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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 8/12/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

At a nearby cafe, Quinn looks at Liam with binoculars and starts laughing. She takes a sip of her coffee and believes this is so predictable of Liam to be running around looking for Hope like a crazy person.

In Paris at the Eiffel Tower Liam runs into people bumping into them speaking broken French to get by them. He attempts to find Hope but is unable to. He frowns and breaths heavily.

In Eric's office Brooke talks to Rick on the phone who is at the FC International office in France. Brooke wonders how everything is going. Rick tells Brooke that things could not be better than that the diamond is doing exactly what it is supposed to do which is get more interest in the company. The photo shoot got rave reviews and they should be up soon. Brooke wonders about Hope and asks if she is back in her office. Rick tells Brooke that she is not back and he has not seen her since the photo shoot. Brooke asks about Liam. Rick tells her that he has not seen him either. Brooke looks concerned.

Liam runs around outside of the Eiffel tower continuing to bump and push people as he looks for Hope. He seems to be very eager to find her and is out of breath. He is still soaking wet from saving Ivy from the water.

Brooke frowns and walks around the room. She hears Bill's voice say that she should be calling him because that must be the reason that she is confused at the moment. She turns around and looks angered. Bill believes that it might be sort of a moot point to call when he is standing right there in front of her though. Brooke wants to know why he is here. Bill wants to convince her that he should be with her again. Brooke completely ignores him and asks if he has heard from Liam or Wyatt. Bill tells her no and asks if something has happened. Brooke tells Bill that something was supposed to happen. Bill take a wild guess and thinks that it probably has something to do with Hope. Brooke sighs and tells him that it is a good guess. Bill wants to be brought up to speed on the situation.

Quinn continues to look at Liam and talks to herself thinking that Liam is a poor dumb sap. She starts to laugh to herself as she watches him and tells herself that she is good, meaning that her plan is currently working to her own advantage.

Liam tries to fix his hair as he walks back and forth trying to figure out what to do next in the park. Ivy runs up to Liam and asks if Hope did not wait. Liam tells Ivy that Hope was supposed to wait until three. Then he remembers his phone and looks at it and notices that it is completely dead. Liam wonders where Hope would go if she was upset in the middle of Paris. Then he thinks about Forrester International. Ivy says yes and drags him running to go.

Hope is on the Forrester jet. Wyatt walks over to Hope and asks if she is ok. She does not respond to his question. Wyatt tells Hope that she just cannot count on Liam because he never comes through for her. Hope frowns looking like she is going to cry and shakes her head. Wyatt puts his hand on Hopes and she gives a very small smiles.

Quinn eats lunch at the cafe and takes a sip of water. She gets out her phone and calls up Wyatt. Wyatt answers his phone on the plane and goes over to the other side of the Jet. Quinn wonders where he is at the moment. Wyatt explains that he is currently on the Jet with Hope and that they are heading to Monte Carlo. Quinn says excellent. Wyatt wonders if she wanted something in particular and why she is calling. Quinn explains that she wants him to have what he wants right now. He wants him to be in control and to get things done right away. She believes that Wyatt should marry Hope right away. Wyatt wonders if Hope is going to get a vote in all of this. Quinn says to Wyatt to just do it believing what she says is the smartest move. She hangs up the phone and gives the waiter the binoculars she stole and says thank you in French. She walks off. The waiter looks confused.

Bill believes that Hope and Liam are at yet another cross road in their complicated relationship. Bill wonders what Brooke thinks is going to happen and if Hope and Liam are going to be ok. Brooke believes that before Wyatt she would have been able to say yes, but now she really has feelings for Wyatt and Liam is threatened. Bill thought that Hope wanted Liam though. Brooke knows that but thinks that there comes a point in life where someone just has to say no more. Bill asks where Wyatt fits in all of this then. Brooke believes this is the unfortunate part because no matter what happens in Paris someone is going to end up being the odd man out.

Rick is in his office at International and Liam and Ivy bust in running and completely out of breath. Liam asks Rick if he has seen Hope. Rick jumps at the sight and looks over at Liam saying not yet. He asks what happened to the two of them. Liam tells him that he was supposed to meet Hope and Ivy got pushed into the water and Liam saved her. He wonders if Rick has heard from her. Rick tells them both no and he has also not heard from Wyatt. Liam looks devastated.

