B&B Tuesday Update 7/29/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 7/29/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Ivy feels terrible because she is not this kind of person. Aly does not think that Hope would ever put Liam through that.

Ridge believes that Bill is playing with Brooke's emotions. He tells Brooke to tell him it is over for good.

Wyatt tells Liam they have been up to the usual. Hope is called off to do something.

Deacon shows up to see Hope. Hope says hello. Deacon explains he cannot stay away from his beautiful daughter.

Ivy asks Aly to keep this between them. Aly wants to know what she knows. Ivy explains that Wyatt is now the owner of the Hope Diamond. Aly does not get this. Ivy explains that Hope is now the owner. Aly cannot believe this. Ivy believes that Hope is not blameless in all of this.

Liam wonders how Wyatt has been working with Ivy. Wyatt wonders if he means if he has noticed that she is cute. Liam wonders what is going on with Wyatt.

Deacon wonders what is going on with Hope. Deacon wants to change as a father and be a good person. Hope is glad he is here. Hope explains that something very unexpected has happened. Hope does not know what is going on. Deacon does not know what she is talking about.

Bill does not believe that this is over. Ridge thinks that it was over a while ago. Bill wanted to teach him a lesson. Ridge explains that Bill was never worth it and never will be.

Liam wonders if Wyatt has a crush on Ivy. Wyatt explains that he is not in the market right now. Wyatt tells Liam that woman are like rare diamonds and that Hope is going to be fine. Liam wonders if Hope is ok. Wyatt thinks that she is fine.

Hope gets off the phone and says sorry to Deacon. Deacon explains that it is fine. Hope wonders if he has heard of the HFTF diamond. Deacon explains that he has heard about it and he is very impressed by it.

Bill never wanted what happened to happen and he was worried too. Ridge thinks he was only worried about himself. Bill knows he should have told the truth. Katie explains that Ridge was not ok and he has been tricked into believing he was crazy. Ridge wants what is best for Brooke. Brooke was hoping that the four of them could raise there children together in peace. Bill wants five minutes alone. Brooke tells Katie and Ridge that she will be fine and they should go home. Katie tells her to call if she needs anything. Bill thanks her for giving them a moment. Brooke tells him not to thank her because he has no idea what she is going to say.

Ivy explains she likes Hope but why is she playing them. Aly does not think that Hope would ever except it.

Wyatt explains that Liam should go find Hope.

Hope shows Deacon the diamond. Hope can't believe that Wyatt gave her the diamond. Deacon tells her to keep that diamond and go running through the streets screaming. She can use this for promotional value. Hope knows but she would have to give this back eventually. Ridge and Katie show up and Deacon knows that Ridge did it. Ridge explains that he took Bill on the plane. Katie thinks that Deacon helped them a lot. Ridge explains to Hope what happened. Deacon hopes that Brooke has kicked Bill to the curve. Ridge says not yet.

Brooke thought she knew the man he was about to marry today. She did not think it was possible for Bill to do what he has done. Brooke never thought that Bill could be a murderer or a liar. Bill lied and said he knew nothing. Brooke cannot believe this. Brooke knows that Bill could never love him more than anything in this world. Bill knows he was wrong. Brooke thinks that Bill was cruel. Bill knows that he let it consume him. Bill does not want this to harm their plans. Bill asks her to try to understand and forgive. Brooke will search her heart for forgiveness but she cannot take him anymore.

Deacon wonders if they will call the police on Bill. Ridge does not care about getting him arrested just Bill ending this.

Brooke is not going to marry Bill now. Bill lied to her and he betrayed her. Brooke does not think that Bill knows what he did. Brooke does not know anymore about them. She doubts that a man who loves her would do this to her. Bill meant every word and always will. Bill thinks that thinks they are fated together. Bill cannot let this tear them apart. They can never let this happen.

Ivy thinks the Spencer brothers really are something. Ivy thinks the diamond is upping the states. Aly believes that Wyatt is just trying to trick her.

Liam walks into the office and explains he has been looking all over for her. Hope shows him the diamond. Liam thinks it is a replica. Hope explains that it is the real thing. Hope is shocked. She never thought this would happen. Hope tells him that Ricardo never had any family. Liam cannot believe this. Liam knew something like this would happen. Liam tells her she has to give it back today.

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