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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 8/13/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Wyatt holds out the diamond on the ocean while he and Hope are in Monte Carlo. Wyatt has proposed to Hope and explains that this diamond has done so much for her and both of them in general. Hope laughs. Wyatt asks Hope to look deeply into the stone and to think about what the future holds for them both. He explains that the captain can marry the two of them right here on this ship. Hope laughs once again. He asks Hope what she says about his proposal.

Liam looks out the window in Paris in his hotel room. Ivy walks in and says hi. Liam says hello as well and asks how she is doing. Ivy explains that she is doing fine and her room is nice. Liam thanks Ivy for sticking around. Ivy thinks it is fine and jokingly tells him how much of a huge sacrifice it is to stay and hang out with a handsome man in Paris. Liam laughs. Ivy wonders about his phone. Liam says that it is completely ruined from the water. Ivy has the same problem with her own phone. Liam has tried to call Hope from a land line and Hope is still not picking up. Ivy believes that she will eventually pick up. Liam knows this but can't help but think about Hope just standing there waiting for him. Ivy interrupts him and explains that he was indeed there for her. Liam knows but also knows that Hope does not think that. Liam explains that he has got to go and find her.

Deacon knocks end enters Eric's office where Brooke is still working. He hopes that this is not a bad time but that he had just got a text from Wyatt. Deacon explains that Wyatt and Hope are moving on. Brooke wonders what that could possibly mean. Deacon believes that this means that the diamond did the trick and that Hope is finally moving on from Liam. Brooke wonders if this could possibly be true not sounding very happy about the situation.

Ivy wonders if Hope could possibly be at International right now. Liam says no because he has already called there enough times at this point. Ivy is sorry and believes that this is her fault. Liam will not let her think this is more than just an accident but that Hope has to be out there somewhere right now and he cannot figure out why exactly she is not using her phone.

Wyatt tells Hope that Liam clearly sent a message to her loud and clear at the Eiffel tower when he did not show up, however he is sending a message himself right here and now with the diamond. Hope looks unsure. Wyatt wants to give her a partnership something she has never had before. He would like to give her love without strings attached and no restrictions or demands stuck along with it. Wyatt wants this to happen right here. Hope looks at him.

Bill gets on a phone with the captain of the boat that Hope and Wyatt are currently on. The captain explains that he just wanted to make sure that Wyatt was allowed to keep the boat for the week. Bill explains that Wyatt cleared it with him. The captain tells Bill that Wyatt has asked her to perform some services for the two of them. Bill asks what kind of serves he is talking about. The captain says that Wyatt would like him to marry the two of them today. Bill looks shocked.

Hope is shocked that Wyatt wants her to marry him today here on this boat. Hope wonders where possibly. Wyatt thinks that this boat is the perfect place after the reception that Hope had received. Wyatt will not let Hope deal with this anymore. He believes that the diamond means more to them. Wyatt even thinks that Liam saw the diamond's power because he didn't even show up. Wyatt can give her everything that she wants and they can start a life together. Hope says yes. Wyatt confirms that she is saying yes. Hope nods and says yes again. The two of them hug in excitement that they are about to be married.

Deacon looks at Brooke and does not like the look that she currently has. Deacon knows that it would not be happening if he was around more. Brooke thinks that it just never is enough with him. Deacon believes that if he was around more that he wouldn't have to deal with all this. Brooke gets a phone call and quickly picks it up. Deacon knows that it is Bill. He asks her not to pick it up but that does not stop Brooke. Brooke wants to know what Bill wants. Bill explains that he would like to come there so they can talk. Brooke tells him that he should just stay there because of Deacon but does not tell Bill that Deacon is currently there. Bill says to Brooke that Hope and his son are getting married. Brooke says what. Brooke cannot be more happy that Hope and Liam are getting married. Bill explains that it is not Liam but Wyatt. He thinks it will be very difficult for Liam but that this is life there has to be a winner and a loser. Liam is going to have to find someone else.

