B&B Monday Update 8/11/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 8/11/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

In Paris Ivy and Liam finally arive at the Eiffel Tower. They spot Hope and Ivy happily tells Liam to go run to her as they are both on a bridge. Ivy plans to take a photo of them once they reunite. Quinn slowly walks over to the where Ivy is now sitting on the bridge and pushes her into the water. Quinn runs away quickly. Liam who is still on the bridge runs back to Ivy but Ivy tells Liam to go. The clock starts to ring and Liam tries to make a choice of whether to go to Hope or not.

Brooke is in Eric's office and is on the phone with Aly. She hangs up and turns around to see that Deacon is standing at the door with two cups of coffee and box of donuts. Brooke laughs startled. Deacon wonders if she would like some coffee. Brooke cannot believe that he is here but then she decides to let him in. She tells him to quickly get into the room and close the door before Pam finds out that Deacon brought in store bought baked goods. Deacon smiles as he walks into the office.

Aly looks on her laptop while she is in Oliver's office. Oliver walks in and says hello in French to Aly. She smiles and looks back at him. Aly thinks that it is a big day for Hope and Liam. Aly explains that everything is going well in Paris. She cannot wait for Hope and Liam to finally be together again.

Deacon puts the coffee and box on the table as he and Brooke sit down on the couch. Deacon wonders what is going on. Brooke asks what he means. Deacon explains he had over heard her on the phone and assumes that there is good news. Brooke does not want to answer anything. Deacon just wants to know because he is her father. Brooke tells him that Liam is on his way to Paris. Deacon does not think that is a good thing. Brooke says that it is ok. She believes that this is going to be a big step in Hope's life.

Aly and Oliver look at the photo's of Hope at the Eiffel Tower. Aly believes that Hope looks beautiful. Aly thinks that they could not have picked a better name. She believes that Hope just brings the world a new message. Aly cannot tell Oliver how many times she has used Hope's message to get through life. Oliver thinks that Aly is pretty special as well. Aly thinks that Hope and Liam are finally having an incredible reunion in France and that Quinn is far away and cannot touch either of them.

Quinn sits down outside at a restaurant. She takes off her scarf and wonders where Hope was. She knew she should have been somewhere closer. Quinn spots a pare of binoculars on another table and takes them as the owner walks off.

Wyatt holds the HFTF diamond and asks Liam not to show up.

Hope stands waiting for Liam in the same place.

Liam looks at Hope but instead decides to jump in after Ivy wearing all of his clothes.

Deacon tries to get this straight. If Liam shows up at a certain time at the Eiffel tower then Hope and Liam will get back together and be married. Brooke is eating the pastry and explains that is correct. Deacon wonders what will happen if he does not. Brooke does not think they will have to worry about it seeing he is on his way. Deacon asks what will happen though if he does not make it on time. Brooke believes that it is possible that Hope could have a future with Wyatt and she believes that they would make a good couple but she does not think that will end up being the case. Deacon thinks that she is right seeing that Liam is crazy about her. She is Brooke's daughter. Brooke believes that she is like her but that Hope is a lot different than her as well. Deacon thinks that they learn so much from children. He used to think about Hope when he needed to have his faith restored. Brooke smiles at this. Brooke agrees with him. Deacon tells Brooke that Liam and Wyatt better be able to treat her right. Deacon asks who Brooke likes better. Brooke does not want to have an opinion. Deacon thinks that Wyatt is a better choice. Brooke believes that Liam is the better option because he is a true gentleman.

Liam swims through the water as Ivy kicks and screams drowning in the water. He grabs hold of Ivy and swims.

Wyatt looks at the diamond and then looks at Hope. He thinks about when they went camping together on the beach and all the fun they had doing it. Wyatt frowns thinking about it.

Oliver goes through photos. Aly thinks that Hope and Liam should be together by now. Oliver believes that Wyatt must feel bad.

Quinn sits at the table and the person who left the binoculars comes back and wonders if she has seen them. Quinn explains that she has not and the guy leaves. She then takes them out and looks at Hope who is still waiting.

A girl named Sarah comes over to Hope and asks to take a picture with her. They take it and then she leaves. Hope is sad over Liam not being there.

Liam and Ivy make it to very shallow water and both take very deep breaths. Ivy thanks Liam and laughs. The two of them look at each other as they lie on the ground soaking wet.

Aly looks at the photos again and smiles. Oliver believes that Hope and Liam are not going to actually post selfies from the Eiffel tower. Aly just really wants them to be together. Aly knows this but has been following them since the beginning and believes that they are destined to be.

Deacon wonders if Brooke is on team Liam. Brooke does not say that but she believes that Liam is more Hope's type. Deacon asks her if she likes Wyatt then. Brooke thinks that Wyatt is wonderful but he has a different set of morals than Hope. She does not think that is his fault and is glad that Quinn is not involved in Hope's life anymore.

Quinn gets a cup of coffee and and notices that Hope is not happy that she is all alone. She is talking to herself and believes that she is depressed that Liam would not show up. Quinn believes that Wyatt loves Hope a lot more than Liam does.

Liam asks Ivy if she is ok. Liam tells Ivy that they need to go get her cleaned up. Ivy explains that Liam needs to get over to Hope. Liam thanks her and runs off to find Hope.

Quinn continues to watch Hope and knows that she is getting worried and angry that Liam has not shown up. Quinn believes that it is over for Liam.

Hope looks around and checks her phone.

Liam runs out into the streets ready to find Hope.

Hope frowns and looks angry.

Liam runs pushing into people.

Quinn takes a sip of her coffee.

Deacon believes that it really is to bad that he did not know Quinn was crazy from the start. He thinks that it is good that she is at least getting help. Deacon tells Brooke that it is after three in Paris right now. Brooke knows and gets excited knowing that Hope and Liam are back together finally.

Liam pushes through a crowed of people over by a merry go round and runs over to a woman that he believes to be Hope. The woman gives him a dirty look and walks away. Liam looks around confused. He looks down and closes his eyes in disbelief that she has left.

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