B&B Tuesday Update 8/19/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 8/19/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Ridge sits in Eric's office at his desk and looks at the photos of Hope in Paris. Katie walks in and Ridge thinks that it is a good picture. He believes that Caroline is a good designer. Katie tells him that he is too. Ridge does not believe her and shows her the latest sketch he tried to draw tearing it off and crumbling it up. He knows what is in his head but his hand will not draw it anymore. Katie asks how bad is it. Ridge does not know. Katie thinks it is alright for him to feel this way for right now. He will figure it out eventually. Katie believes that with every attempt he will get closer to a design that works. The phone rings and he picks it up. Brooke is on the other end and explains to him that she is getting something ready for the buyers and was wondering how things are going there.

Quinn wonders if a cat has his tongue. Deacon asks why, wondering if it because he is not accepting her offer. Deacon is going to need more than just an idea. If she wants to go after Bill she can but he is not going to knock him out and drag the body her. Quinn is not asking him to because she has someone else to do that type of thing for them. Deacon sarcastically asks if she hired a henchman. Quinn starts to laugh and says no he is going to do it for free. She tells him it is Ridge Forrester.

Outside of Eric's office Pam sits at her desk along side Aly, Charlie, and Oliver. Aly thinks that they should call someone Ethel Red. Pam tells her that she loves that name. Charlie says Ethel Red the pure. Oliver explains that there are two kings with that name. Aly thinks that is to bad because that name has a lot of rhyming words for it. Pam gets a phone call for Ridge and takes a message. Pam sighs. She does not like interrupting Ridge lately because he has just been so different since he has gotten back from the middle East.

Ridge who is still on the phone explains to Brooke that things are going fine here and that she should just work from home. Brooke wonders if he has any new graphics he would like to include in the promo. Ridge tells her that he does not do graphics and that is the art departments job. Brooke says ok and is sorry to bother him. Ridge hangs up the phone.

Quinn plans to pay Ridge a little visit. Deacon wonders if she is supposed to be in the nut house. Quinn has been released and believes she is on the road to normal. She grabs her bag. Deacon hates to break it to her but Ridge does not want to talk to her and hates him just as much as Bill. Quinn knows that but also knows that he has not tried to kill him anytime recently. She wonders if Deacon ever gets tired of being lonely and friendless. Quinn asks if he ever would like to go try his hands at a normal life. Deacon thinks there is to much water under the bridge for that now. Quinn thinks there is to much water under the chopper for Bill as well. Quinn wants him Brooke and Hope to all be a family and then for her Bill and Wyatt to be a family as well. Deacon does not think that they even like each other or know what they want. Quinn believes that it is their job as American's to help them figure that out then. Deacon smiles at Quinn as she leaves.

Brooke opens the door after hearing the doorbell ring and is shocked to see Deacon. Deacon tells her that she should be glad to see him as he can be the person she is shockingly happy to see. Brooke tells him that they actually do have something they need to talk about and asks if he can come in. Deacon walks in and wonders if Bill is here. Brooke tells him that he would know if Bill was. Brooke explains that Bill and her are throwing a reception for Hope and Wyatt when they get back. Deacon thinks that means that he is not invited. Brooke says no because he is Hope's father and he deserves to be able to show he his happy as well. Brooke just needs to ask him to be respectful to Bill. Deacon will gladly do so if she can give him one good reason why.

Pam recites the poem to the others. Quinn walks down the hall and Pam wonders what she is doing here. Quinn says it is nice to see all of them as well. Pam tells her that she means she thought she was supposed to be locked up somewhere. Quinn makes a joke about how Pam of all people who shares a desk with Donna is saying that. She wants to speak to Ridge. Pam does not think that Ridge is going to want to see her. Quinn believes that is up to Quinn to decide. Charlie explains that Ridge just has not been the same since he fell out of the chopper. Aly adds thanks to her. Quinn loves that they are still all blaming her for this knowing it is convenient. Aly does not think she is welcome here. Quinn does not care and walks into the office anyways.

