B&B Tuesday Update 7/22/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 7/22/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Katie knows that Ridge has had a chance to sleep on it. Ridge believes he is more convinced than ever. Katie knows that he is in business but also his personal life sometimes. Katie reminds him they are talking about attempted murder. Ridge is aware.

Brooke is still shocked that Ridge is accusing him for all this. Bill knows that he is just going through a lot and that he needs to blame someone. Brooke just wishes that he would not blame him. Bill thinks they just need to watch him.

Alison tells Katie's old assistant to get more alcohol for Bill. Deacon shows up for Alison.

Bill gets off the phone and explains to Brooke he is looking forward to there brilliant future. She wants to know what they are looking forward to. Bill explains that it is a beautiful day and would like to go to Catalina and get married today.

Ridge thinks that Bill is very arrogant and is using pity to get out of this. Katie wants to make sure that Ridge is positive that Justin was the one flying. Ridge is one hundred percent sure of this. Katie thinks they just need to prove that Bill paid someone off so that it looks like he never rented anything. Adele shows up with some files for Katie.

Alison was shocked to get Deacon's call. Deacon explains he was not able to talk before because of Bill. Deacon explains that he likes her brown hair. Alison still thinks he is a charmer. Deacon wonders why he has not gotten a hug. Alison gives him a hug and Deacon has a smirk on his face.

Brooke is shocked that Bill wants them to get married today. She laughs and is overjoyed at the news. Bill picks her up in the air and twirls her around. Brooke wants to know what to expect. Bill explains that it will all be a surprise. He has it all under control.

Katie explains that Bill is obsessed with paperwork when it comes to Spencer. Katie thanks Adele for being there for her. They all look through the paperwork. Ridge cannot find anything relevant to his accident.

Alison thinks that Deacon is not worried that Bill could show up. Deacon knows that Bill knows he is here because Hope is his daughter. Deacon explains he has been thinking about Alison a lot since Italy. Deacon wonders if they could take a flight. Alison thinks he is crazy. Alison explains that they can't because the chopper is not here but still in the middle east. Deacon gets a look of satisfaction. Deacon wonders what it is like being on a boat like Bill's. Alison thinks it is glamorous. Deacon thinks people like them get a taste of wealth but never get to have it for themselves. Bill calls and wants to know where Justin is. Alison does not know. Deacon wonders if they can talk again. Alison thinks it is possible and he has her number. Deacon tells her that she will be hearing from him.

Katie thanks Adele. Katie tells Ridge to sit down. Katie explains he needs to take a deep breath. Ridge is frustrated. Ridge knows Bill is convinced that no one will ever find out the truth but Ridge will and he will bury him.

Brooke wants a little hint. Bill is not going to tell her anything about him. Brooke and Bill kiss passionately. Bill tells her that is not fair because he will not be broken. Bill wants to surprise her because it will be fun. Brooke tells him that she will follow him and trusts him.

Ridge wonders if they could get on to his computer. He needs to prove it. Deacon shows up and wants to talk to the two of them. Deacon explains that he has some interesting news. Deacon explains that he has his own helicopter and it is still in the Middle East. That is where Ridge was dumped.

Brooke is happy that this is finally happening. Bill thinks that the two of them have crashed and burned a few times. Bill was never going to give up on them. Brooke explains that no one knows Bill like she does. He is an amazing man. Brooke knows that he is deeper than people give him credit for. Bill does not need the validation from anyone but Brooke. Brooke knows and kisses him. Bill explains he is flawed and does make mistakes. Brooke knows they all make mistakes. Bill is trying to be better and worthy of her. Bill is going to try to do the best he can because he never wants to lose her. Brooke tells him he won't because she is going to be his wife.

Deacon explains how he talked to Alison at the office, and she let it slip where the chopper is. Katie remembers that the yacht has a landing pad. Ridge thinks that Bill Spencer is officially out of business.

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