B&B Wednesday Update 7/16/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 7/16/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Ridge continues to attempt to draw but just keeps getting mad. Katie tells Ridge she can go if he is being distracted. Ridge tells her to stay. Katie will stay then. They hug.

Bill looks at some contracts and wonders what is up with Justin. Justin does not know but thinks that Ridge gave him a weird look.

Aly runs into an office and Darla appears to her. She tells Aly that she can tell her anything. Aly tells her that Oliver was just using her. He says differently but does not know if she should believe him. Aly thinks that he was her knight.

Oliver asks Carter if he has seen Aly. Carter says no but says he is rooting for the two of them. Oliver goes off looking for her.

Darla knows that Aly cannot just give up on her heart. Pam comes in and wonders what is wrong. Aly explains that Oliver lied to her and she cannot be with someone who lies.

Bill tells Justin that Ridge is just a weird person in general. Justin thinks it was more than that. Justin cannot get caught.

Katie tells Ridge not to take it to hard. Katie knows he is recovering but is making progress. Ridge is nothing if he cannot draw.

Pam wants to know what Oliver did. Aly explains he lied about liking her. Pam wonders who said that. She explains that Oliver is the one who said it. She wants to believe him but she does not want to get strung along. Oliver screams for her but she does not want to be seen. The two of them hide in a closet. Aly wants to leave. Charlie comes in and is ready to leave. Aly really wants to go. Pam says she will come with them to the fair. Aly is not sure about that. Charlie thinks it will be great.

Maya thinks about her conversation with Oliver. Oliver walks back in and wonders if she has seen Aly. Maya explains that she wants to talk to her about what happened. Oliver tells her that he already told her everything and he is going to make things right. Maya does not think that he will be able to do that.

Justin wonders if Bill has a plan. Bill does not think they need a plan. Justin knows that Ridge will get his memory back.

Ridge is getting no where with this. Katie blames Quinn for all of this. Ridge thinks that it was stupid to go there. Ridge thought he pulled it off. Ridge didn't though. He should have buckled up. Ridge remembers falling out of the helicopter. Ridge makes a phone call and explains he is going to get some answers.

Charlie looks out the door and Oliver shows up at the door. Oliver needs to find Aly. Oliver explains that he has stuff to do. Charlie has to get going now. Oliver runs off again. Charlie tells them to quickly go. Aly does not think she is in the mood for this. Pam tells hers it will make her feel better. Aly decides to go. They quietly go down the hallway. They all get into the elevator and Oliver sees them as the door closes.

Justin knows that Ridge saw the logo for SP. Bill thinks that Ridge is not going to remember falling out of the sky. Justin knows that Bill could never give up on looking. Bill tells him to calm down. Bill thinks this is less than a priority for Ridge. Justin knows that Ridge hates Bill more than anything. Justin tells him that when Ridge finds out, they will both get in trouble.

Ridge tells Katie he is remembering knew things every day. Katie thinks that Ridge might have PTSD. Ridge does not think he has that. Ridge calls the pilot. He wants to find out who was flying the helicopter. Kyle explains that they never picked him up. Ridge wonders who that was. He will call him back then. Ridge thinks that the chopper is the answer to everything.

Carter walks into the photography room to find Maya. Maya tells Carter that Oliver told her not her. Carter hopes that Maya did not ruin it for him like he did for them.

Aly and the others get to the fair and Aly remembers the last time they were here. Charlie tells her to get into the fun. Pam is very excited.

Oliver peaks in through a curtain and sees Aly looking sad.

Bill tells Justin to delete the flight plan. Justin wonders about Brooke. Bill tells him that he never told her of the plans. Bill thinks that the flight plan does not exist anymore. Bill thinks that no one else will ever find out about this.

Katie wonders who was flying them. Ridge keeps seeing the Spencer logo in his mind. Katie thinks that is strange. Ridge wonders if this was part of someone's plan. Ridge asks if Bill could have done this to him. He has a flashback and remembers what he saw.

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