Wyatt walks back over to Hope and sits down. He believes they should be landing soon. Wyatt explains that nothing has changed between the two of them. Since the day that Wyatt had met Hope Liam has continued to disappoint Hope and he still is. He does not believe that Hope should allow him to continue to do this believing that it is wrong. Wyatt thinks that he doesn't do that with Hope and never would. Wyatt says that it is only her he cares about. He does not think that Liam is a bad person but he does believe that Liam cannot make up his mind about what he wants and that Hope just needs to walk away already. She needs to decide what she wants and that she shouldn't be with someone who is like Liam and continues to hurt and disrespect her. Hope does not think that it is easy letting go. Wyatt offers to help her get over him just like they had before. Hope is tired of getting her hopes up and then having them crushed right in front of her all the time. Wyatt thinks they would be good together. He knows that she knows how they are together. Wyatt kisses Hope's hand and she smiles at him. He asks her to come back to him.

Hope and Wyatt make it to Monte Carlo and are on a dock when a little girl runs up screaming her name saying hello in French. Hope has a conversation with her in French and the girl says thank you and Hope says good bye. The little girl waves to them as they go off into the water. Hope and Wyatt look at the view from the water and at the boats around them. They both smile in delight at how beautiful it all is. They make it up to a boat and get on board.

At International Liam tries to make a call while Rick gives Ivy a cup of something to drink. Ivy thanks heave for dry clothes. Liam cannot believe that Hope is not answering her phone. Ivy cannot believe this. Rick tells Liam to just give it a little bit. Hope is probably just upset and thinks that Liam blew her off. She will be able to understand in a little bit. Liam cannot just wait around.

Brooke gets a phone call from Liam and asks what is going on. Liam asks if she has heard from Hope. Brooke tells him no and says that Bill is currently with her and she is going to put him on speaker phone. Liam tells Bill that he cannot find Hope. Brooke gets freaked out wondering if she was not there. Liam asks if she knows about what was going on. Brooke says Aly filled her in. Liam explains that when he showed up she was no longer there because he was late. Brooke thinks that all Liam has to do is explain this to Hope and she will understand. Liam is trying to do that but Hope is not answering her phone and was hoping that she had called Brooke. Brooke is sorry but she has not been in contact with Hope for a few hours.

Liam hangs up the phone and Ivy and Rick both look worried and concerned. Liam asks them both what they are thinking. Rick knows that this is probably not a place that Liam would want to go but that Hope is most likely with Wyatt right now.


On the boat, Hope and Wyatt get both think that this is incredible. The captain tells them that he is to let him know if they need anything. Wyatt thinks this is all great. Hope smiles and laughs at him as they both enjoy their time.

Bill knows that Brooke is worried about Hope. Brooke is trying to figure out if she should be. Brooke understands that this is not abnormal for Hope to want to spend a little time alone after being disappointed. Bill believes that this is a lot like Brooke and himself. He refuses to give up on them. Bill promises to her that he will never dump another person into the ocean ever again. Brooke is going to hold him to that. Bill would rather she just hold him instead. Brooke chuckles. Brooke then thinks while on the subject of falling into the water that it is crazy that Ivy fell. She thanks God that Liam was there to save her. Bill thinks that is his boy the rescuer of small animals and damsels in distress. Brooke just hopes that it did not cost him Hope.

Liam slams the phone. Ivy thinks that he should just talk to Hope in person. Liam would do that right now if he had any clue where she currently was. Ivy believes that Liam could have gone after Hope instead of saving her. Liam was not going to let Ivy drown. Ivy knows this and believes that once she tells Hope this that Hope will once again fall in love with him all over again and forgive him. They are both in Paris and the city takes care of its lovers, he will see. Liam sighs.

On the deck of the boat, Hope looks out on to the ocean. Wyatt walks out and tells her to let him go. To finally put Liam in the past. He knew that once the diamond finally got back into their lives that things were finally going to work out for them. He knew that they were meant to be together. Wyatt takes out the diamond again and tells Hope to keep it. Wyatt then proposes to her right there and then. Hope looks at him shocked.

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