Liam and Ivy attempt to figure out where she could have possibly gone. Ivy thinks that Hope will have to go back to International eventually. Liam is not so sure of that especially if she is with Wyatt. Ivy does not think that they know that. She asks him not to do this to himself and that eventually she will have to call him back. Liam agrees.

Wyatt looks out into the water and turns around as the captain and the first mate come over to him explaining that the first mate will the witness. The first mate whose name is Craig explains that he has given Hope the dress he requested she wear to her. Wyatt says that is great. Wyatt himself is now wearing a gray suit. Wyatt believes she will be here at any moment. He then turns and looks at Hope as she walks down the stairs of the boat. She slowly walks in her beautiful wedding dress smiling. She walks up to Wyatt and the others. Wyatt kisses her hand and Hope smiles again.

Brooke hangs up the phone and is stressed out. She cannot believe that Hope and Wyatt are getting married. Deacon tells her not to be worried and that he is a great kid. Brooke believes that is only because of Forrester. Deacon thinks that he is a good guy on his own and that this will work out. Brooke believes that could possibly be true. Deacon thinks that they will be great together. Brooke wonders how he knows. Deacon thinks that anyone who gives a two ton rock to a person has to care about them enough for it to be a good marriage. Wyatt will be a good fit for Hope just as he will be a good fit for Brooke. Brooke chuckles and walks away. Deacon tells her that with her she has made the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to him. She needs to forget about how she had gone back to Ridge afterwards and she needs to get over Bill because he is completely committed to her. He asks her what it would be like for Hope who is now married to get home and find her parents finally together. Brooke attempts to say something but Deacon interrupts her saying that he may be getting a little a head of himself but that he knows that he has been dreaming about Brooke for a very long time.

Liam once again gets off the phone with Rick. Liam tells Ivy that Hope has not shown up or contacted anyone at International as of yet and neither has Wyatt. Ivy thinks that Hope has been able to resist Wyatt since she got the diamond. Liam knows this but that this is the perfect opportunity for Wyatt to get what he wants. Ivy decides that they should go look then. Just as they are about to leave the phone starts to ring.

The captain puts on his hat and Hope explains this is beautiful and he has thought of everything. Wyatt thanks her. The captain explains that when he woke up this morning he never thought his day would be so joyous. Then he got Wyatt's call expressing his intent to marry Hope and this ship and suddenly his day changed dramatically. He could not imagine a more beautiful place for this event. He believes that this will be remembered for ever between the two of them. He asks if Wyatt has any words to say to the bridge. Wyatt explains that he does.

Liam runs over to the phone and says hello. Bill says hello back explaining that he got this number from the Paris office. He has a very stern but calming voice. Liam wonders what is going on. He says that he is just about to go look for Hope in Paris with Ivy. Bill tells Liam that Hope is not in Paris but in Monte Carlo right now on his boat. Bill explains that he is with Wyatt and that they are getting married. Liam asks when. Bill says today. He understands that he is disappointed but that in a situation like this it is best to just forget her. Liam says that he has to go and hangs up the phone. He tells Ivy that they are getting married and goes over to the window and looks out. Ivy looks just as heart broken as Liam does.

Wyatt had never thought about marriage or committing but then he met her and he does not know what is on the other side but now he has her. Wyatt explains that Hope brings out the best in him. Hope laughs and cannot believe they are doing this. Hope explains that since the first day she had met him that he has been so drawn to her. Wyatt makes her excited about things that she never thought she would be able to be excited about. She thanks him for that. Wyatt understands that this is for the rest of their lives and this is a leap of faith but they are ready. Hope wears takes off the diamond and gives it to the captain. Hope walks off. Wyatt runs after her. Hope runs to the other side of the boat. Wyatt screams after her. Hope gets on the ledge of the boat. Hope gestures for him to come over with him. Hope asks him if it really is a leap of faith. Wyatt says yes. The captain and first mate run over and explains that he now pronounces them man and wife and that Wyatt can now kiss the bride. Wyatt and Hope grab hold of each other and kiss from in the water. Hope and Wyatt are now married!

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