B&B Monday Update 8/18/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 8/18/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

In her apartment, Quinn holds a gun to Deacon. Quinn tells Deacon that he is making some seriously dangerous accusations about her. Deacon tells her to be quite because he has proof on her. He plays the Ricardo video again. Quinn says that what he thinks is proof of some message from beyond the grave is dead wrong. Deacon explains that even if he is wrong he does not want Hope anywhere near her. Quinn does not think that is going to happen because Hope is now married to her son and has given her a very large and nice ring. Deacon tells her that the only reason anyone has that ring right now is because she killed to get it.

In Monte Carlo Hope looks out at the ocean. Wyatt walks up to her with two glasses of champagne. He tells her that there is no contest the ocean is magnificent but is nowhere near as beautiful as her. Hope laughs and thanks him. Wyatt hands her one of the glasses and they click them together before taking sips from them. The two then walk around the boat holding hands. Wyatt never thought he would be saying things like family boat. Hope tells him that he is now a Spencer and he better get used to it. Wyatt tells her to get used to it as well. Hope knows and smiles. Wyatt explains that he will never get over that smile and promises to keep it on her face till death to them part. Which is pretty much how he felt when Hope took his hand and they jumped over board into the ocean. Wyatt believes that Hope is crazy. Hope jumps into his arms and they kiss.

Quinn is not going to lose everything because some guy thinks that some video is telling him something. Deacon tells Quinn to watch it. Quinn says for him to watch it because she has had to work for everything to protect herself and Wyatt. She will not let him make accusations. Deacon does not believe that they are accusations and believes that the police are going to find out while investigating. Quinn thinks that they are only investigating because it was a priceless diamond. Deacon starts to yell and tells her that they better start investigating her instead of Wyatt. Quinn never had any problem with Ricardo and worked well with him. She believes he had nothing to ever feat. Deacon wonders if what she is saying is that he does have to feat her. Quinn wants him working with her not against her. She puts the gun down and explains that cannot happen if he does not trust her. Deacon cannot trust the woman holding a gun to him. He asks what is going on her head. Deacon wants to know how she could have possibly ever gotten a gun. Quinn says that it is her right as a citizen to have a gun. She needed it to protect herself because she is a single mother with a young son. Deacon reminds her that Wyatt is an adult now. Quinn believes that they are not much different and that they should be working together. Deacon cannot work with a crazy woman who murdered someone. Quinn once again says that she did not murder him and they worked well together and that is why he gave Wyatt the diamond. Quinn knows that the video was edited by him. Deacon reminds her that there is a dead guy. Quinn was in treatment. Quinn was desperate to get back to Wyatt so she would never do that to him. Deacon knows that Quinn knows exactly what to say. Quinn can get Brooke for him and then they can be friends.

Liam sits down back at his house and takes a big sigh. Bill sits down across from him and wonders if he realizes that it is different this time. Liam wonders what he means. Bill explains that Hope is married this time. Liam is aware of this and knows that Hope is married and wedding vows have been estranged. He looks at a photo of Hope and frowns. Bill is sorry he had to tell Liam this. Liam reminds Bill that Wyatt is his son too. Bill is happy for Wyatt but he is also sad for Liam. He did not want this to happen to either of them. Liam explains that he could have had her but then fate had to happen and Wyatt swooped in. Liam wonders if Bill wants him to be more like him. Bill explains that if Liam wanted Hope so badly he should have went to her straight away. Liam tells him that he was on his way until Ivy fell into the water and he had to go rescue her. Bill respects Liam for that but if he had got on the plane when he was supposed to he would have got Hope. Liam knows that. Liam wonders how Brooke feels about all this. Bill says that Brooke just wants Hope to be happy. Bill knows that Liam would have made her happy had things gone differently.

Hope and Wyatt start to kiss in the hot tub of the boat. They then start to kiss passionately in the living room but Hope sees a photo of Bill and wants to move away from it. then they lay down on a couch and kiss passionately drinking more champagne.

Deacon confirms that Quinn plans to get Brooke for him. Quinn tells him yes because they are family now. Deacon believes that Quinn is very delusional. Quinn sits down and tells him that the two of them are not that different. She believes that they both want what they never had and Brooke will want to give him a chance. Deacon thinks that it will never work. Quinn explains that she hated Bill for years but then she realized that it was not hate but lust that she was after. Deacon tells her that he knows all about her sex life after going on his computer. Quinn believes that with Bill she can have it all. Deacon does not think that Brooke is over him yet even after what he did to her. Quinn thinks that is where he comes in. She believes that Deacon is all about passion and belongs with Brooke. Quinn wants Deacon and Brooke together for Hope and she wants to be with Bill so that the two families can be whole again. She does know that Hope and Wyatt are grown up now but believe that they would love it so much if they could have the families that they never had before. She believes they can pull this off together. She takes a sip of brandy and wonders what he says. Deacon takes a sip as well.

Liam believes he was so close to getting Hope. Bill reminds him and tries to put it through his head that close does not count this time. Liam is trying to say... Bill tells him that they are not going to do anything about it. Bill demands that Liam be at a part of the wedding party that he is throwing with Brooke. Liam cannot believe that Bill is telling him this and automatically says no. Bill tells Liam to listen to him. He is going to have this family move on and they are going to be a family now. Bill tells him to not try to tell Hope anything. He needs to just get over this and accept it because that is how it is going to be.

Wyatt and Hope sit in the dining room and one of the people on the boat put down a tray. Wyatt thinks that this is nice. He thinks it is great that Bill wants to throw them a party. Hope takes a bite of the food. Wyatt cannot believe they are married. He thinks they are crazy. Hope agrees that they are in the best way. Wyatt believes they are starting an adventure. He loves her. Hope loves him to and they kiss passionately again.

Deacon thinks that was a nice speech even if it was very transparent. Quinn believes that the two of them have common goals and shared interests. Quinn believes if they work together they can both have what they do not have now. Deacon believes that Brooke should have let Bill go the moment she found out what happened. Quinn knows that but reminds him that she didn't but thinks that in the long run it will slow Brooke down. Quinn thinks that it means they are going to get married eventually. Quinn thinks that just one photo was almost the end of that couple. Deacon does not think that it will work again. Quinn knows that but knows something else about Bill something that Bill cannot control. Deacon knows about his temper. Deacon thinks that he will be a saint until they get married though. Quinn believes they can light a match to make Bill go off. Deacon reminds her of the video again. Quinn tells him to delete all the copies of that video he has because they are dangerous. Deacon agrees that in the wrong hands it could hurt someone. Quinn tells him they have to act right now.

Liam looks at photos of Hope and him together and remembers when they had first met and all the times they had been engaged together as well as when Wyatt gave her the diamond. Liam puts the photos in a box very quickly even though it pains him to do so.

Hope looks at her photos from earlier that day and thinks about waiting fro Liam in Paris.

Liam puts down the box and opens his laptop and looks at the photo of him and Hope and deletes that as well. He frowns.

Hope takes a deep breath and thinks about Wyatt coming to him after Liam did not show up going off with him.

Liam looks out the window as Hope thinks about getting married to Wyatt and smiles as he kisses her.

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