B&B Wednesday Update 8/6/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 8/6/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Wyatt and Rick go over the plans. Rick believes that his sister Felicia is going to be able to handle everything perfectly. Wyatt goes over to Hope wonders how everything is going.

Ivy and Aly scramble with phone calls. Ivy thinks that this is going crazy. Liam wonders what is going on. Ivy explains that Hope is not here. Liam knows where Hope is right now. Aly wishes that there was never a HFTF diamond. Liam does too. Liam explains that Wyatt sensed what Hope was going to do when he gave her the diamond. Liam explains that Hope asked him to meet her by the tower and be with her. Aly believes that says everything. Ivy wonders if it does.

Wyatt knows that Liam freaked out. Rick decides to go talk to the pilot for a little bit. Wyatt knows that something happened between Liam and Hope. Hope had to fix things with him. Wyatt explains that had nothing to do with her relationship. Hope believes that she did not do what was right for her fiancÚ. She looks at her ring and Wyatt notices it.

Aly wonders why Liam is not ready. Liam explains that he was ready until all this happened. Liam believes that Hope should have told Wyatt to go to hell. Ivy believes this is not about going to Hope anymore. Liam explains that Hope took her wedding ring last night and that is why she wants him to be in Paris. Aly demands that she go to Paris.

Wyatt decides to change the conversation. Hope wants him to listen to her. Wyatt tells her that he loves her a lot. Wyatt has been there for her to much. Hope believes that Liam deserves to be upset. Wyatt made a promise to her and he kept it. Liam has not been able to do that during the entire time he has been with her. Hope wants this photo shoot to go amazing. Wyatt believes that whatever the ring is they cannot let this interfere. They need to let there job come first right now. He thinks that after Paris maybe Liam will be ok with all this. Hope has to give the diamond back. Wyatt will talk about this later. Hope explains that Liam is coming to Paris and she plans to be married by the end of the trip.

Oliver is in the middle of a photo shoot and likes the photos he is taking. He finishes up and goes over to some photos of Aly and thinks about when they first got together. Aly walks into the room and Oliver explains that he was on his way to see her.

Wyatt cannot understand this. Hope tells him that when she got the press conference that she was planning to give the diamond back until she found out about the press conference. She knew that she could not say no at that moment. Wyatt could not believe that she is just going along with all this. Hope cannot accept a diamond from another man. Especially because it is from Wyatt.

Ivy believes Paris is the most beautiful city in the world and would be there right now if her paper work would come through. Liam thinks that Ivy really loves what she does. Ivy believes that her job is amazing. Ivy sees Liam as being a gentleman in every way. Liam thanks her.

Wyatt believes that Liam could possibly not show up. Wyatt thinks that if Liam actually loved her that he would be with her right now. Hope thinks that this is going to work out. Wyatt believes he knows all he needs to know. Rick comes over the loud speaker and explains that the plane is about to land. He walks back in and Wyatt wonders who is flying the plane. Rick explains it is on auto land. Wyatt explains that there is no such thing. Hope laughs. Wyatt believes this diamond is going to fix everything.

Oliver is sorry that he got delayed. Aly explains it is ok because Pam and Donna are dealing with the phones right now. Oliver cannot believe that the diamond is that big. Oliver believes that he will be ready to photograph next time. Aly tells Oliver that she likes him a lot.

Ivy wonders what will happen if he does not go. Liam does not know if he can. Ivy believes that Wyatt is using Hope. Liam tells her that Hope thinks that she is being pushed away. Ivy would never do that to a person. Ivy knows that Liam loves her. She tells him to go get married.

They arrive in Paris. Hope cannot believe they are back. Wyatt thinks it will never get old. Hope knows that Liam is going to meet her here. Wyatt thinks this is crazy. Hope wonders when Wyatt is going to stop. Hope knows that Liam will show up.

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