B&B Monday Update 7/21/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 7/21/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Ridge demands to know that Bill is the reason that he fell into the ocean. He holds on to Justin and demands the truth.

Brooke thinks that Ridge is going a little crazy. Bill thinks he is still recovering. Brooke knows that Ridge is trying to blame Bill. Bill tells her not worry about it that he is a big boy. Brooke thinks some of the things Ridge was saying concerned her, and he should go see a therapist. Katie comes over and wants to ask Bill more questions. She knows that Bill likes to lie and she wants to know the truth. Bill explains he did not try to kill Ridge and decides to go back to the office. Katie wants to believe Bill. Brooke believes Ridge does not know the whole picture. Hope walks downstairs and wonders what is going on. Brooke explains that Ridge thinks that Bill is responsible for the accident. Hope wonders how that would even be possible, because he was not even on the helicopter. Katie explains that Justin is the reason that Ridge fell. Brooke thinks that they do not know. Hope does not think that Ridge would blame anyone without cause. Brooke cannot imagine Bill doing this to anyone. Deacon walks into the house and explains that he can.

Ridge continues to strangle Justin and demands to know the truth. Justin gets free and thinks he is crazy. Ridge tells him that he does not want Justin going to jail. He just wants Bill to get in trouble. Bill walks in the room and tells Ridge to stop harassing Justin in a calm voice.

Brooke tells Deacon he cannot just show up here whenever he wants. Deacon explains that he has a gift for Hope. He explains he has flavored ice. Hope thanks him. Deacon wanted to make sure that Hope was doing ok now that Quinn is finally ok. Deacon demands a little slack. He is trying to do better for Hope. Hope explains that Deacon really did help Liam. Brooke is grateful for what he did for Liam. Deacon knows that he is responsible for a lot of things but Bill is a horrid man. Deacon stops himself because that is not why he came here. He goes to put the ice cream in a bowl for Hope.

Justin tells Bill that Ridge has gone crazy. Ridge knows that Bill was looking for revenge. Justin and Bill think he is nuts. Ridge explains that when he gets the truth he will expose him.

Hope thinks that they need to look at this differently. Katie wonders if Brooke believes anything Ridge has said. Brooke cannot believe that Bill would do any of these things. Deacon over hears all of this and is shocked that Ridge thinks that Bill is capable of doing that. Katie tells him that he was not supposed to over hear. Deacon wonders if Katie actually wants him to help. Brooke wonders how he plans to help. Deacon wonders what the plan is. They need to figure out what Bill did.. They should get Justin to squeal. Hope explains he will never do that and neither will Alison. Brooke does not think Bill could ever do that. Then she questions what she just said.

Justin wonders if they are actually in the clear. Bill explains that it all has been done. Alison comes in and wonders if that was Ridge. Alison explains that she does not know anything even though she knows. Bill is proud of her lying.

Hope wonders if they could get Donna to talk to Justin since they share a child. Katie does not think anyone connected to Bill is going to say anything especially not Alison. Hope figures out that Katie does not really like Alison. Katie admits that she does not. Deacon remembers a conversation with Alison where she flirted with him, and he flirted back and it ended in a kiss. Deacon tells Brooke that he knows how to help. Deacon thinks he can now show everyone what he is capable of. Hope gives Brooke and Katie a confused look. Katie does not think it's a good idea to get Deacon involved. Hope believes he is just trying to help. Katie does not think he could do much.

Alison gets a phone call from Deacon. She wonders why he is calling her. Deacon asks if she still has a weakness for bad boys. Alison explains she does. Deacon plans to come see her.

Brooke remembers when Ridge fell and she was arguing with him. Bill comes back into the house and wonders if she is ok. Brooke explains yes and that Katie went home a while ago. Bill knows that Katie still thinks he did it. Bill tells her that Ridge was at his office going nuts on Justin. Brooke is shocked to hear this. Brooke wonders where he is now. Bill hopes he is going home and that Katie will just fuel his paranoia. Bill is trying to be patient and understanding, but Ridge is getting out of hand. Brooke wants to know the truth. Ridge could have died, so she wants to know if Bill tried to kill him. She wants the absolute truth. Bill tells her that he did not try to kill Ridge. Brooke hugs him and sheds a tear.

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