B&B Tuesday Update 7/15/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 7/15/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Wyatt makes sure that Hope actually wants him back. Hope believes that Forrester needs him. Wyatt thinks that this is a gift. Hope believes this is a job. Hope owes him a lot. Hope and Liam hug each other.

Carter wants to hear her side of what Rick just told him. Maya explains that she did indeed visit Rick in the steam room.

Oliver explains that he did not know he was being recorded in the steam room. He needs to know that Aly can trust him. Aly wants to know what he said.

Maya is sad. Carter does not think it meant nothing. Carter wonders what is going on with her. Maya does not know what to say. Carter wants to know why she was hitting on another man.

Oliver had just gotten fired and Aly was his biggest supporter. Aly knows that she was the subject of the conversation. Oliver explains he said she was job security.

Hope believes that Wyatt knows more about jewelry than anyone. Wyatt grew up in it and wants to be here. Wyatt wonders if Liam really trusts him. Liam wonders if he has reason not to. Wyatt says no.

As Wyatt looks through the new designs, Hope wonders how he is feeling. Wyatt thinks that things are looking very different for him now. Liam believes that things will work out great. Wyatt explains that he didn't rush over to Liam's house to save him. Liam knows that but he is still grateful. Liam is ready to have faith in him.

Maya needed to make sure that things were over between Rick and her. She is sorry but she had to know if there was a chance. Maya tells him the truth and wants the same respect back. Maya was not planning this but she has been thinking about everyone. Oliver has his plan in motion. Carter thinks that Maya is jealous. Maya believes that she loved Rick and her family. Maya loved the idea of having all the money in the world. Carter thinks that she settled.

Oliver hopes that she knows that he is sorry. Aly does not take the news well. Oliver does like her. Aly cannot believe this. Aly thinks she is an idiot. Oliver is lucky to be with her. Oliver wants her to listen to him. Aly tells him to never call him Miss F again and storms off.

Carter does not think that he is rich enough for her. Maya believes that she was just testing things. Maya was in the Forrester world. She was almost one of them. Carter tells her that the Forrester's have class and she does not. Maya wants to get married still. Carter does not want to do this anymore. Maya wants to work through this. Carter leaves.

Aly told him things that were private. Aly allowed him to see the real her. Oliver loves everything about her. He thinks that everything she is cool. Aly thinks he just wants to keep his job. Oliver thinks that she is different than anyone else. Oliver wants to do more stuff with her. Aly wonders if she is being played. Oliver explains that he has been given a whole new way to live his life. Oliver wants them to put this behind them so they can move on.

Liam explains that Wyatt will have to work things out with Rick and Eric. Wyatt thinks this is just his luck. Wyatt cannot believe all of this but he has a miracle on him now. He thinks this is a new shot at his future. Wyatt explains it all started with the diamond. Wyatt believes that Hope has given him something even better than that though. He is going to make sure that Hope gets what she wants.

Aly really wants to believe Oliver but she cannot tell if what he is saying is true. Aly wonders if Maya was trying to feel sorry for him. Aly explains that Oliver was her first love and first kiss but there will not be anymore of that. Aly thinks they can still be friends but that is all. Oliver thinks she can trust him. Aly is grateful for all he has done. Oliver knows what he has done was terrible. Aly thinks that what he did was wrong. Aly wonders if he was even her boyfriend because she cannot tell if he was lying. She thought he was her night in shinning armor but he isn't. She runs off and he runs after her.

Liam think that this was a crazy day for him. Wyatt thinks that Liam did not have to support him and Hope working together. Liam wants to though. Liam believes that he is not going to let him down. Liam knows that he is not the competition anymore but his best man. Wyatt jokes about the bow tie. Liam wonders what is wrong with the bow tie. Wyatt thinks it is ridiculous. Liam just asks him not to let him down. Wyatt says he won't and the two hug.

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