B&B Wednesday Update 7/30/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 7/30/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Aly knows that Hope will give the diamond back. Ivy does not think it will be easy. Ivy shows Aly the video again. Aly believes that Wyatt is no prize. Wyatt walks in and thanks Aly for the kind words.

Liam thinks that giving Hope the diamond is so uncool. Hope believes it was just because of the line.

Deacon shows up at Brooke's house. Deacon is sorry for not calling but wonders if he can come in. Brooke lets him in and Deacon loves coming to the house. Deacon wanted to make sure that Brooke was ok.

Wyatt explains that Aly cannot stand him. Wyatt tells Aly that he is getting along with Liam right now. Rick comes in and wonders what Wyatt is up to. Wyatt explains that he has a press conference set up and Rick will not be sorry. Rick needs to know what is going on. Wyatt explains it is next step for HFTF.

Hope begs Liam to allow Wyatt to have the benefit of the doubt. Liam wants to know why Wyatt has the diamond. Hope explains it was left to him. Liam believes that Wyatt needs to keep the diamond. Liam wants her to give it back.

Carter cannot believe that Wyatt is throwing a surprise press conference. Wyatt explains that it is a surprise. Wyatt knows a way to make HFTF bigger than ever. Carter thinks this is risky. Wyatt explains that he will pull the plug right now if he needs to. Rick says go a head but don't make him regret saying yes.

Deacon wonders if Brooke is completely done with Bill. Brooke does not know what to say to him. Deacon believes that Bill did not go away silent. Brooke does not want to talk about this right now. Deacon knows they are not going to be best friends right away.

Hope explains that this is a special diamond. Hope believes this diamond holds a lot of power. Hope knows for a fact that this diamond carries magic. Hope believes that people were completely under its spell. She believes there is a reason that the diamond is back in her hands. Liam wonders if that diamond is really good because it was a bad time in there relationship. Liam thinks he should be ashamed of himself for letting Wyatt do this to him. He tells her to give it back today.

Deacon knows that a lot of bad happened between the two of them but he is trying to be a better man now. He is humbled and shocked that he is the father of Hope. Deacon thinks it was worth it in the end to have Hope. Deacon wonders if Brooke has heard about Wyatt's latest thing. Brooke is afraid to even ask. Deacon tells her that the original owner of the HFTF diamond died and Wyatt gave the diamond to Hope. Brooke looks shocked.

Rick asks if Carter is ok. Carter explains that he does not know about Maya. Rick tells him that Maya had a rough life and she is trying to get her life together. Carter does not think that is an excuse.

Oliver hopes this does not take to long because he wants his Aly time. Aly believes that Wyatt is really full of himself and wonders if it involves the diamond.

Liam explains the only person that Hope should be accepting a diamond from is him. Hope tells him that this diamond has brought her line success. Liam can only see Wyatt and Hope when the diamond is involved. He believes it is sending mixed signals. Hope gets a call and it is Wyatt. Hope picks up and Wyatt explains to hurry over to the show room. Hope tells Liam that she has to go to the show room. Liam believes this is the perfect opportunity to give the diamond back. Liam believes that Wyatt will see this as a sign of encouragement. Liam believes that they are finally moving forward and Wyatt is trying to take advantage of the situation. He knows he is asking her to give up something that has meaning then he would not ask. Hope understands and will give the diamond back. She kisses him. Liam thanks her.

Brooke does not know how to react to this. Deacon believes that this was a priceless stone and it will help Hope. Brooke does not think that Hope will keep it. Deacon believes that the diamond will stay with Hope. Brooke is going to tell her to give it back. Deacon believes that Brooke would know what to do seeing she is beautiful.

Wyatt tell the reporters that they will all hear at the same time. Hope comes into the room and is shocked to see all the reporters. Wyatt finds them and explains they can start now. Wyatt tells her to stay right there. Wyatt gets on stage and thanks them all for coming and explains he is excited to announce that the Hope for the Future diamond is back. Wyatt explains how significant the diamond has been for everyone and how he acquired it. Wyatt asks Hope to go to the stage. Liam looks puzzled. Hope goes on stage and explains that he would give the diamond to Hope one day and gives it to her. Wyatt explains all she has to do is take it. Hope smiles and does not know what to do. Everyone has different reactions.

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