible adventure with him. Brooke agrees to marry him and gives him a kiss.

Katie wonders if Brooke will surprise them all and just finally be done with Brooke. Ridge brings up RJ getting the sword necklaces. He asks Katie would possibly does that. Ridge does not want that cartoon character around his son. He is dangerous.

Quinn and Deacon show up at the restaurant and Quinn asks the waiter if they could sit a table in front. Deacon cannot believe they are spying on Ridge and Katie. They both are wearing sun glasses and Quinn is wearing a large sun hat. Quinn hopes that Ridge plans on being extra chatty today.

Liam does not think that he should have let her go to Paris without him. The one thing that he cannot figure out is how Hope was able to go and get married the same day that this all happened. Ivy believes that Wyatt pressured her. Liam still thinks this is his fault because he allowed Wyatt into there lives. He thinks he should have never trusted him. Aly is so sorry about all this. Liam is taking responsibility for everything that has happened and he cannot blame anyone. Aly thinks that he needs to tell Hope tomorrow what happened. Ivy will tell her that it was all her fault. Liam tells Ivy that it is not her fault. Ivy believes that had she not fell into the lake that Liam would be married to Hope right now and planning his future. Ivy thinks that they need to get Hope and Liam back together. Liam is not a hero and anyone would have done the same thing. Aly believes that only a gentleman would do this. Liam thinks that Hope might already know what has happened and it does not even matter. Ivy thinks that is grounds for Liam to talk to her then. Liam thinks that enough is finally enough. Bill is even telling him to leave it alone and he is starting to think he is right.

Bill walks back into the house with a giant bottle of champagne. Brooke thinks that everything is larger than life with him. Bill starts to neigh like a horse. Bill wants to open this at Wyatt and Hope's party and celebrate them and then they will celebrate their life together. Bill wants to hold that thought and decides that they are going to go to Monte Carlo. Bill calls the captain and explains they plan to use him to get married now. Bill tells him that they are only going to get the best when it comes to this wedding. Brooke tells Bill that this will only happen if nobody ever gets hurt again. Bill promises to never do that again because he loves her. Brooke says he loves him too. The two kiss passionately. Brooke starts to laugh in joy.

Ridge decides they will go to the party tomorrow but they are supposed to stay away from Bill. Katie says fine but Bill should be in jail for what he did. Ridge can't do this anymore. Quinn and Deacon hear this. Katie thinks that when Bill dumped him into the ocean that should have been enough for Brooke to get over him. Ridge knows that Brooke is not staying away. Katie thinks that Brooke should know the truth. He asks Katie to promise that this remains between them. Quinn takes off her glasses and smiles at Deacon who smiles back.

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