B&B Wednesday Update 7/23/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 7/23/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Ridge thinks they finally got Bill. Deacon tells them that Bill planned to use the chopper to take Brooke after the honey moon.

Brooke tells Bill to admit that he likes planning weddings. Bill tells her to keep it quite but he actually does. He explains that he will be back in a little bit and that today will have no surprises.

Wyatt looks at the diamond and puts it away. Hope and Liam walk in and are happy that he is back. Wyatt explains that Quinn does not know anything about all of this so that she can hopefully get better. Wyatt and Liam start to argue in a playful manner about how they are not competitive. Hope roles her eyes. Wyatt hopes that he can at least give Liam credit for his second chance at Forrester. Liam tells him no. Ivy shows up and is happy to meet him finally. Ivy explains that she is also a huge fan of his mother but until then she is extremely grateful to work with him.

Bill gets a phone call from Justin and he says that Alison told him they are getting married. Bill explains that is the truth. Alison says that everything is in order. Bill wants Justin to be ready to return in a couple of hours.

Deacon explains that if it were not for him that no one would know what Bill has done. Katie thinks they need to think about this. Ridge is going to put him behind bars.

Liam thinks he better get back to work. Wyatt gets uncomfortable when Liam kisses Hope. Liam tells Wyatt good luck and Hope wonders where they should start. Ivy wants to know what Wyatt has planned for the line. Wyatt wants world domination. Wyatt plans to have the manufacturing done. Ivy is not used to not manufacturing on her own. Hope is excited to see what the two can do together.

Brooke wonders if she can do anything. Bill tells her that she can plan every anniversary. Bill and Brooke kiss and Bill plans to be back before she knows it. They are finally going to be man and wife. Brooke is excited.

Deacon does not think that there is any doubt on anyone. Alison calls Deacon and wants to know if they can meet up tonight because Bill is getting married tonight. Deacon tells her they can make plans later. He hangs up and tells them that Bill is going to Catalina but Brooke is still here. Deacon tells Ridge to go tell Brooke now. Ridge has a better idea and says he is going to the scene of the crime. Katie looks concerned.

Hope explains that Ivy can just work wherever she wants to right now. Ivy wonders if Wyatt has an office. Hope explains no because most of the time he will be at the factory. Ivy asks if it is hard for Hope to work with Wyatt because they are ex's. Hope tells her that if that were a problem nothing would ever get done at Forrester.

Deacon shows up at Brooke's house and wonders what she is up to. Brooke has plans. Deacon tells Brooke that she is wrong about him. Deacon does not want Brooke to have any regrets. Brooke thinks she will be ok. Brooke does not want to hear this. Deacon explains that she is wrong about Bill.

Bill shows up at the office and is shocked to see Liam at the office. Bill explains that he is getting married. Liam is excited and shocked. Liam hugs him and says congratulations. Bill wants him to keep this a secret from anyone.

Justin shows up at the landing point and wonders where Bill is. Justin goes into the locker room and Ridge is right behind him and punches him in the face knocking him out.

Liam looks at some papers and notices a picture of Hope.

Wyatt walks into Hope's office and Wyatt explains that he had a bunch of papers to sign. Hope thinks that Wyatt and Ivy get along well. Wyatt thinks they do too. Hope does not want any awkwardness between anyone. Wyatt does not feel that at all. Wyatt just has gratitude right now. Wyatt has been waiting for another chance and he is not going to let anything happen. Hope thinks she should let him get to it. Hope tells him good luck and leaves the room. Wyatt opens his bag and looks at the Hope for the Future diamond. Wyatt believes he has all the luck he needs right here.

Bill shows up at the chopper.

Deacon tells Brooke that Ridge is not crazy but Bill is trying to make him look that way. Deacon knows that Bill does not want Ridge to have his memories. Brooke tells him that Bill is not responsible and no one will prove otherwise.

Bill tells Justin to get ready to go. No one is going to stop them because he is always in control. Ridge is the one driving.

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