B&B Monday Update 8/4/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 8/4/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Quinn asks Wyatt who was on the phone. Wyatt explains it was a police officer and they suspect murder.

Aly asks Hope if the diamond means that much to her. Hope believes the diamond is not Wyatt.

Ivy understands why Liam would do this. Liam explains he did not break up with her. Ivy thinks he did.

Eric and everyone gather in the conference room and they are all shocked and amazed over the diamond.

Deacon gets close to Brooke and she asks what he is doing. Deacon explains he is trying to get close.

Ivy gets a call from Rick and is told to go to the CEO office.

Quinn thinks that sound serious. She wonders why they would want to talk about them. Wyatt explains he has no idea and wonders if she was anywhere Mexico. Quinn explains that she was no where near Mexico and that it is only a matter of time before Hope takes him back. Wyatt has to get to work.

Rick calls Hope and tells her to get Wyatt and get in the office right away.

Brooke cannot be expected to go back to him after all this time. Deacon has not forgotten and he knows that she has not either.

Hope and Aly walk into the office and Rick wonders if everything is ok. Rick wonders what they should do with the diamond. Wyatt walks in and explains that it is up to Hope to know what to do with it. Hope plans to use it to help the line other wise she would not have accepted it.

Quinn looks at an article on the murder.

Brooke thinks they were reckless together. Deacon thinks they have changed. Brooke gets a text and explains that Hope took the diamond. Deacon is proud of her for taking his advice. Brooke thinks that Liam is going to be upset.

Liam sits down in his house and looks mad.

Hope thinks the diamond should be displayed. Wyatt believes that they should have her wear it. Rick wants to do something big. Eric wants to bring the diamond to Paris. Rick wonders if they could also bring it to Australia. Ridge thinks they can deal with problems later. Wyatt wonders if Hope is up for another adventure. Hope gives him a look. Ivy wants Hope to think about this. Hope's head is still spinning. Donna thinks that she would be passed out on the floor if she had the diamond. Wyatt believes they should go to Paris. Wyatt wants to take photos of Hope wearing the diamond at the Eiffel Tower. Wyatt believes that one iconic image and people will be talking about if forever. Wyatt thinks that they will not be sorry. He knows that they have had issues with him in the past but one no one can deny is that this is a huge opportunity and he believes the diamond is going to help all of them.

Brooke believes that Wyatt has put Hope in a horrible position. Deacon explains that it was a good idea. Brooke gets a text from Rick explaining they are going to Paris. Brooke cannot believe Hope agreed to this. Deacon thinks that this is a smart idea for her. Deacon knows that it scares Brooke but knows that Hope can do the right thing. Brooke does not want anything bad to happen to Hope and Liam at this point. Deacon believes she would be a fool to not let them go.

Liam thinks about Hope as he gets something from the fridge. He throws the food on the table and is angry.

Wyatt wonders if Hope is going to throw the thing at him. He is sorry about all this but he thinks it is a good idea. Hope knows this was not a good idea for her to leave right now. Wyatt believes this is the best thing for her line. Hope wants to go. Wyatt tells her to say yes. Hope says not until she talks to Liam.

Aly thinks that Hope will not say yes. Oliver believes that Wyatt has an agenda but that it is still a great idea. Aly believes that it is sad that the original owner did not have anyone to share anything with.

Quinn wonders if everything is all right. Wyatt tells her that he is going to Paris on a photo shoot and he has to get to work on it. Wyatt explains that Hope is on her way to Liam's right now to talk to him.

Hope was unsure if Liam was going to let her in. Hope would like to talk about this. Hope explains she is not here to tell him what he wants. Liam knows she knows what he is doing. Liam cannot believe that he is doing this. Hope explains that it is a business choice and it is not personal. Liam believes that this is not a good idea. Hope might have to go out of town and she does not want to leave on bad terms. Liam wonders where she is going and with who. Hope explains Paris with Rick and Wyatt. Hope believes this could be an incredible opportunity and could bring in thousands of knew clients. Hope thinks the more reporters means the more people in touch. Hope thinks that Liam gets that. Hope does not think this is about the diamond but what the diamond can do. Hope loves Liam and wants to start there life together in Paris. She asks him to come with her.

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