B&B Monday Update 7/28/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 7/28/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita


Bill knows he went to far and knows that he should have been honest. Bill never meant to hurt him and never thought it would go this far. Bill believes that Ridge needed to be taught a lesson. Bill tells Brooke to say something. He is sorry. Brooke cries and shakes her head. She asks why he had to do this.

Ivy films Wyatt and Hope hugging on screen and puts down her camera.

Hope does not know what to say. Wyatt does not think they broke any rules hugging. Hope cannot believe this. She cannot believe she is holding it in her hand. Wyatt explains it is hers to keep forever. Hope looks reluctant. Hope thinks it is amazing but she is sad about Ricardo who died. Wyatt knows but is grateful for him. Hope needs to think about this though. She cannot just have the diamond. Wyatt thinks that this diamond is supposed to help them.

Aly admires Liam's confidence. Liam believes that Wyatt and him are finally respecting each other. Ivy walks in and explains she has been exploring. Aly believes that Wyatt is to much like Bill.

Bill did not want to hurt Ridge. Brooke cannot believe this. Bill did not want him to get hurt. Brooke knows he was not thinking about anyone but himself. Bill would never hurt the father of her son. Katie cannot believe what he is saying. Ridge thinks these are just words and Bill cannot be trusted and that Brooke should not be marrying him.

Hope is grateful for what Wyatt is trying to do but she would not feel right taking this. Wyatt thinks that it means a lot to Hope to have it. Hope thinks it was a big part of there lives but she is with Liam now. Wyatt knows that and is not giving it to her for any other reason other than it belongs to Hope. Wyatt cannot wear it. Someone like Hope is able to though.

Liam knows that Wyatt has done some bad things but he does not think that Wyatt is a problem anymore. Liam thinks that they are both ready to work with Ivy. Aly thinks that the designs might have a surprise. Ivy does not want to reveal anything.

Katie cannot believe that Bill would do something that reckless. Bill reminds them that Ridge just did the same thing. Bill admitted what he did so that Brooke would love him. Bill thought that he would swim to shore. Brooke explains that he didn't and wonders what would have happened had they not found him. Bill wants some time alone with Brooke. Ridge does not want to leave so he can talk his way out of this. Brooke thinks that Bill does not care about anything and that scares her. She walks away from him. Bill follows her. Bill is sorry for what he did and will prove to her that he will never do that again. Katie tells her that Bill has told her that a million times and he never changes. Katie does not want that for Brooke.

Aly thinks that Ivy needs a guy. Ivy explains that she needs to have some time for herself. Ivy wonders if Brooke and Hope are a like. Ivy does not think so. Ivy wonders what it is like to be with multiple guys. Ivy thinks that Brooke has some bad behavior when it comes to men. Aly does not think that Hope is like that.

Wyatt tells Hope to think of this as a reminder for all the good times they have had. Wyatt believes it would be wrong for anyone else to have this. Wyatt believe that the two most precious things he have ever owned be together. Liam shows up and wonders what they are working on.

Aly thinks that Hope is a good person and that her whole line is based on being a good person. Ivy thinks that Aly is idealizing her a little to much. Ivy wants to show Aly something. She takes out her phone and shows Aly the video. She did not mean to record it but she got it anyways.

Liam explains that he just did the video for Ivy. Liam also explains that Ivy's mother is obsessed with the three of them in the tabloids.

Bill would give his life to protect RJ and Brooke. Brooke explains that Bill cannot take what he did back. Brooke tells Bill not to blame this on Ridge. Bill believes this is partially Ridge's fault. Ridge tells Bill that he needs to leave. Brooke looks angry at him.

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