Ridge turns around and wonders what she is doing here. Quinn explains she just wanted to have a word. Quinn explains that she does not mean any harm and does not wish to get her job back. She tells him that she is an out patient now and she wants to make amends with him. Ridge is not going to say everything is ok. Quinn is sorry and knows that she has interrupted his work. She just wanted to say that she was sorry and will also be talking to Brooke and Bill as well. Ridge thinks she should just leave this alone. Quinn says she will not be talking to them together because she is sure that Brooke would never want to talk to Bill again. Ridge does not think she should be so sure. Quinn pretends to act shocked and asks if Brooke would really go back to him. Ridge wonders how any of this concerns her. Quinn believes they cannot let Bill talk her into another wedding.

Brooke reminds Deacon that Bill is now Hope's father-in-law and he is going to need to learn to respect him. Deacon wonders what Bill is going to say to him. Deacon cannot believe that Bill and her are on good terms. He wonders how many more times he is going to have to slip up before he can get the door slammed on him. Brooke reminds Deacon that they have all done things that are unforgivable but that they learn to forgive. Brooke tells him they need to accept this and move on with their lives. Brooke does not believe they should be looked upon by the mistakes of their past. Deacon thinks that means they should be able to have another go around then. Brooke cannot believe he is even suggesting that. Deacon does not think that he should be given a second chance seeing that Bill has done so much and all he has done to her is make her feel hate towards herself because of how Hope came to be. Deacon asks if she remembers why Brooke named her Hope. Brooke does. Deacon thinks it would be great if they could go to Hope and tell her that her parents are back together. Brooke thinks that Hope is a grown woman and understands the situation at hand. She knows that Hope loves both of them. Deacon wonders if Hope loved her being engaged to Bill. Brooke tells Deacon that he is invited to the party and he can do what he wants with it. Deacon accepts it but asks her not to blame him for wanting. Brooke says ok. Deacon still remembers them, he remembers how her hair smelled how she felt under her hands. He knows that everything else has changed but not that.

Quinn only says this because she knows that Ridge cares about Brooke. Ridge thinks this is none of her business and she does not know what she is talking about. Quinn is sorry. Ridge wonders why she would come here and say things she does not know. He is busy and does not need her in his head. Quinn knows that she needs time to undo the damage she has done. Quinn wonders if Ridge is ok. Ridge is fine. Aly walks in and reminds him that he is meeting Katie at a restaurant in 20 minutes. Ridge thanks her. Charlie wonders if he needs to have Quinn removed. Quinn does not think that needs to happen. Ridge tells him he needs to. Quinn and Charlie start to leave but Quinn forgets her bag. She goes back to get it and grabs a few of the sketches in the trash can. Quinn tells them all to have a good afternoon in halfway junction.

Ridge shows up at the restaurant and kisses Katie. Ridge wonders if he is late. Katie explains she is fine and asks how the head ache is. Ridge sits down and wonders why she would ask that. Katie explains that he had one earlier and just assumed he still had it. Ridge tells her that Katie showed up at the office today. Katie sarcastically says that he is lucky and wonders if she asked for her old job back. Ridge says no. He is not sure why she came but it looked like Quinn wanted Ridge to get Bill out of Brooke's life again. Katie hopes that he threw her out. Ridge did but wonders what would happen if Bill does get married to Brooke. Katie explains that maybe if Brook were aware of what the fall did to Ridge. Ridge says that it is temporary and he will draw again so he does not need them mentioning this to anyone.

Quinn walks into her apartment and tells Deacon baby steps. She knows Brooke threw him out but she never did say that it was going to be easy, there is always tomorrow. Quinn wonders what Brooke told him. Deacon does not want to talk to her about it. Quinn reminds him this is all a joint venture. Quinn thinks that Ridge was a complete mess. Quinn is not sure what is going on with him but he was sweaty and taking pills. She takes out one of the sketches and shows it to Deacon. Deacon wonders if this was something RJ drew. Quinn tells him no and explains that they were Ridge's. She cannot believe he lost it and cannot draw anymore.

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