B&B Tuesday Update 8/5/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 8/5/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Liam wonders when she leaves. Hope explains that she has not said yes. Liam knows that she will. Hope thinks that Liam should be able to come as well. Liam does not look positive of this situation.

Ivy believes that they need back up locations. Rick thinks this will be perfect. He believes that this whole situation is falling together like it was meant to be.

Wyatt shows up at Quinn's house and Quinn explains that France is a great place this time of year. Wyatt wonders why she is still here. Quinn tells him that she in out patient therapy. Quinn wants to get help and she is really trying to get better.

Rick asks Maya if the photographer is available and she explains not right now. Aly wants to use Oliver but Rick cannot do that right now with Ridge.

Charlie believes that Wyatt inherited the diamond. Pam believes that he inherited it. Charlie thinks that it is because of Wyatt that he died.

Quinn asks if Hope loves the diamond. Wyatt tells her that she is getting used to it. Wyatt demands that Quinn get over all this right now.

Hope knows that Liam does not understand Wyatt. Liam believes that Hope is being manipulated. Hope thinks that this does not effect them at all. Hope does not think that this is the case and she should not have to prove herself. Hope asks Liam to come with them because she loves him.

Charlie believes that there was a struggle and then Wyatt tackled him. Pam does not think that is the case. Charlie wonders how he could have died so young then. Pam is not sure.

Quinn explains that she is keeping a journal. Wyatt does not want the same relationship as they had before. Quinn thinks it is wonderful that he is going off to Paris. Quinn wonders if he plans to marry Hope there. Wyatt smiles.

Liam thinks that life goes on beyond these walls and Liam cannot keep living this way. Hope wonders if he even knows why he is angry. Liam believes he does. Hope makes it clear that Liam is mad because Hope did not do what he demanded. Hope believes that Wyatt did this very innocently. Hope knows that Wyatt did a good thing with publicity. Hope knows what Wyatt wants but she cannot do anything about it. Liam believes that this changes everything. Liam demands that Hope cancel the trip and give the diamond back before it causes them anymore trouble.

Rick thinks that Hope should be here. Maya wonders if Hope changes her mind. Maya believes that they can keep the trip even if Hope says no because she can count on her.

Wyatt tells Quinn that he is no longer together with Hope. Quinn understands that. Quinn believes that he would not have given the diamond to Hope if he did not have intentions. Quinn thinks that Wyatt should call Hope to see if she will answer her phone.

Hope is doing this for woman who never got the chance. She knows that she is not saving the world but her work is important to her. Liam knows this and she is a visionary in her own way and she can talk herself into believing anything. Liam believes that there is a pattern because of this. Hope goes and gets there wedding rings. She wants to take them and have Liam put them on there fingers finally.

Ivy is not sure about all of this. She wonders if anyone has actually heard from Hope. Aly does not think this is going to stop. Ivy believes that this diamond is going to test thing. Ivy believes that Hope loves all of this.

Hope gets a call from Wyatt and wonders when they are going to leave. Hope says in a little bit. Wyatt tells her to hurry things up. Wyatt knows he should not have called. Quinn believes it was a good idea. Wyatt knows that she knows.

Hope tells Liam that Wyatt is not doing anything. Liam believes that Wyatt expects something in return. Liam cannot believe that Hope would take a phone call when they are discussing there future. Hope just begs Liam to come with her. Hope thinks about how many time she has been married but she never actually got to wear the thing. Hope believes that two days should be enough for Liam to clear things for him. Hope knows that he has to think about this but Hope will even consider giving the diamond back to Wyatt. Liam wonders if he will be there. Hope is not in charge of him. Hope believes this is the start of the life they have always wanted. The two kiss each other passionately. Hope tells Liam that she loves him and leaves.

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